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Environmental issues quotes - Environmental issues are harmful effects of human activity on the biophysical environment. Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the natural

Biophysical environment quotes - biology and a part of environmental sciences, is often mistaken as a study of human-induced effects on the environment. Environmental studies is a broader

Environmental health quotes - are: environmental science; environmental and occupational medicine, toxicology and epidemiology. Other terms referring to or concerning environmental health

Environmental determinism quotes - Environmental determinism (also known as climatic determinism or geographical determinism) is the study of how the physical environment predisposes societies

Environmentally friendly quotes - Environment friendly processes, or environmental-friendly processes (also referred to as eco-friendly, nature-friendly, and green), are sustainability

Environmental change quotes - Environmental change is a change or disturbance of the environment most often caused by human influences and natural ecological processes. Environmental

Environmental disaster quotes - An environmental disaster or ecological disaster is a catastrophic event regarding the environment due to human activity. This distinguishes it from the

Environmental movement quotes - The environmental movement (sometimes referred to as the ecology movement), also including conservation and green politics, is a diverse philosophical

Environmental engineering quotes - Environmental engineering is a professional engineering discipline that takes from broad scientific topics like chemistry, biology, ecology, geology,