quote by George Lois

Creativity can solve almost any problem.

— George Lois

Most Powerful Copywriting quotations

If you wish others to believe in you, you must first convince them that you believe in them.

You must make the product interesting, not just make the ad different.

In most agencies, account executives outnumber the copywriters two to one.

If you were a dairy farmer, would you employ twice as many milkers as you had cows?

Don't confuse visibility with credibility.

The copywriter uses words as tools to persuade and motivate an audience.

You persuade your readers that you have something valuable to offer; you motivate them to acquire it for themselves. This is the essence of effective copywriting.

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.

Sometimes the most important job advertising can do, is to clarify the obvious.

David Ogilvy made his copywriters come up 100 different headlines for every ad they wrote.

Advertising is like learning - a little is a dangerous thing.

If a man has not the pluck to keep on advertising, all the money he has already spent is lost.

The trouble with many copywriters in general agencies are that they don't really think in terms of selling. They have never written direct-response; they have never tasted blood

In striving to produce an attractive headline, the copywriter should not emphasize the "quick, easy way" to such an extent that the headline becomes unbelievable.

On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.

Every copywriter knows what it is to struggle with a copy for hours, for days - fixing it, polishing it, rearranging it. We have all been quilty of leaving the headline until the last and the spending half and hour on it - or perhaps only ten minutes.

If you want to be a well-paid copywriter, please your client.

If you want to be an award-winning copywriter, please yourself. If you want to be a great copywriter, please your reader.

We have become so accustomed to hearing everyone claim that his product is the best in the world, or the cheapest, that we take all such statements with a grain of salt.

Winston Churchill said that appetite was the most important thing about education. Leadership guru Warren Bennis says he wants to be remembered as 'curious to the end.' David Ogilvy contends that the greatest ad copywriters are marked by an insatiable curiosity 'about every subject under the sun.'

You must make the product interesting not just make the ad different.

And that's what too many of the copywriters in America today don't yet understand.

You must make the product interesting, not just make the ad different.

And that's what too many of the copywriters in the U.S. today don't yet understand.

I've devoted a lot of my time and effort during the past few years to developing my advertising copywriting business to the point of where I can support my family and don't have to depend on writing fiction for my income.

I had been keeping an off eye on the advertising field, thinking I might become an idea man and a copywriter.

I have a lot of respect for advertising.

If I didn't teach and could go back in time, I might try and become a copywriter. I especially like print ads that combine a photo with a short caption or tag line.

I'd like to be remembered, as a copywriter who had some big ideas.

That's what the advertising business is all about. Big ideas

Consumers do not buy products. They buy product benefits.

If you, my fellow copywriters or art directors, want to win the award, devote your genius to making the cash register ring.

Bob Bly is among the most accomplished self-employed copywriters in recent years.

Cindy is a terrific writer and has both a studied - and an intuitive - understanding of the best practices of no-hype, high results copywriting.

I'm hard-nosed about luck. I think it sucks. Yeah, if you spend seven years looking for a job as a copywriter, and then one day somebody gives you a job, you can say, Gee, I was lucky I happened to go up there today. But, dammit, I was going to go up there sooner or later in the next seventy years. If you're persistent in trying and doing and working, you almost make your own fortune.

Advertising seemed almost natural to me because it was a business where you had to inform, persuade and educate. And so from being a junior copywriter to being the creative director of one of the largest advertising agencies in the country took me 4.5 years, which is, well, a fairly spectacular rise.

20 years ago, when Bob Bly starting teaching copywriting, the field was deeply shrouded in mystery. Now, thanks to Bob, learning copywriting, though still a tricky proposition, is much easier.

When two kids came along, I couldnt see how I could support them.

The way it played out, I was away from the theatre for five years. I was a postie for the first part and then worked as an advertising copywriter, but I somehow found my way back.

Copywriters, journalists, mainstream authors, ghostwriters, bloggers and advertising creatives have as much right to think of themselves as good writers as academics, poets, or literary novelists.

Most copywriters are like engines. They take a while to warm up to get to the point.

Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.

This is the copywriters task: not to create mass desire — but to channel and direct it.