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Each of you possesses the most powerful, dangerous and subversive trait that natural selection has ever devised. It's a piece of neural audio technology for rewiring other people's minds. I'm talking about your language.
— Mark Pagel

I foresee online gaming changing when there are good audio-visual links connecting the participants, thus approximating play in a face-to-face group.
Gary Gygax audio quote

Bin Laden was 200 miles away from the area where all of these drone strikes were taking out his key leaders, he was able to indulge in his hobbies... and he was making occasional video tapes and audio tapes to the wider world.
— Peter L. Bergen

There's nothing definite yet. Of course, any time you have a book, there's going to be book signings and stuff. We'll do bookstores that handle both audio and video. And some of the stores want to have the CDs available at the same time. So that part looks real good.
— Scotty Moore

If you can understand the humor in the drawing part you'll probably get the humor in the audio part.
— audio quotation by Eric San