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Fashions fade, style is eternal.

On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock. — Thomas Jefferson

Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depends on simplicity. — Plato

Decency never goes out of style. Kindness is always cool. Helpfulness is still hip. — Robin S. Sharma

Style is knowing who you are, what to say, and not giving a damn. — Gore Vidal

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things. — Jean Cocteau

Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system. — Bruce Lee

Simplicity in character, in manners, in style; in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

His style is chaos illumined by flashes of lightning. As a writer he has mastered everything except language. — Oscar Wilde

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