quote by Louis XIV

I am the State. [Fr., L'etat c'est moi.]

— Louis XIV

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In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.

Royalty is completely different than celebrity. Royalty has a magic all its own.

Royalty is my identity. Servanthood is my assignment. Intimacy with God is my life source.

Humility is royalty without a crown.

After traveling through fourteen foreign countries and appearing before all the royalty and nobility I have only one wish today. That is that when my eyes are closed in death that they will bury me back in that quiet little farm land where I was born.

All the time I feel I must justify my existence.

A man's a man. But when you see a king, you see the work of many thousand men.

If you are not royalty, He is not King.

My whole thing is loyalty. Loyalty over royalty; word is bond.

The Thriller album is still the biggest album of all time.

That is still returning huge royalty cheques.

And fearless minds climb soonest unto crowns.

Royalty consists not in vain pomp, but in great virtues

Royalty is a fine burial shroud.

My mother told me I was blessed, and I have always taken her word for it.

Being born of - or reincarnated from - royalty is nothing Like being blessed. Royalty is inherited from another human being; blessedness comes from God.

If you ever start feeling like you have the goofiest, craziest, most dysfunctional family in the world, all you have to do is go to a state fair. Because five minutes at the fair, you'll be going, 'you know, we're alright. We are dang near royalty.'

The office of president is a bastardized thing, half royalty and half democracy, that nobody knows whether to genuflect or spit.

Like all the best families, we have our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters and of family disagreements.

Royalty is a government in which the attention of the nation is concentrated on one person doing interesting actions.

I have a weird life because I live on songwriting royalties, which are a strange income. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn't.

My very first job was a cashier at Burger King in Tucson, Arizona.

And I occasionally worked the drive-thru. I'd go wherever I was needed! My second job was at Dairy Queen. I stayed in the fast food royalty.

A prince, the moment he is crown'd, Inherits every virtue sound, As emblems of the sovereign power, Like other baubles in the Tower: Is generous, valiant, just, and wise, And so continues till he dies.

Royalty is the gold filling in a mouthful of decay

I think he supersedes Peyton Manning but let's not throw Tom Brady in the category with Joe Montana, who was 4-for-4. He's royalty.

There has been a comparatively greater proportion of good queens, than of good kings.

Royalty does good and is badly spoken of.

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The term propaganda rings melodramatic and exaggerated, but a press that—whether from fear, careerism, or conviction—uncritically recites false government claims and reports them as fact, or treats elected officials with a reverence reserved for royalty, cannot be accurately described as engaged in any other function.

Everyone likes flattery; and when you come to Royalty you should lay it on with a trowel.

[To the bishop who suggested the widowed queen now consider herself 'as married to Christ':] That's what I call twaddle!

The gates of monarchs Are arched so high that giants may jet through And keep their impious turbans on without Good morrow to the sun.

To know how to dissemble is the knowledge of kings. [Fr., Savoir dissimuler est le savoir des rois.]

Applause is interesting, but I'm a monster with or without it.

Something is either well written or it isn't. 'White Rabbit' is not well written, and no amount of applause or royalties can convince me it is. I could have done a better job with those lyrics. They didn't say what I wanted.

An organized effort is making to deceive the people.

There are two great enemies of thought and progress, the aristocracy of royalty and the aristocracy of gold.

A crown! what is it? It is to bear the miseries of a people! To hear their murmurs, feel their discontents, And sink beneath a load of splendid care!

Princes that would their people should do well Must at themselves begin, as at the head; For men, by their example, pattern out Their limitations, and regard of laws: A virtuous court a world to virtue draws.