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  1. A wise man once said, never discuss philosophy or politics in a disco environment. — Frank Zappa
  2. Pop music, disco music, and heavy metal music is about shutting out the tensions of life, putting it away. — Peter Tork
  3. Disco is music for dancing, and people will always want to dance. — Giorgio Moroder
  4. So, have you heard about the oyster who went to a disco and pulled a mussel? — Billy Connolly
  5. Disco music in the '70s was just a call to go wild and party and dance with no thought or conscience or regard for tomorrow. — Martha Reeves
  6. God had to create disco music so I could be born and be successful. — Donna Summer
  7. Disco deserved a better name, a beautiful name because it was a beautiful art form. It made the consumer beautiful. The consumer was the star. — Barry White
  8. I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes. — Hunter S. Thompson
  9. Old school new school need to learn though I burn baby, burn like Disco Inferno Burn slow like blunts with ya-yo Peel more skins than Idaho potato — The Notorious B.I.G.
  10. I started buying records in the 80s. I listened to everything new wave, disco, funk synth-pop, rock, but in my house we were listening to bossa nova, tango, and folk. — Steven Sater

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Disco is just pop music you can dance to. — Sheena Easton

I was stranded in Disco. I went to dozens of darkened places with enough flashing lights to drive the average person mad. I felt lost in the pulse of sheer panic. — Martha Reeves

Electro is today's disco - making electronic music not for the sake of selling it but for sharing it and touring around the world D.J.-ing. — will.i.am

I never really did any disco dancing. — Barry Gibb

We enjoy change and freshness, and disco was only one area we've delved into. — Barry Gibb

I used to go to rave parties, too, but I was never savvy with techno. — Rose Byrne

Trance is a very emotional and uplifting form of dance music. It appeals to many people in this way having such a strong connection with emotions. It makes people happy and ready to party. — Tiesto

I use the echo effect a lot when I DJ because it allows for smooth transitions, especially at different BPMs. It also adds a studio quality to live DJ performances. — DJ Jazzy Jeff

Disco does work better with black artists or players. They just feel it more. — Giorgio Moroder

I love the DJ scene out in the clubs. It is a great way to party and make people happy, the atmosphere is one that I use as an escape from reality. — Danny Masterson

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  • Disco dancing is just the steady thump of a giant moron knocking in an endless nail. — Clive James
  • First, it was not a strip bar, it was an erotic club. & And second, what can I say? I'm a night owl. — John M Barry
  • The stars are the jewels of the night, and perchance surpass anything which day has to show. — Henry David Thoreau
  • Dance till the stars come down from the rafters Dance, Dance, Dance 'till you drop. — W. H. Auden
  • The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • I didn't live in the world of disco or the world of the Eagles. — George Thorogood
  • I'm all about nightlife. I live during the night. — Jackson Rathbone
  • I'm a late-night guy. — Dane Cook
  • Underground dance music - in the nicest way possible - it's amateur. — Axwell

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Disco is the first technology music. And what I mean is that 'disco' music is named after discs, because when technology grew to where they didn't need a band in the clubs, the DJ played it on a disc. — will.i.am

Too many of these writers in the music papers, they are misunderstanding everything. The disco sound is not art or anything so serious. — Giorgio Moroder

Sometimes when I get home after a long day, I'll turn on music - I love Latin, disco, and pop - and do my own workout, even if it's a short one. Know a good song to work out to? 'I Will Survive. — Summer Glau

There was no match for Barry White. His music is just going to live forever. It's not limited to disco or soul or hip-hop or anything. — Don Cornelius

Rave music sounds like an electronic disco version of '30s Universal monster movies. — Mojo Nixon

I hate labels because it should be just music. I don't see anything wrong with disco. Call it anything. It's music. — Michael Jackson

Contrary to popular cable TV-induced opinion, aerobics have nothing to do with squeezing our body into hideous shiny Spandex, grinning like a deranged orangutan, and doing cretinous steps to debauched disco music. — Cynthia Heimel

New York is like a disco, but without the music — Elaine Stritch

The worst part of being gay in the twentieth century is all that damn disco music to which one has to listen. — Quentin Crisp

Disco was like the celebration of music through dance and my God! When you heard the music sometimes it was like, if you don't get up and dance, you aren't human! — Grace Jones

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It was darn nigh impossible for women in rock in the '70s. There wasn't a mold if you were a woman and you were in the entertainment in the '70s. You were probably a disco diva or a folk singer, or simply ornamental. Radio would play only one woman per hour. — Ann Wilson

Around '75 when the recession hit, club owners started going to disco because it was cheaper for them to just buy a sound system than it was to hire a band. — Tommy Shaw

In pop or rock you can make a fast song or a slow one, but in disco there is really just the one rhythm. — Giorgio Moroder

In both pop and disco, the meaning of the lyrics is not too important. I have nothing I feel I particularly want to say. — Giorgio Moroder

I come equipped with stereophonic funk producin´ disco inducin´ twin magnetic rock receptors. — Bootsy Collins

Flapping my arms I began to cluck, look at me, I'm the disco duck. — Rick Dees

Disco existed before we were all born and will exist afterwards. It is a ritual - it is a celebration - and it is the same kind of music that we call disco or rock'n'roll or a whole list of names that we can call it. Call it what you will, nothing will change the fact that certain kinds of music will make you want to celebrate or party. — Grace Jones

I like almost everything, even country twang, disco, blue grass and accordions. — Lee Patrick Mastelotto

Disco is a major influence in the world of fashion. — Neil Bogart

Find your bliss and your joy, know that you are a white light disco ball with no ceilings and no limitations. — Kris Carr

When I was working with David Cassidy at the Rio, I made an album of updated versions of some 1970s disco tunes. I had a blast. — Sheena Easton

The artist I wanna be like is Michael Jackson. I'll get the house with the roller coaster and the rides and a disco, and I'll invite all my friends and just stay at home. — Lil' Kim

We had no desire to live in Istanbul, nor in Paris or New York. Let them have their discos and dollars, their skycrapers and supersonics transports. Let them have their radios and their color TV, hey, we have ours, don't we? But we have something they don't have. Heart. We have heart. Look, look how the light of life seeps into my very heart — Orhan Pamuk

When I started out as a music journalist, at the end of the 1980s, it was generally assumed that we were living through the lamest music era the world would ever see. But those were also the years when hip-hop exploded, beatbox disco soared, indie rock took off, and new wave invented a language of teen angst. — Rob Sheffield

The disco sound, you must see, is not art or anything so serious. — Giorgio Moroder

Disco is funky when you take one record at a time. It's just that they narrowed it down to one beat to try to corner the market on a particular music. And when you do that with rhythm - talk about something that will get on your nerves. Try to make love with one stroke. Somebody will tell you to fax it in. — George Clinton

Disco is a major influence in the world of fashion. It is a dynamic factor in contemporary advertising. It is a message from every consumer that there has been a rediscovery of America's greatest by-product: fun. — Neil Bogart

Seeing Taylor Swift live in 2013 is seeing a maestro at the top of her or anyone's game. No other pop auteur can touch her right now for emotional excess or musical reach - her punk is so punk, her disco is so disco. The red sequins on her guitar match the ones on her microphone, her shoes and 80 percent of the crowd. — Rob Sheffield

I wanted to make the kind of records that I heard in the discos that I danced in at that time. Funky, electronic sounds, while the musicians in the band were more rock oriented. This I suppose created the sound we know as Frankie Goes To Hollywood. — Holly Johnson

'Spectrum' is in part a disco song. But we play it hard, and it's a real euphoric, wailing tune. It's kind of like a total house anthem, in a way, but it seems to be going down really well. We've got all the grunge kids going mad for disco house raves. — Florence Welch

I love Donna Summer, and I love ABBA. I love late 70s disco. I love the Bee Gees. I just love that period of recording. — Taylor Hawkins

At an incredibly divisive point in pop history, Donna Summer managed to create an undeniable across-the-board experience of mass pleasure - after 'Bad Girls,' nobody ever tried claiming disco sucked again. It set the template for what Michael Jackson would do a few months later with 'Off The Wall.' — Rob Sheffield

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