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The lion doesn't turn around when the small dog barks.

Beware of the man who does not talk, and the dog that does not bark. — American Indian Proverbs

Don't you see that the lion is silent and yet feared, while the dog barks constantly and is despised? — Imam Shafi'i

One dog barks at something, the rest bark at him. — Chinese Proverbs

The moon is not shamed by the barking of dogs. — American Indian Proverbs

Barking dogs occasionally bite, but laughing men hardly ever shoot. — Konrad Lorenz

The barking of a dog does not disturb the man on a camel. — Egyptian Proverbs

No matter how eloquently a dog may bark, he cannot tell you that his parents were poor, but honest. — Bertrand Russell

A dog that barks much is never a good hunter. — Proverbs