A deranged person is supposed to have the strength of ten men. I have the strength of one small boy... with polio.
— Woody Allen

If you think dope is for kicks and for thrills, you're out of your mind. There are more kicks to be had in a good case of paralytic polio or by living in an iron lung. If you think you need stuff to play music or sing, you're crazy. It can fix you so you can't play nothing or sing nothing.
Billie Holiday polio quote

We're not trying to control polio. We're not trying to get it down to just a few cases, because this disease is like a root fire; it can explode again if you don't snuff it out completely. What we're looking for is a permanent solution.
— Bruce Aylward

Having children made us look differently at all these things that we take for granted, like taking your child to get a vaccine against measles or polio.
— Melinda Gates

I don't think there is any philosophy that suggests having polio is a good thing.
— polio quotation by Bill Gates