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Picture quote by Henry Ford about solution

Don't find fault, find a remedy. ⏤ Henry Ford

Picture quote by Jim Rohn about motivational

The strongest the why, the easiest the how becomes. ⏤ Jim Rohn

Picture quote about thinking

Stop thinking too much. It's alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.

Picture quote by William F. Halsey about reaction

All problems become smaller if you don’t dodge them but confront them. ⏤ William F. Halsey

Picture quote by Alan Saporta about solution

The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it. ⏤ Alan Saporta

Picture quote about thinking

Stop thinking too much. It's alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.

Picture quote by Sayings about problem

It's not really a problem if you have a solution. ⏤ Sayings

Picture quote by English Proverbs about inspirational

Where there's a will there's a way. ⏤ English Proverbs

Picture quote by Duke Ellington about chance

A problem is a chance for you to do your best. ⏤ Duke Ellington

Picture quote by Ernest Hemingway about worry

If something is wrong, fix it if you can. But train yourself not to worry. Worry never fixes anything. ⏤ Ernest Hemingway

Picture quote by Chuck Palahniuk about fear

If you flee from the things your fear, there's no resolution. ⏤ Chuck Palahniuk

Picture quote about love

Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.

Picture quote by Steve Maraboli about problems

Sometimes problems don’t require a solution to solve them; instead they require maturity to outgrow them. ⏤ Steve Maraboli

Picture quote by Sayings about inspirational

There Is Always A Way. ⏤ Sayings

Picture quote about thinking

Stop thinking too much. It's alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it.

Picture quote by Unknown about problem

I am my problem, but also my solution. ⏤ Unknown

Picture quote by Lou Holtz about motivational

Quitting is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. ⏤ Lou Holtz

Picture quote about way

There is always a way.

Picture quote by Gene Bedley about responsibility

Responsibility finds a way. Irresponsibility makes excuses! ⏤ Gene Bedley

Picture quote by Steve Jobs about problem

If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution. ⏤ Steve Jobs

Picture quote about inspirational

You can't unscramble the scrambled eggs, but you can always create delicious new recipes omelettes!

Picture quote by Bobby Umar about positive

You'll either find an excuse or you'll find a way. ⏤ Bobby Umar

Picture quote by Pope Francis about problems

As long as the problems of the poor are not radically resolved by rejecting the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation and by attacking the structural causes of inequality, no solution will be found for the world's problems or, for that matter, to any problems. ⏤ Pope Francis

Picture quote by Jared Leto about memories

Every single person has a moment in their life, something that they;ve found a solution for, a story to tell. ⏤ Jared Leto

Picture quote by Robert Frost about motivational

The best way out is always through. ⏤ Robert Frost

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Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.

Albert Einstein, physicist

Nothing is more permanent than a temporary solution.

Russian Proverbs,

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.

Jim Rohn, businessman

After the ship has sunk, everyone knows how she might have been saved.

Italian Proverbs,

Bravery is the solution to regret.

Robin S. Sharma, author

Visionary people face the same problems everyone else faces; but rather than get paralyzed by their problems, visionaries immediately commit themselves to finding a solution.

Bill Hybels, clergyman

Either I will find a way, or I will make one.

Sir Philip Sidney,

Every solution breeds new problems.

Arthur Bloch,

Let's not dismiss or attack individual ideas as being inadequate before we have had a chance to assess their positive effect as part of a whole solution.

John Thune, politician

We must be prepared to be part of the cure and not remain part of the problem.


Necessity of action takes away the fear of the act, and makes bold resolution the favorite of fortune.

Francis Quarles, poet

Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand.

Colin Powell, statesman

Successful people spend 10% of their time focused on the problems and 90% of the rest, focused on the solution.

Tony Robbins, author

It is always during a passing state of mind that we make lasting resolutions.

Marcel Proust, author

During my time in prison, I told myself that I wanted to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

Michael Vick, athlete

Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.

Benjamin Franklin, president

Clothe with life the weak intent, let me be the thing I meant.

John Greenleaf Whittier, poet

For I am full of spirit and resolve to meet all perils very constantly.

William Shakespeare, dramatist

I am certain that we need a solution completely separate from military intervention.

Silvio Berlusconi, statesman

I would love nothing more than compromise. But I would say to you that compromise that's not a solution is a waste of time.

Marco Rubio, politician

There is no magic wand that can resolve our problems. The solution rests with our work and discipline.

Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, statesman

No weapon has ever settled a moral problem. It can impose a solution but it cannot guarantee it to be a just one.

Ernest Hemingway, novelist

The fact that I have no remedy for all the sorrows of the world is no reason for my accepting yours. It simply supports the strong probability that yours is a fake.

H. L. Mencken, writer

Perhaps most ridiculous of all is the suggestion that we 'keep' our radioactive garbage for the use of our descendants. This 'solution', I think, requires an immediate poll of the next 20,000 generations.

David R. Brower, environmentalist

Precious beyond price are good resolutions. Valuable beyond price are good feelings.

H. R. Haweis,

She has great problems of her own to solve, very grim and perilous problems, and a right solution, if we can attain to it, would largely benefit mankind.

Henry Cabot Lodge, politician

Recommending gastric bypass as a national solution for our diabetes epidemic is bad medicine and bad economics.

Mark Hyman,

The basic problems facing the world today are not susceptible to a military solution.

John F. Kennedy, president

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Phil Donahue, entertainer

Cricket needs brightening up a bit. My solution is to let the players drink at the beginning of the game, not after. It always works in our picnic matches.

Paul Hogan, actor

We have a close, unshakable bond between the United States and Israel, and between the American and Israeli people. We share common values and a commitment to a democratic future for the world, and we are both committed to a two-state solution. But that doesn't mean that we're going to agree.

Hillary Clinton, politician

Who is so firm that can't be seduced?

William Shakespeare, dramatist

There should be a moral principle there that says, let's green the ghetto first. Let's go to those communities where they have the least ability to pay for that retrofit and make sure they get that help, make sure they get that support. And give the young people standing on those corners the opportunity to put down those handguns and pick up some caulking guns and be a part of the solution.

Van Jones, activist

There were several possible solutions of the difficulty of classical electrodynamics, any one of which might serve as a good starting point to the solution of the difficulties of quantum electrodynamics.

Richard P. Feynman, physicist

One of the fastest ways to find the solution to an issue or challenge you are facing is to ask the right questions.

Robin S. Sharma, author

The nice thing about doing a crossword puzzle is, you know there is a solution.

Stephen Sondheim, composer

War is never a lasting solution for any problem.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, president

Everybody wants a solution on how to help their dogs, but we can't really see the problem until we reconnect ourselves to our instinctual self.

Cesar Millan,

A lasting solution to this problem will have an exceptionally positive influence foremost on the peoples of Palestine and Israel, as well as on the region and the international community.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president

We should embrace our immigrant roots and recognize that newcomers to our land are not part of the problem, they are part of the solution.

Roger Mahony, clergyman

Creativity is the answer. I always prefer the creative solution to an expensive solution.

Keenen Ivory Wayans, comedian

You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem.

Eldridge Cleaver, activist

If God, as some now say, is dead, He no doubt died of trying to find an equitable solution to the Arab-Jewish problem.

I. F. Stone, journalist

I know that government doesn't have the all solutions that real solutions do not come from the top down. Instead, the ways to end poverty come from all of us. We are part of the solution.

Kathleen Blanco, politician

Ohioans are practical. We're a can-do people. Give us a problem, we'll give you a solution.

Bob Taft, politician

To pay more is the easy way. In fact, the solution possibilities to the problem are many.

Vladimir Putin, statesman

I do believe that most men live lives of quiet desperation. For despair, optimism is the only practical solution. Hope is practical. Because eliminate that and it's pretty scary. Hope at least gives you the option of living.

Harry Nilsson, musician

We expect President Bush to implement his own vision of a two-state solution, the birth of the Palestinian State and the ending of the occupation that started in 1967.

Mahmoud Abbas, statesman

Though no one wants war, Congress needed to give the President the authority he needs to protect America while encouraging the use of diplomacy and negotiations to try and arrive at a peaceful solution to this problem.

Allen Boyd, politician

I herewith commission you to carry out all preparations with regard to... a total solution of the Jewish question in those territories of Europe which are under German influence.

Hermann Goering, criminal

Original sin is the only rational solution of the undeniable fact of the deep, universal and early manifested sinfulness of men in all ages, of every class, and in every part of the world.

Charles Hodge, theologian

Coming out, all the way out, is offered more and more as the political solution to our oppression.

Jane Rule, author

I'm going to try to enjoy the All-Star break, hope my players reflect on what happened the first half of the season, come back with a different attitude, try to find our solution on how to win it.

Don Baylor, coach

It would behoove the world to become used to this fact: that without a just solution to the Palestine tragedy, there can be no stable peace in the Middle East.

King Hussein I, statesman

It must be able to assist in devising the method of solution of problems and not merely solve them.

Cliff Shaw, scientist

Farmers, merchants, manufacturers, and the traveling public have all had their troubles with the transportation lines, and the difficulties to which these struggles have given rise have produced that problem which is even now apparently far from solution.

John Moody, businessman

Animals are something invented by plants to move seeds around. An extremely yang solution to a peculiar problem which they faced.

Terence McKenna, writer

Scientists often have a naive faith that if only they could discover enough facts about a problem, these facts would somehow arrange themselves in a compelling and true solution.

Theodosius Dobzhansky, scientist

What is it indeed that gives us the feeling of elegance in a solution, in a demonstration?

Henri Poincare, mathematician

This solution may not appeal to our human pride, but the problem is that our human pride in itself is sinful.

Walter Lang, director

I strongly believe that a federal structure based on administrative and geographic lines with strong powers for the federated states will be the best solution for Iraq.

Ahmed Chalabi, statesman

Not only is privatizing Social Security not the solution to Social Security, it would exacerbate the problem.

Shelley Berkley, politician

Be very clear as to what your dream is. Nowadays it is fairly certain that 90 percent of all actors really just want to be rich and famous as the solution to all that ails.

Dirk Benedict, actor

So if you're a customer today, the same person who came in to demonstrate the technology for you and helped you architect the solution before you bought it is likely going to be leading the team to help you do the implementation.

Sanjay Kumar, businessman

My solution to the problem would be to tell the North Vietnamese Communists frankly that they've got to drawn in their horns and stop their aggression or we're going to bomb them into the stone age.

Curtis LeMay, soldier

Just because we can't find a solution it doesn't mean that there isn't one.

Andrew Wiles, mathematician

The modern dilemma is essentially a spiritual one, and every one of its main aspects, moral, political and scientific, brings us back to the need of a religious solution.

Christopher Dawson, writer

When a violent minority that crosses color lines comes to believe that killing those you know or do not know is a reasonable solution to problems, we are in need of another vision.

Stanley Crouch, critic

There is always an easy solution to every problem - neat, plausible, and wrong.

H. L. Mencken, writer

In my books, I never portray violence as a reasonable solution to a problem. If the lead characters in the story are driven to it, it's at the extreme end of their experience.

Dean Koontz, author

That's the best thing about writing, when you're in that zone, you're porous, ready to absorb the solution.

Michael Chabon, author

The solution is to first create an integrated economic development and recreation plan that addresses the needs of the people who live and recreate in central Idaho.

Michael K. Simpson, politician

Violence is never a solution in my plays, just as ultimately violence is never a solution in human affairs.

Edward Bond, playwright

Like all Israelis, I yearn for peace. I see the utmost importance in taking all possible steps that will lead to a solution of the conflict with the Palestinians.

Ariel Sharon, leader

Freud has shown one thing very clearly: that we only forget our infancy by burying it in the unconscious; and that the problems of this difficult period find their solution under a disguised form in adult life.

Herbert Read, poet

If you actively do something, it will stop making you feel like a victim and you'll start feeling like part of the solution, which is just a huge benefit to your body and your psyche.

Ted Danson, actor

I haven't been out in the marketplace in a while. I'm thinking about going back into it. I've got some things set up over the next couple of months just to go and see. But I have no idea what the specific way to a solution is anymore. It's mysterious to me.

Michael Nesmith, musician

When people are divided, the only solution is agreement.

John Hume, politician

Saying you have a political solution is like saying you can write a pop song that's going to stay at the top of the list forever. I don't have many illusions about this, but I'm not cynical about it.

Bruce Sterling, writer

Just this week, my husband proposed a plan for schools and libraries to develop their own plans to keep children from finding indecent material on the Internet as an alternative to a Congressional proposal that would require a federally mandated solution.

Tipper Gore, celebrity

I believe it's time to put our best ideas on the table and work toward a bipartisan solution, with the single goal of leaving the Social Security system stronger than we found it.

Chris Chocola, politician

Many scientists will have to contribute to the solution of the great problem; they will have to follow up and measure all those phenomena in which the atomic structure is directly expressed.

Johannes Stark, physicist

An enormous amount of direct advertising from pharmaceutical companies are offering a kind of instantaneous solution to problems.

Leon Kass, educator

A doctrine of class war seemed to provide a solution to the problem of poverty to people who know nothing about how wealth is created.

Jeane Kirkpatrick, diplomat

The problem with K-12 education is socialism and the solution is capitalism.

Peter Brimelow, journalist

When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.

R. Buckminster Fuller, inventor

There is an increasing awareness of the interrelatedness of things. We are becoming less prone to accept an immediate solution without questioning its larger implications.

Arthur Erickson, architect

I am, of course, aware that the ultimate solution is the ownership and control of the means of life by the whole of the people; but we are not at that stage of development as yet.

James Larkin, activist

In a situation where many national leaders do the same thing and look out for national interests, and with an issue like global warming, you're likely to get no solution, so I think you have to have some kind of ethical trump on some of those issues.

Peter Singer, philosopher

Russians can give you arms but only the United States can give you a solution.

Anwar Sadat, statesman

We frequently define an acid or a base as a substance whose aqueous solution gives, respectively, a higher concentration of hydrogen ion or of hydroxide ion than that furnished by pure water. This is a very one sided definition.

Gilbert Newton Lewis, scientist

President Kennedy was willing to go to war. He was not a coward. The man had been in war and so had Ken O'Donnell. He was ready to protect this nation, but he was not ready for a military solution just because it was being rammed down his throat.

Kevin Costner, actor

If our country is to reach a workable solution to the abortion issue, the Democratic party must be open to and tolerant of opposing views.

Robert Casey, politician

Abortion is defended today as a means of ensuring the equality and independence of women, and as a solution to the problems of single parenting, child abuse, and the feminization of poverty.

Robert Casey, politician

War is never a solution; it is an aggravation.

Benjamin Disraeli, prime minister

As president, I will bring all the parties and stakeholders together. I am going to come up with a solution that respects the environment and does not cause an upheaval in the economy.

Al Gore, vice president

If you take any world problem, any issue on the planet, the solution to that problem certainly includes education. In education, the roadblock is the laptop.

Nicholas Negroponte, businessman

I mean that the function of the police is to solve problems that have law-enforcement consequences in a way that is based on a genuine partnership with the neighborhood in both the venting of the problem and the discussion of the solution.

James Q. Wilson, politician

What I think we need to do to engage the American people in a conversation about entitlement reform is to have a bipartisan group of people who come together and put every solution on the table, every alternative on the table. And then we ought to engage in a long conversation with the American people so they understand the choices.

Carly Fiorina, businesswoman

I think that taxes would be fair if we first get rid of the tax code. This is the ultimate solution, not to just say we're going to trim around the edges, not to say that we will try to simplify a little of this and a little of that. The problem is, replace the tax code, so we can establish tax fairness for everybody.

Herman Cain, businessman

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