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Picture quote by Socrates about wealth

Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty. ⏤ Socrates

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What are the best artificial quotes? Best quotes about artificial of all times. Some of the top sayings that are artificial are here to read and remember. Access the best artificial quotations. Top artificial sayings on images and beautiful affirmations. Enjoy most famous quotes that are artificial and bookmark favorite ones.

Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.

Thomas Merton, author

The danger from computers is not that they will eventually get as smart as men, but we will meanwhile agree to meet them halfway.

Bernard Avishai,

Prayer does not use up artificial energy, doesn't burn up any fossil fuel, doesn't pollute. Neither does song, neither does love, neither does the dance.

Margaret Mead, scientist

I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image.

Stephen Hawking, scientist

We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.

Alfred Newman, composer

I have an intense dislike for artificial society. In France, one could lead a free life - to do what one wanted to do without interference or criticism from one's neighbors.

Robert W. Service, poet

How prone poor Humanity is to dam up the minutest remnants of its freedom, and build an artificial roof to prevent it looking up to the clear blue sky.

E. T. A. Hoffmann, critic

The best way to begin genuine bipartisanship to make America stronger is to work together on the real crises facing our country, not to manufacture an artificial crisis to serve a special interest agenda out of touch with the needs of Americans.

John F. Kerry, politician

Control is as much an effect as a cause, and the idea that control is something you exert is a real handicap to progress

Steve Grand,

California is like an artificial limb the rest of the country doesn't really need. You can quote me on that.

Saul Bellow, novelist

A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.

Alan Perlis, scientist

Not all intelligence can be artificial now, so if we make a mistake, the consequences are no longer simply located within an institution or a national culture.

William Irwin Thompson, philosopher

A quota is always something artificial that can only last for a certain period of time.

Jacques Santer, politician

The planned sit-down reception is an artificial forum where one is presented with a limited number of persons with whom he can hold a conversation.

Jerzy Kosinski, novelist

No one yet knows what a man's province is, and how far that province, as conceived of today, is artificial.

Agnes Smedley, journalist

Now the identification of individual sounds by phonetic observation is an artificial way of proceeding.

Roman Jakobson, scientist

I think that monogamy is artificial. I do not think it's something that comes naturally to us.

Tom Ford, designer

The artificial is always innocent.

Frank O'Hara, poet

I have been an "Official" all my life, without the least turn for it. I never could attain a true official manner, which is highly artificial and handles trifles with ludicrously disproportionate gravity.

William Allingham, poet

To what purpose is it to be artificially happy on the surface?

Anne Parillaud, actress

I bet some of you feel sorry for me. Well don't. Having an artificial leg has its advantages. I've broken my right knee many times and it doesn't hurt a bit.

Terry Fox, athlete

I named all my children after flowers. There's Lillie and Rose and my son, Artificial.

Bert Williams, entertainer

The concept of reason itself appears as an artificial attempt to separate intellectual powers from the frustrations, emotions, and accidents which cause events; the concept of reason is viewed as facade to prevent change.

Edward Levi, public servant

All that a good government aims at... is to add no unnecessary and artificial aid to the force of its own unavoidable consequences, and to abstain from fortifying and accumulating social inequality as a means of increasing political inequalities.

James F. Cooper, novelist

From the time we're born until we die, we're kept busy with artificial stuff that isn't important.

Tom Ford, designer

To me, length is an artificial and arbitrary factor in a film.

Frank Darabont, director

I am suggesting that we recognize that in network and interface research there is something as profound (and potential wild) as Artificial Intelligence.

Vernor Vinge, writer

Those who have heard or read anything from me on the subject, know that one of the principal points insisted on is, the forming of societies or any other artificial combinations IS the first, greatest, and most fatal mistake ever committed by legislators and by reformers.

Josiah Warren, inventor

I would like to feel that I have a range and that it's not just a matter of being a comic actor or a serious actor, because those are really artificial classifications, I think.

Jeffrey Jones, actor

I believe that these devices like repetition and rhyme are not artificial, that they're not imposed, somehow, on the language.

Paul Muldoon, poet

I don't want it to be all that self-conscious or artificial, but it really grows out of my having invented myself as a listener so that I could hear her voice.

Russell Banks, author

Baseball needs to put the steroids era behind it by having and enforcing tough rules against all kinds of artificial advantages, so that spring can return.

Marvin Olasky, educator

Mr. DeMille's theory of sexual difference was that marriage is an artificial state for women. The want to be taken, ruled, raped. That was his theory.

Hedy Lamarr, actress

French design hardly exists, except as artificial modernism.

Christian Lacroix, designer

If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences.

H. P. Lovecraft, novelist

The thing about doing anything artificial to your hair is that you have to look after it. So you're always vulnerable to the weather and time.

Francesca Annis, actress

In several sections, both natural in the banks of the Mississippi and its numerous arms, and where artificial canals had been cut, I observed erect stumps of trees, with their roots attached, buried in strata at different heights, one over the other.

Charles Lyell, lawyer

Sometimes I like them artificial and sometimes I like them real. And the reason is because sometimes I like a real close sound. And I like a very specific snare sound and I can't get that in the big room.

Danny Elfman, musician

To conquer nature is, in effect, to remove all natural barriers and human norms and to substitute artificial, fabricated equivalents for natural processes.

Alex Campbell, politician

Artificial Intelligence leaves no doubt that it wants its audiences to enter a realm of pure fantasy when it identifies one of the last remaining islands of civilization as New Jersey.

Godfried Danneels, clergyman

I have often noticed that after I had bestowed on the characters of my novels some treasured item of my past, it would pine away in the artificial world where I had so abruptly placed it.

Vladimir Nabokov, novelist

I was never very good at exams, having a poor memory and finding the examination process rather artificial, and there never seemed to be enough time to follow up things that really interested me.

Paul Nurse, scientist

You must strive to multiply bread so that it suffices for the tables of mankind, and not rather favor an artificial control of birth, which would be irrational, in order to diminish the number of guests at the banquet of life.

Pope Paul VI, clergyman

Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.

Alan Kay, scientist

More than forty years of Communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe resulted in an unhappy and artificial division of Europe. It is this dark chapter of European history that we now have the opportunity to close.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, statesman

I find the public passion for justice quite boring and artificial.

Patricia Highsmith, novelist

It's difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is an artificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious oneness of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is within you.

Russell Brand, comedian

I've been eating tons of organic foods, staying away from processed sugars, white flours, and anything artificial. It's the same as my normal regime, but I'm being even stricter, because everything I put into my body is literally building this precious baby inside me.

Danica McKellar, actress

I've been just eating very healthy, all organic, no sugar, white flour, nothing artificial. I'm being so incredibly strict... not a lot of meat!

Danica McKellar, actress

People don't want to believe that technology is broken. Pharmaceuticals, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology - all these areas where the progress has been a lot more limited than people think. And the question is why.

Peter Thiel, entrepreneur

My presidential victory, if it had happened, would have been artificial in relation to the Socialist party. It may be that on my deathbed, I will come to regret my decision, but for the moment, I live at peace with it.

Jacques Delors, economist

A lyric, it is true, is the expression of personal emotion, but then so is all poetry, and to suppose that there are several kinds of poetry, differing from each other in essence, is to be deceived by wholly artificial divisions which have no real being.

John Drinkwater, poet

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