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April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom, holiday tables under the trees. — E. Y. Harburg

April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom, holiday tables under the trees. — Yip Harburg

Afternoon tea should be provided, fresh supplies, with thin bread-and-butter, fancy pastries, cakes, etc., being brought in as other guests arrive. — Isabella Beeton

Grooming is the secret of real elegance. The best clothes, the most wonderful jewels, the most glamorous beauty don't count without good grooming. — Christian Dior

The pleasures of the table belong to all times and ages, to every country and every day; they go hand in hand with all our other pleasures, outlast them, and remain to console us for their loss. — Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast. — Ernest Hemingway

Using lots of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, helps to keep the menu buoyant - I don't know if that's the right word, but it keeps a balance of freshness and health. — Sally Schneider

There's something about smoking a cigar that feels like a celebration. It's like a fine wine. There's a quality, a workmanship, a passion that goes into the smoking of a fine cigar. — Demi Moore

A jazz musician can improvise based on his knowledge of music. He understands how things go together. For a chef, once you have that basis, that's when cuisine is truly exciting. — Charlie Trotter

Sometimes sushi is just superb, and other times there's nothing like a great big steak. It depends where your taste buds are at the time. — Francesca Annis

Short Menu Quotes

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  • As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it. — Buddy Hackett
  • If you don't have a seat at the table, you're probably on the menu. — Elizabeth Warren
  • As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices: take it, or leave it. — Buddy Hackett
  • I saw a Werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand — Warren Zevon
  • Life is a menu. Whatever you order is what's delivered to the table. — Tyrese Gibson
  • Flops are a part of life's menu and I've never been a girl to miss out on any of the courses. — Rosalind Russell
  • I hope God speaks English. If I get up to heaven and have to point at a menu, I'm gonna be pissed. — Daniel Tosh
  • If it doesn't taste good it doesn't go on the menu — Heston Blumenthal
  • In the menu, there should be a climax and a culmination. Come to it gently. One will suffice. — Alice B. Toklas
  • I'm like an expensive menu... you can look but you can't afford! — Anna Kournikova

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Menu quote by Elizabeth Warren

If you don't have a seat at the table, you're probably on the menu. — Elizabeth Warren

Menu quote by Buddy Hackett

As a child my family's menu consisted of two choices: take it, or leave it. — Buddy Hackett

The Menu Quotes

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Don't settle. Don't finish crappy books. If you don't like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you're not on the right path, get off it. — Chris Brogan

Of all the items on the menu, soup is that which exacts the most delicate perfection and the strictest attention. — Auguste Escoffier

I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights. — Desmond Tutu

We have some breaking news from our dedicated kale coverage desk here at NPR.Starting now, Chick-fil-A has kale on its menu next to the spicy chicken sandwich and the waffle fries. It's called the Superfood Side. — Ari Shapiro

The great thing about McDonald's is that they have a lot of different things on the menu. I love their salads. — Beyonce Knowles

Modern education is like being taken to the world's greatest restaurant & being forced to eat the menu. — Murray Gell-Mann

According to a new poll, Republicans are more likely to have a doughnut for breakfast, while Democrats prefer to eat bagels and croissants. While Independents are that annoying friend who's still looking at the menu after 15 minutes. — Jimmy Fallon

Going out to eat is expensive. I was out at one restaurant and they didn't have prices on the menu. Just faces with different expressions of horror. — Rita Rudner

Fast food is popular because it's convenient, it's cheap, and it tastes good. But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu. — Eric Schlosser

I'm not asking any of you to make drastic changes to every single one of your recipes or to totally change the way you do business. But what I am asking is that you consider reformulating your menu in pragmatic and incremental ways to create healthier versions of the foods that we all love. — Michelle Obama

Food Menu Quotes

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Metaphysics is a restaurant where they give you a thirty thousand page menu, and no food. — Robert M. Pirsig

You know, for 300 years it's been kind of the same. There are restaurants in New Orleans that the menu hasn't changed in 125 years, so how is one going to change or evolve the food? — Emeril Lagasse

In your spare time, google the ingredients in all the foods you are eating. If you care about yourself, you may change your menu — Sahndra Fon Dufe

I have an impressionable palate. A well-worded menu or beautifully presented dish excites me. I get a great deal of pleasure just thinking about food. — Gayle King

The age of your children is a key factor in how quickly you are served in a restaurant. We once had a waiter in Canada who said, "Could I get you your check?" and we answered, "How about the menu first?" — Erma Bombeck

Roast Beef, medium, is not only a food. It is a philosophy. Seated at Life's Dining Table, with the menu of Morals before you, your eye wanders a bit over the entr?es, the hors d'oeuvres, and the things ? la though you know that Roast Beef, medium, is safe and sane, and sure. — Edna Ferber

And then I saw the menu, stained with tea and beautifully written by a foreign hand, and on top it said..."Chips with everything". Chips with every damn thing. You breed babies and you eat chips with everything. — Arnold Wesker

Heads know that failing to invest in good, nutritious food is a false economy and parents won't tolerate reconstituted turkey being put back on the menu. — Jamie Oliver

One whiff of a savory aromatic soup and appetites come to attention. The steaming fragrance of a tempting soup is a prelude to the goodness to come. An inspired soup puts family and guests in a receptive mood for enjoying the rest of the menu. — Louis Pullig De Gouy

Advice is like food, and teaching is a menu. — Osho

Restaurant Menu Quotes

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But a myth, to speak plainly, to me is like a menu in a fancy French restaurant: glamorous, complicated camouflage for a fact you wouldn't otherwise swallow, like maybe lima beans. — William Peter Blatty

I like to eat sweets. When I go to a restaurant, I'll read the dessert menu before I even look at the entrees. — Morris Chestnut

Do they always flirt with biblical quotes?" Asil asked Tad. In long-suffering tones, Tad said, "They can flirt with the periodic table or a restaurant menu. We've learned to live with it. Get a room you guys." — Patricia Briggs

I won't say my nutrition is perfect. If I'm at a restaurant and there's fresh pasta on the menu, I'm going to order it. At home, though, I avoid grains and do a lot of the cooking to control what our family eats. — Gabrielle Reece

Restaurants stress the protein. People read menu items left to right, with the protein first. I read descriptions right to left. — Barton Seaver

I can’t go to a restaurant and order food because I keep looking at the fonts on the menu. — Donald Knuth

A restaurant wine list is praised and given awards for reasons that have little to do with its real purpose, as if it existed only to be admired passively, like a stamp collection. A wine list is good only when it functions well in tandem with a menu. — Gerald Asher

Sometimes in a restaurant you'll see a lady dressed very nice, she picks up a menu or something... a little fan is always a little bit nice. — Tina Turner

The best meal at my restaurant is the whole right side of the menu. — Junior Seau

I don't like it when I go to a restaurant and I'm lectured from the menu. — Eric Ripert

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We can make a commitment to promote vegetables and fruits and whole grains on every part of every menu. We can make portion sizes smaller and emphasize quality over quantity. And we can help create a culture - imagine this - where our kids ask for healthy options instead of resisting them. — Michelle Obama

Is it possible to get a cup of coffee-flavored coffee anymore in this country? What happened with coffee? Did I miss a meeting? They have every other flavor but coffee-flavored coffee. They have mochaccino, frappaccino, cappuccino, al pacino...Coffee doesn't need a menu, it needs a cup. — Denis Leary

When entertaining, it's great to wow your guests with an outstanding recipe, but it's also very important to design a menu that's not too demanding of yourself, otherwise everybody will have fun but you. A great appetizer or simpler dish is a good way to work a menu that's delicious but does not impose too much effort or time spent in the kitchen. — Debi Mazar

When I tour, it's like, well, like a food tour as much as a comedy tour. I try to eat at all the weird places, the obscure barbecue joints, burger places. There are a few spots in L.A. that I'm obsessed with - one of them is the Taco Zone taco truck on Alvarado. There are secret off-menu items that are amazing. — Aziz Ansari

In restaurants where they serve frog's legs, what do they do with the rest of the frog? Do they just throw it away? You never see "frog torsos" on the menu. Is there actually a garbage can full of frog bodies in the alley? I wouldn't want to be a homeless guy looking for an unfinished cheeseburger and open the lid on that — George Carlin

I'm like the most expensive, exotic item on a gourmet menu. People can wonder about the sensuous delights of the dish, but they can't afford such an expensive luxury — Anna Kournikova

Lunches don't get free just because you don't see the prices on the menu. And economists don't get popular by reminding people of that. — Thomas Sowell

Nothing against comedy clubs, they work. But when you're sitting with a tablecloth and a candle and an appetizer menu, three-drink minimum, it can feel more like a dinner theater than a live experience. — Doug Stanhope

Hors d'oeuvres have always a pathetic interest for me; they remind me of one's childhood that one goes through wondering what the next course is going to be like -- and during the rest of the menu one wishes one had eaten more of the hors d'oeuvres. — Hector Hugh Munro

Composing a concert is like composing a menu.... If you start with light pieces and play a 45-minute sonata after the interlude, it's like starting dinner with hors d'oeuvres and dessert and finishing with a Châteaubriand and vegetables. — Arthur Rubinstein

I’m going to grab a cheeseburger,” I told Patch. “Want anything?” “Nothing on the menu.” I smiled. “Why, Patch, are you flirting with me? — Becca Fitzpatrick

Don't order any of the faerie food," said Jace, looking at her over the top of his menu. "It tends to make humans a little crazy. One minute you're munching a faerie plum, the next minute you're running naked down Madison Avenue with antlers on your head. Not," he added hastily, "that this has ever happened to me. — Cassandra Clare

I was a little stunned that we didn't get a coloring book with this menu. — Nick Faldo

Coffee doesn't need a menu, it needs a cup. That's all it needs! Maybe a saucer underneath the cup — that's it. — Denis Leary

I don't want to hear the specials. If they're so special, put 'em on the menu. — Jerry Seinfeld

Grown men have been seen fleeing after reading the menu posted outside. — William E. Geist

The menu of my mother consisted of only two choices: Leave it or take it — Buddy Hackett

Ultimately it boils down to the same thing all relationships boil down to: eating humble pie. I sometimes eat quite a lot. But, however bitter it might taste, it's the best pie. It's on the menu constantly for both parties. — Madonna Ciccone

It seems as if nature, in regarding the geologic night behind her, when, in five or six millenniums, she had turned out five or six men, as Homer, Phidias, Menu, and Columbus, was no wise discontented with the result. These samples attested the virtue of the tree. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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