If you can forgive yourself then you will no longer see the reflection of your own internal judgement in the faces of the people around you. And if you can do that then suddenly you’ll be in a whole different universe because the universe we all exist in is the one where we’re all so terrified of the judgement of our peers.

— Duncan Trussell

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He (Tesla) was 84, and he died in a hotel, completely broke and alone.

In love with a pigeon. This is a nightmare. I'm in hell. This is hell. I'm talking about Tesla in my puke. Tesla was the electric Jesus. I can't breathe.


That thing in you that you think is a demon is actually a bodyguard that's run amok


We've just barely stopped being monkeys.


True healing is realizing you were never sick in the first place


I love being a carbon molecule.


If you inquire into the hurt, you'll know what you're experiencing is love.


What you're saying is often less important than what you're feeling when you're saying it.