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Picture quote by Unknown about work

You can't have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic. ⏤ Unknown

Picture quote by Albert Einstein about relativity

Relativity applies to physics, not ethics. ⏤ Albert Einstein

Picture quote by Earl Warren about life

In civilized life, law floats in a sea of ethics. ⏤ Earl Warren

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I never feared about my skills because I put in the work. Work ethic eliminates fear.

Michael Jordan, basketball player

For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare, dramatist

Nothing that is morally wrong can be politically right.

William Ewart Gladstone,

Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God.

George Washington, president

In the United States there's a Puritan ethic and a mythology of success. He who is successful is good. In Latin countries, in Catholic countries, a successful person is a sinner.

Umberto Eco, novelist

We're given a code to live our lives by. We don't always follow it, but it's still there.

Gary Oldman, actor

Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not change with the calendar.

D. H. Lawrence, novelist

Live one day at a time emphasizing ethics rather than rules.

Wayne Dyer, psychologist

Rich men without convictions are more dangerous in modern society than poor women without chastity.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

In law a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others. In ethics he is guilty if he only thinks of doing so.

Immanuel Kant, philosopher

Everyone talks about age, but it's not about age. It's about work ethic. Winning never gets old.

Lisa Leslie, athlete

Actually, there is only one first question of government, and it is How should we live? or What kind of people do we want our citizens to be?

George Will, journalist

It horrifies me that ethics is only an optional extra at Harvard Business School.

Sir John Harvey,

Evangelical faith without Christian ethics is a travesty on the gospel.

V. Raymond Edman,

No artist has ethical sympathies. An ethical sympathy in an artist is an unpardonable mannerism of style.

Oscar Wilde, dramatist

You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.

Albert Schweitzer, theologian

I don't want to get lost in everything. I just want to keep the same work ethic.

Juice Wrld, rapper

My work ethic is crazy. I'm a producer, an artist, and a video director.

Travis Scott, rapper

And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening, work ethic. You know, while the other guy's sleeping? I'm working.

Will Smith, actor

I've viewed myself as slightly above average in talent. And where I excel is ridiculous, sickening work ethic.

Will Smith, actor

The American work ethic is something to be admired. Our workforce, regardless of position, works hard to produce the best product and serve customers to the best of their ability.

Leonard Boswell, politician

Grub first, then ethics.

Bertolt Brecht, poet

I will be guided by the Christian ethic and an awareness that human action is by nature transient.

Horst Koehler, statesman

Personally, I have nothing against work, particularly when performed, quietly and unobtrusively, by someone else. I just don't happen to think it's an appropriate subject for an "ethic."

Barbara Ehrenreich, writer

Our deep respect for the land and its harvest is the legacy of generations of farmers who put food on our tables, preserved our landscape, and inspired us with a powerful work ethic.

James H. Douglas, politician

In the New Testament, religion is grace and ethics is gratitude.

Thomas Erskine, theologian

A very Faustian choice is upon us: whether to accept our corrosive and risky behavior as the unavoidable price of population and economic growth, or to take stock of ourselves and search for a new environmental ethic.

E. O. Wilson, scientist

While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal conditions on this earth?

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

Imaginary evil is romantic and varied; real evil is gloomy, monotonous, barren, boring. Imaginary good is boring; real good is always new, marvelous, intoxicating.

Simone Weil, philosopher

You're trying to be tricky. What's morality? It's the difference between what's right and what you can rationalize. Must be a human thing. Exactly.

Christopher Moore,

Thus I assume that to each according to his threat advantage is not a conception of justice.

John Rawls, educator

Whenever governments adopt a moral tone - as opposed to an ethical one - you know something is wrong.

John Ralston Saul, author

The character ethic, which I believe to be the foundation of success, teaches that there are basic principles of effective living, and that people can only experience true success and enduring happiness as they learn and integrate these principles into their basic character.

Stephen Covey, businessman

The most important environmental issue is one that is rarely mentioned, and that is the lack of a conservation ethic in our culture.

Gaylord Nelson, politician

It is straightforward for me to be ethical, responsible, and kind-hearted because I have the resources to support that.

Edward Tufte, educator

I guess maybe another gift I have is a great work ethic.

Vince McMahon, entertainer

A critical factor in its success was that the X developers were willing to give the sources away for free in accordance with the hacker ethic, and able to distribute them over the Internet.

Eric S. Raymond, author

So the ethic I was taught in school resulted in the path I chose in my life following school.

Kevin Mitnick, businessman

There was no way we'd ever get spoiled. Daddy made sure to instill in us a work ethic.

Kathie Lee Gifford, entertainer

The Christian ethic played an essential part in my upbringing.

David Rockefeller, businessman

No secular state ever existed and none would exist until the end of the French Revolution, and so we understand that America was built on the Judeo-Christian ethic and we believe that this nominee is going to see to it that those truths are upheld.

Rod Parsley, celebrity

My personal philosophy of life is one of ethics.

Alva Myrdal, diplomat

The novel is a penetrating study of morals and ethics.

Bille August, director

The technological way of thinking has infected even ethics, which is supposed to be thinking about the good.

Leon Kass, educator

We also have issue oriented storylines which are an examination of an issue, be it ethical or social.

David E. Kelley, producer

I think ethics is always there; it's not always a very thoughtful or reflective ethics.

Peter Singer, philosopher

I would like us to think about it more explicitly, and not take our intuitions as the given of ethics, but rather to reflect on it, and be more open about the fact that something is an ethical issues and think what we ought to do about it.

Peter Singer, philosopher

In a situation where many national leaders do the same thing and look out for national interests, and with an issue like global warming, you're likely to get no solution, so I think you have to have some kind of ethical trump on some of those issues.

Peter Singer, philosopher

I know the pressures of being the daughter of a great actress. But it's inspiring. You learn so much that other people don't get to learn until later on. My father being a director, I learnt a real work ethic.

Natasha Richardson, actress

You know the puritan ethic that started out four centuries ago in this country, needless to say - at least for the moment - a thing of the past - from what I can tell.

James Young, musician

However, if the religions in essence merely repeat statements from the United Nations Human Rights Declaration, such a Declaration becomes superfluous; an ethic is more than rights.

Hans Kung, theologian

Let me give you one definition of ethics: It is good to maintain life and to further life; it is bad to damage and destroy life. And this ethic, profound, universal, has the significance of a religion. It is religion.

Albert Schweitzer, theologian

It's that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second. This was the whole ethic by which I was brought up. Others matter more than you do, so 'don't fuss, dear; get on with it.'

Audrey Hepburn, actress

... luckily, Eden is soon populated. The ethical dimension begins when the other appears on the scene.

Umberto Eco, novelist

I think it's unethical to take money for poor quality performance.

Alvin Burger,

His moral lecture blazed with hate. What could have driven a child that far?

Dag Hammarskjold, diplomat

Ethics are so annoying. I avoid them on principle.

Darby Conley,

From the poetry of Lord Byron they drew a system of ethics compounded of misanthropy and voluptuousness--a system in which the two great commandments were to hate your neighbor and to love your neighbor's wife.

Thomas Babington Macaulay, poet

As religion and faith are being driven out of the public square, the Judeo-Christian ethical foundations that have sustained our country since its beginning, are being lost and are being replaced with a humanistic amorality, a self-centered, pragmatic indifference that will ensure that our moral compasses will fail to point us in the right direction in the future.

Archie B. Carroll,

Everywhere, the ethical predicament of our time imposes itself with an urgency which suggests that even the question Have we anything to eat? will be answered not in material but in ethical terms.

Hugo Ball, author

Those who cultivate moral confusion for profit should understand this: we will name their names and shame them as they deserve to be shamed.

Bob Dole, politician

A man's ethical behavior should be based effectively on sympathy, education, and social relationships; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.

Albert Einstein, physicist

Ethics is in origin the art of recommending to others the sacrifices required for cooperation with oneself.

Bertrand Russell, philosopher

I say statecraft is soulcraft. Just as all education is moral education because learning conditions conduct, most legislation is moral legislations because it conditions the action and the thought of the nation in broad and important spheres in life.

George Will, journalist

Disney's something to be a little alarmed about. It's not just a little theme park anymore. It's now an ethic and outlook and strategy that goes way beyond central Florida.

Carl Hiaasen, writer

The word good has many meanings. For example, if a man were to shoot his grandmother at a range of five hundred yards, I should call him a good shot, but not necessarily a good man.

G.K. Chesterton,

That aesthetic of the Star Wars universe: the do-it-yourself, hotrod ethic that George Lucas exported from his childhood, is exactly the same kind of soul behind what we do and build for the show. It may not look pretty, but it gets the job done.

Adam Savage, entertainer

I believe there is a moral sense and a global ethic that commands attention from people of every religion and every faith, and people of no faith. But I think what's new is that we now have the capacity to communicate instantaneously across frontiers right across the world.

Gordon Brown, politician

I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic. I appreciate a good, hard-working gal. And she likes shoes. The fairy tale is all about the shoe at the end, and I'm a big shoe girl.

Amy Adams, actress

So anyway, I've learned a lot about myself just in terms of acting but just work ethic and interesting things like full-page monologues or talking straight into camera, which I had never gotten to do before.

Emma Stone, actress

I had a very difficult childhood. I was surrounded by people who had both parents, which made me feel different. Having a bit of a rougher existence early on, it made me appreciate the work ethic that my grandparents instilled in me.

George Lopez, comedian

My family are my priority but I've always had a strong work ethic and I like to be busy.

Amanda Holden, actress

I have gotten disturbed at... some of the Democrats' anti-business behavior, the sentiment, the attacks on work ethic and successful people. I think it's very counter-productive.

Jamie Dimon, businessman

I hope the story of 2011 is that America gets its mojo back. You've got to remember that America has the best universities; it's got some of the best businesses. It's got an unbelievable work ethic, rule of law. The story of 2011 will be America blossoming again.

Jamie Dimon, businessman

When you look at facing retirement in your mid-30s, and all of a sudden the outlet for that passion and work ethic goes away, you can't just sit back in a rocking chair and be retired at 35. I'm not a good enough golfer to play golf every day.

Drew Bledsoe, athlete

I just want to make stories. They don't have to have a moral or a reason. There might be some mild cautionary notes, but they're not moral. They don't impart any Judeo-Christian ethic of any kind.

Neko Case, musician

The most common trait of all primitive peoples is a reverence for the life-giving earth, and the Native American shared this elemental ethic: The land was alive to his loving touch, and he, its son, was brother to all creatures.

Stewart Udall, politician

Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life.

Albert Schweitzer, theologian

I come from the home-grown punk ethic, where it doesn't matter if you can't play a note, it's how you communicate.

Siobhan Fahey, musician

Even at school I studied ethics instead of religion.

Ville Valo, musician

Ethics in government has always been important to me.

Chris Bell, politician

I don't think I've met anyone with a stronger work ethic than Ray Charles.

Clint Eastwood, actor

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