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The car has become the carapace, the protective and aggressive shell, of urban and suburban man. — Marshall McLuhan

This is a pivotal time for urban regeneration. We must take a long term view. — Richard Rogers

I hope to focus on what I'm passionate about because I think I'd do them best job on them - education, urban education, women and children's issues and literacy. — Jenna Bush

I feel however, that we architects have a special duty and mission... (to contribute) to the socio-cultural development of architecture and urban planning. — Kenzo Tange

All monoculture is inherently vulnerable; from plants in gardens to people in urban centers. — Bryant H. McGill

A peasant becomes fond of his pig and is glad to salt away its pork. What is significant, and is so difficult for the urban stranger to understand, is that the two statements are connected by an and and not by a but. — John Berger

The city is a fact in nature, like a cave, a run of mackerel or an ant-heap. But it is also a conscious work of art, and it holds within its communal framework many simpler and more personal forms of art. Mind takes form in the city; and in turn, urban forms condition mind. — Lewis Mumford

Living in cities is an art, and we need the vocabulary of art, of style, to describe the peculiar relationship between man and material that exists in the continual creative play of urban living. The city as we imagine it, then, soft city of illusion, myth, aspiration, and nightmare, is as real, maybe more real, than the hard city one can locate on maps in statistics, in monographs on urban sociology and demography and architecture. — Jonathan Raban

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