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Top 10 Chemistry Quotes (BEST)

  1. The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body. — Bruce H. Lipton
  2. Chemistry is great, but eventually your relationship moves out of the laboratory. — Tim Fargo
  3. We define organic chemistry as the chemistry of carbon compounds. — August Kekule
  4. I don't know all the reasons for these achievements, but I know that I love what I do and I have never wanted to rest on my laurels. — Ahmed H. Zewail
  5. But the nature of my main work in chemistry can be better represented by more than 280 English publications, of which roughly 200 concern the theory of chemical reactions and related subjects. — Kenichi Fukui
  6. I also taught myself how to blow glass using a propane torch from the hardware store and managed to make some elementary chemistry plumbing such as tees and small glass bulbs. — Robert B. Laughlin
  7. Mathematics is the cheapest science. Unlike physics or chemistry, it does not require any expensive equipment. All one needs for mathematics is a pencil and paper. — George Polya
  8. Yeah, it's just, when you meet people, especially creative, it needs to be chemistry. And I believe we have that really well with Henchy. — Joe Gatto
  9. You are done for - a living dead man - not when you stop loving but stop hating. Hatred preserves: in it, in its chemistry, resides the mystery of life. — Emile M. Cioran
  10. We invented the Chemputer to make chemistry universal with respect to digital programmability. This is why chemputation should have significant reach across science & technology. — Lee Cronin

The Most Famous Chemistry Quotes

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The world of chemical reactions is like a stage, on which scene after scene is ceaselessly played. The actors on it are the elements. — Clemens Winkler

Every aspect of the world today - even politics and international relations - is affected by chemistry. — Linus Pauling

Be a physical chemist, an analytical chemist, an organic chemist, if you will; but above all, be a chemist. — Ira Remsen

Chemistry can be a good and bad thing. Chemistry is good when you make love with it. Chemistry is bad when you make crack with it. — Adam Sandler

I must confess it was very unexpected and I am very startled at my metamorphosis into a chemist. — Ernest Rutherford

A chemist who is not a physicist is nothing at all. — Robert Bunsen

If you want to become a chemist, you will have to ruin your health. If you don't ruin your health studying, you won't accomplish anything these days in chemistry. Liebig's advice to Kekulé. — Justus von Liebig

I was captured for life by chemistry and by crystals. — Dorothy Hodgkin

Khem was an ancient name for the land of Egypt; and both the words alchemy and chemistry are a perpetual reminder of the priority of Egypt's scientific knowledge. — Manly Hall

Organic chemistry is the study of organs; inorganic chemistry is the study of the insides of organs. — Max Shulman

Short Chemistry Quotes

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  • By the time I was 12 or 13, I was studying biochemistry textbooks. — Joshua Lederberg
  • Science is not everything, but science is very beautiful. — J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • Every chemical reaction has a transition state. — Derek Barton
  • I was also interested in formulating the path of chemical reactions. — Kenichi Fukui
  • Baeyer-a chemist who was more of an encyclopedist than a researcher. — Richard Willstatter
  • Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated. — Rosalind Franklin
  • At Harvard I majored in chemistry with a strong inclination toward math. — William Standish Knowles

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Inspirational Chemistry Quotes

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People who are role models for the principles and values of the organization, who buy in and understand the vision of what the organization is trying to accomplish, and have the personality to inspire other people to the vision. You know, that’s what team chemistry and leadership is all about. — Nick Saban

[Human beings] will begin to recover the moment we take art as seriously as physics, chemistry or money. — Ernst Levy

There is extraordinary chemistry that exists in long-term relationships — Jay Conrad Levinson

Few scientists acquainted with the chemistry of biological systems at the molecular level can avoid being inspired. — Donald Cram

My father was on the faculty in the Chemistry Department of Harvard University; my mother had one year of graduate work in physics before her marriage. — Kenneth G. Wilson

Without God the economy is only economy, nature is nothing more than a deposit of material, the family only a contract, life nothing more than a laboratory product, love only chemistry, and development nothing more than a form of growth. — Giampaolo Crepaldi

I believe that prizes are useful things for the disciplines, whether we are talking about chemistry or we're talking... It motivates, it, you know, inspires, it encourages and it brings, in the case of literature, it brings literature, the arts out of the ghetto. — Wole Soyinka

The chemistry of making the songs is often about being inspired by each other and responding intuitively. — Joe Goddard

Flirting is conversational chemistry. — Isaac Mizrahi

The most wonderful inspirational chemistry we can use on another is the gift of our love and acceptance. Devoted and unquestioned love has a magic creative power. — Wilferd Peterson

Organic Chemistry Quotes

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I was invited to join the newly established Central Chemical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1954 and was able to establish a small research group in organic chemistry, housed in temporary laboratories of an industrial research institute. — George Andrew Olah

The idea that we should prioritize a racial viewpoint on, who knows, maybe even organic chemistry, over somebody who is adept at understanding how to convey a difficult concept, is preposterous, just at an educational level. — Bret Weinstein

Physiology is the science which treats of the properties of organic bodies, animal and vegetable, of the phenomena they present, and of the laws which govern their actions. Inorganic substances are the objects of other sciences, - physics and chemistry. — Johannes P. Muller

Physiology is the science which treats of the properties of organic bodies, animal and vegetable, of the phenomena they present, and of the laws which govern their actions. Inorganic substances are the objects of other sciences, - physics and chemistry. — Johannes Peter Muller

Why, for example, should a group of simple, stable compounds of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen struggle for billions of years to organize themselves into a professor of chemistry? What's the motive? — Robert M. Pirsig

Organic chemistry just now is enough to drive one mad. It gives me the impression of a primeval forest full of the most remarkable things, a monstrous and boundless thicket, with no way of escape, into which one may well dread to enter. — Friedrich Wohler

Chemistry, in its application to animals and vegetables. Endeavours jointly with physiology to enlighten us respecting the mysterious processes and sources of organic life. — Justus von Liebig

I am afraid I shall have to give up my trade; I am far too inert to keep up with organic chemistry, it is becoming too much for me, though I may boast of having contributed something to its development. The modern system of formulae is to me quite repulsive. — Friedrich Wohler

In organic chemistry, we have learnt to derive from compounds containing only carbon and hydrogen, i.e. from the hydrocarbons, all other types of combinations, such as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, acids, etc. — Otto Wallach

Organic Chemistry has become a vast rubbish heap of puzzling and bewildering compounds. — J. Norman Collie

Body Chemistry Quotes

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All experience is a drug experience. Whether it's mediated by our own [endogenous] drugs, or whether it's mediated by substances that we ingest that are found in plants, cognition, consciousness, the working of the brain, it's all a chemically mediated process. Life itself is a drug experience. — Dennis McKenna

Maybe some folks are alcoholics and others are just voluntary drunks. Maybe some folks drink due to body chemistry and others due to their lazy characters. Maybe some have drinking problems, while others have problems enough to drink. — George Jones

Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage-the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterologic al traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. — Ayn Rand

In arranging the bodies in order of their electrical nature, there is formed an electro-chemical system which, in my opinion, is more fit than any other to give an idea of chemistry. — Jons Jacob Berzelius

I probably have some sort of chocolate five times a week. There's definitely a change it does to the chemistry of the body. It's my favorite feeling. I live for it. — John Travolta

Chymia, or Alchemy and Spagyrism, is the art of resolving compound bodies into their principles and of combining these again. — Georg Ernst Stahl

Every person's body chemistry is different. The effect of one single drug that appeals to me might have a different effect on someone else. There's no way to tell what the perfect psychedelic drug would be, because it would be perfect for only you. — Ann Shulgin

Exercise helps me with stress. It changes your brain chemistry. I turn to Ashtanga yoga when I feel the need to relax. I love it, but it's not right for everybody. It's taught to you a little bit at a time, according to your body type and your strength. That keeps things challenging. — Lisa Edelstein

I've got this weird body chemistry that I don't like to get high. I'm not going to say I never tried drugs. I tried most everything. I didn't try injectables. But I didn't like it. — Linda Ronstadt

The whole art of making experiments in chemistry is founded on the principle: we must always suppose an exact equality or equation between the principles of the body examined and those of the products of its analysis. — Antoine Lavoisier

Our Chemistry Quotes

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Our cells engage in protein production, and many of those proteins are enzymes responsible for the chemistry of life. — Randy Schekman

I think it is a sad reflection on our civilization that while we can and do measure the temperature in the atmosphere of Venus we do not know what goes on inside our soufflés. — Nicholas Kurti

In the 21st century our tastes buds, our brain chemistry, our biochemistry, our hormones and our kitchens have been hijacked by the food industry. — Mark Hyman, M.D.

If a relationship is perfectly natural there will be a complete fusion of the happiness of both of you-owing to fellow-feeling and various other laws which govern our natures, this is, quite simply, the greatest happiness that can exist. — Arthur Schopenhauer

I'm very aware of the chemistry. It's something you can't take for granted. I'm very thankful for it and I recognise the power of its reality in all of our lives. Some people don't and it's a mistake not to because people throw away god-given special chemistry that's very rare, very hard to find. — Anthony Kiedis

Chemistry begins in the stars. The stars are the source of the chemical elements, which are the building blocks of matter and the core of our subject. — Peter Atkins

Activity is intelligence. We follow our information systems and we use our energy to get it done. And that's caused by a byproduct called matter. That's why I call it "energetic matter." And it's chemical matter. We are chemistry. — Horst Rechelbacher

However, I survived and started to read all chemistry books that I could get a hand on, first some 19th century books from our home library that did not provide much reliable information, and then I emptied the rather extensive city library. — Richard Ernst

The conflict of chemistry we do not think reprehensible. If we could look at social conflict as neither good nor bad, but simply a fact, we should make great strides in our thinking. — Mary Parker Follett

Tis a short sight to limit our faith in laws to those of gravity, of chemistry, of botany, and so forth. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Perfect Chemistry Quotes

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But wishes are only granted in fairy tales. — Simone Elkeles

I don't belong here. It doesn't matter, because even if I don't belong in this place, she's here and I want to be where she is. — Simone Elkeles

One of the things that makes me who I am is the loyalty I have to people I hold close to my heart. — Simone Elkeles

You are the one girl that made me risk eveything for a future worth having. — Simone Elkeles

He has eyes so expressive they give a hint to more than what he portrays. He’s dedicated to his friends, family, and even his motorcyle. He touched me as if I were made of glass. He kissed me as if he’d savor it for the rest of his life. — Simone Elkeles

I'm losing control."-Brittany Mamacita, I've already lost it."-Alex — Simone Elkeles

Brit: What's your major? Alex: Chemistry. And yours? Brit: Chemistry. Kiss me so we can see if we still have it. 'Cause you own my heart, my soul, and everything else in between. — Simone Elkeles

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. — Simone Elkeles

For my Perfect Chemistry series, I did movie-style book trailers, and my fans went crazy for them. — Simone Elkeles

If there's one thing I learned, it's that nobody is here forever. You have to live for the moment, each and every day . . . the here, the now. — Simone Elkeles

Chemistry Teachers Quotes

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I really enjoyed hanging out with some of the teachers. This one chemistry teacher, she liked hanging out. I liked making explosives. We would stay after school and blow things up. — Maya Lin

My life is just like Breaking Bad except instead of a chemistry teacher I'm just a guy and instead of making meth I don't do much. — Dana Gould

I woke up to the world of science when my high school chemistry teacher introduced me to the elegantly ordered periodic table. — Isadore Singer

I am a teacher, and I am proud of it. At Cornell University I have taught primarily undergraduates, and indeed almost every year since 1966 have taught first-year general chemistry. — Roald Hoffmann

The people who taught really knew their stuff. My chemistry teacher, Frank Wade, was actually a chemist. I was so lucky in a number of ways. — Kurt Vonnegut

I was a chemistry major, but I'm always winding up as a teacher in English departments, so I've brought scientific thinking to literature. There's been very little gratitude for this. — Kurt Vonnegut

Your chemistry high school teacher lied to you when they told you that there was such a thing as a vacuum, that you could take space and move every particle out of it. — Adam Riess

Chemical Compounds Quotes

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A drug is not bad. A drug is a chemical compound. The problem comes in when people who take drugs treat them like a license to behave like an asshole. — Frank Zappa

Cacao is rich in happy phenethylamine chemicals called PEA. These compounds have been associated with feeling good and falling in love. — David Wolfe

A human being can survive almost anything, as long as she sees the end in sight! — Elizabeth Wurtzel

A drug is neither moral nor immoral -- it's a chemical compound. The compound itself is not a menace to society until a human being treats it as if consumption bestowed a temporary license to act like an asshole. — Frank Zappa

Moreover, the abundance of chemical compounds and their importance in daily life hindered the chemist from investigating the question, in what does the individuality of the atoms of different elements consist. — Johannes Stark

The incredible list of supposed horrors that increasing carbon dioxide will bring the world is pure belief disguised as science. — William Happer

Success is little more than a chemical compound of man with moment. — Philip Guedalla

In the first quarter of the nineteenth century the experimental proof for the interdependence of the composition and properties of chemical compounds resulted in the theory that they are mutually related, so that like composition governs like properties, and conversely. — Wilhelm Ostwald

The danger of terrorists and rogue states is compounded by the proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons. — Joe Lieberman

We've found that frogs are counting the number of chemicals in the water. If you expose them to two chemicals, there's a slight delay in metamorphosis; if you expose them to ten, there's even more of a delay. No single compound will do this. — Tyrone Hayes

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More Chemistry Quotes

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Psychology, as the behaviorist views it, is a purely objective, experimental branch of natural science which needs introspection as little as do the sciences of chemistry and physics.... The position is taken here that the behavior of man and the behavior of animals must be considered in the same plane. — John B. Watson

We create a standard for how we want to do things and everybody's got to buy into that standard or you really can't have any team chemistry. Mediocre people don't like high-achievers and high-achievers don't like mediocre people. — Nick Saban

In string theory, all particles are vibrations on a tiny rubber band; physics is the harmonies on the string; chemistry is the melodies we play on vibrating strings; the universe is a symphony of strings, and the "Mind of God" is cosmic music resonating in 11 dimensional hyperspace. — Michio Kaku

Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity. — Albert Einstein

Don't be afraid of hard work. Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Don't let others discourage you or tell you that you can't do it. In my day I was told women didn't go into chemistry. I saw no reason why we couldn't. — Gertrude B. Elion

Baking may be regarded as a science, but it's the chemistry between the ingredients and the cook that gives desserts life. Baking is done out of love, to share with family and friends, to see them smile. — Anna Olson

The grounding in natural sciences which I obtained in the course of my medical studies, including preliminary examinations in botany, zoology, physics, and chemistry, was to become decisive in determining the trend of my literary work. — Johannes V. Jensen

If we do not allow free thinking in chemistry or biology, why should we allow it in morals or politics? — Auguste Comte

The grounding in natural sciences which I obtained in the course of my medical studies, including preliminary examinations in botany, zoology, physics, and chemistry, was to become decisive in determining the trend of my literary work. — Johannes Vilhelm Jensen

Just as the science and art of agriculture depend upon chemistry and botany, so the art of education depends upon physiology and psychology. — Edward Thorndike

I also became interested in chemistry and gradually accumulated enough test tubes and other glassware to do chemical experiments, using small quantities of chemicals purchased from a pharmacy supply house. — Sydney Brenner

Chlorine is a deadly poison gas employed on European battlefields in World War I. Sodium is a corrosive metal which burns upon contact with water. Together they make a placid and unpoisonous material, table salt. Why each of these substances has the properties it does is a subject called chemistry. — Carl Sagan

The supercomputer AI of the future will enable a complete reinvention of physics, chemistry, fluid dynamics, and every aspect that is today modeled based on first-order principles. — Jen-Hsun Jensen Huang

Love is a romantic designation for a most ordinary biological process-or, shall we say, chemical-process ... a lot of nonsense is talked and written about it. — Greta Garbo

A band's only unique thing is its chemistry, especially if none of you are prodigious players or particularly handsome. The one thing you have is your uniqueness, so we hold on to that. — Chris Martin

Cellular pathology is not an end if one cannot see any alteration in the cell. Chemistry brings the clarification of living processes nearer than does anatomy. Each anatomical change must have been preceded by a chemical one. — Rudolf Virchow

Exercise can affect your unborn children's genes by altering the chemistry of DNA in sperm and egg cells. Aerobic exercise for 3 months altered sperm DNA by silencing genes linked to the risk of autism, OCD, Alzheimer’s, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and atherosclerosis. — Rhonda Patrick

No, this trick won't work... How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? — Albert Einstein

If you want to be an anthropologist, you need to study physical anthropology specialized in bones. If you want to be a forensic chemist, get a degree in chemistry. Do you want to do DNA work? Get a degree in microbiology. And do well. Study hard and go to graduate school. — Kathy Reichs

The best teams have chemistry. They communicate with each other and they sacrifice personal glory for a common goal. — Dave DeBusschere

What chemists took from Dalton was not new experimental laws but a new way of practicing chemistry (he himself called it the 'new system of chemical philosophy'), and this proved so rapidly fruitful that only a few of the older chemists in France and Britain were able to resist it. — Thomas Kuhn

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