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Be in a state of gratitude for everything that shows up in your life. Be thankful for the storms as well as smooth sailing.

Smoothness quotes - In mathematical analysis, the smoothness of a function is a property measured by the number of continuous derivatives it has over some domain. At the very

Smoothing quotes - In statistics and image processing, to smooth a data set is to create an approximating function that attempts to capture important patterns in the data

Smooth muscle quotes - Smooth muscle is an involuntary non-striated muscle. It is divided into two subgroups; the single-unit (unitary) and multiunit smooth muscle. Within single-unit

Smooth Criminal quotes - "Smooth Criminal" is a song by American singer Michael Jackson from his seventh studio album Bad (1987). It was written and composed by Jackson, and produced

Nice & Smooth quotes - Nice & Smooth is an East Coast hip hop duo from New York City that consists of Gregory O. "Greg Nice" Mays (born May 30, 1967) and Darryl O. "Smooth B" Barnes

Smooth Operator quotes - "Smooth Operator" is a song by English band Sade from their debut studio album, Diamond Life (1984). It was released as the album's third single in the

Smooth jazz quotes - Smooth jazz is a genre of commercially oriented crossover jazz that became dominant in the 1980s and early 1990s. Smooth jazz is a commercially oriented

Smooth (song) quotes - "Smooth" is a collaboration between Latin rock band Santana and Matchbox Twenty vocalist Rob Thomas. The song was written by Itaal Shur and Thomas, produced

CL Smooth quotes - CL Smooth (born Corey Brent Penn, Sr., October 8, 1968, New Rochelle, New York) is an American rapper. He is best known as the vocal half of the hip-hop