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Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.

— Al Capone

Strong Mafia quotations

Prohibition has made nothing but trouble

Mafia is a process,not a thing. Mafia is a form of clan - cooperation to which it's individual members pledge lifelong loyalty....Friendship, connections, family ties, trust, loyalty, obedience - this was the glue that held us together.

Communism is as Jewish as the Mafia is Italian.

It's a fact that almost all of the convicted spies for communism have been atheist Jews like the Rosenbergs. And international communism was invented by the Jew Karl Marx and has since been led mostly by Jews - like Trotsky.

It is no secret that organized crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year. This is quite a profitable sum, especially when one considers that the Mafia spends very little for office supplies.

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.

I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown?

You don't make up for your sins in church.

You do it in the streets. You do it at home. The rest is bullshit and you know it.

The IRS! They're like the Mafia, they can take anything they want!

I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

One usually dies because one is alone, or because one has got into something over one's head. One often dies because one does not have the right alliances, because one is not given support. In Sicily the Mafia kills the servants of the State that the State has not been able to protect.

No one will ever kill me, they wouldn't dare

My father's best friend, Georgie Terra, was an Italian guy.

The children and the cousins and nieces and nephews were children of the Mafia. Those were the children he grew up with. If you want to go to a safe neighborhood, go to where the Mafia is.

It's like the mafia. Once you're in - your in. There's no getting out.

Once you're in, you're in. It's like the Mafia. Once a Monkee, always a Monkee.

Hell, I'm not saying I'm an angel, but when it came to dirty tricks I couldn't hold a candle to the Irish Mafia.

So what is government?... Very simply, it is an agency of coercion. Of course, there are other agencies of coercion - such as the Mafia. So to be more precise, government is the agency of coercion that has flags in front of its offices.

Desperation is like stealing from the Mafia: you stand a good chance of attracting the wrong attention.

Ours is a government of checks and balances.

The Mafia and crooked businessmen make out checks, and the politicians and other compromised officials improve their bank balances.

There is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil.

The triumph of anything is a matter of organization. If there are such things as angels, I hope that they are organized along the lines of the Mafia.

The Monkees are like the mafia. You're in for life. Nobody gets out.

When you get to political machines that can control a state, then you're really into organized crime - almost. You're fighting a political mafia.

A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man.

Popular culture tells you that schools and parents don't know what's going on, the police are dogs, politicians are all liars and scum, and any crime that's not committed by the Mafia is done by the CIA.

I'm very proud of being Italian-American, but people don't realize that the mafia is just this aberration. The real community is built on the working man, the guy who's the cop, the fireman, the truck driver, the bus driver.

Work harder, work longer, and earn less because the mafia needs your money.

There are Mafia families that have bought magnificent houses on the North Shore, although not yet the great estates because they don't want that kind of high profile.

I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.

Triple 6 Mafia and Mystikal in Atlanta was one of my first shows.

I remember how sweaty and smashed up everybody was, and it was so punk rock.

When we were doing 'The Sopranos', I used to love that about it.

There were rules, Mafia codes you had to go by, but the code is ridiculous. It's a code among sociopaths.

I'm a big fan of TIËSTO, and SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA are awesome. I absolutely want to work with them.

A rumor that followed me forever was that my family was in the mafia.

For years I had to live with it. They'd call me the mafia princess, so I rolled with it for the rest of high school. People even joke about it today.

When I'm back in New York - and this is a terrible thing to complain about - I eat a lot more really, really good food than perhaps I'd like to. So many of my friends are really good chefs. It's kind of like being in the Mafia.

I came to think that nobody from England could draw American comic books, because they were clearly all done by this sort of Mafia, all these guys with Italian and Irish names who had the whole thing sewn up. It was actually seeing a comic book drawn by Barry Smith, who was about my age, and English.

I spent much of my prison time reading.

I must have read over 200 large books, mostly fictional stories about the American pioneers, the Vikings, Mafia, etc. As long as I was engrossed in a book, I was not in prison. Reading was my escape.

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