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The struggle is always worthwhile, if the end be worthwhile and the means honorable; foreknowledge of defeat is not sufficient reason to withdraw from the contest. Steven Brust, author
  • contest

Our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty. Samuel Adams, revolutionary
  • asylum

You're about as useful as a one-legged man at an arse kicking contest. Rowan Atkinson, comedian
  • arse

The interviews have been a little tough due to the fact that we're interviewing dogs. We see a lot of contestants licking themselves, but we're used to that from covering the Grammys. Melissa Rivers, actress
  • contestants

I love to deal with doctrines and events. The contests of men about men I greatly dislike. James A. Garfield, president
  • contests

Science is properly more scrupulous than dogma. Dogma gives a charter to mistake, but the very breath of science is a contest with mistake, and must keep the conscience alive. George Eliot, author
  • alive

The voice of the Republican party is up for grabs. It's a contest right now. Gary Johnson,
  • contest

I remember I was so crabby in my third trimester - I got gestational diabetes because I'd been acting like I was in a one-woman pie-eating contest. Caroline Rhea, comedian
  • acting

I actually really suck at naming books, so lots of years ago, readers were sending in their ideas for titles, and what we realized is that they were smarter than us. So we thought, Hey, go for it. So now we have a contest every year. Janet Evanovich, writer
  • books

And often it would be a woman who was in her 70s or 80s who would win the beauty contest, because bound feet never age. Lisa See, writer
  • age

Ninety-five percent of the time when I run a contest I've purchased the giveaway prizes with advertising money. Ree Drummond, author
  • advertising

The contest for ages has been to rescue liberty from the grasp of executive power. Daniel Webster, politician
  • ages

Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage. Ambrose Bierce, journalist
  • politics

This is not a contest between persons. The humblest citizen in all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error. I come to you in defense of a cause as holy as the cause of liberty - the cause of humanity. William Jennings Bryan, lawyer
  • armor

Children must be considered in a divorce considered valuable pawns in the nasty legal and financial contest that is about to ensue. P. J. O'Rourke, comedian
  • children

I think George W. Bush has a warm, engaging personality. But, you know, the presidency is more than just a popularity contest. Al Gore, vice president
  • bush

The presidency is more than a popularity contest. Al Gore, vice president
  • contest

When you are in any contest, you should work as if there were - to the very last minute - a chance to lose it. This is battle, this is politics, this is anything. Dwight D. Eisenhower, president
  • anything

Who's judging American Idol? Paula Abdul? Paula Abdul judging a singing contest is like Christopher Reeve judging a dance contest! Chris Rock, comedian
  • american

In a government such as ours we have vigorous contests to determine who should lead. The recent election was no exception. Now we inaugurate a new government on a day that transcends any one individual or any one party. Matt Blunt, politician
  • contests

This battle for 'common-sense' gun control laws pits emotion and passion against logic and reason. All too often in such a contest, logic loses. So, expect more meaningless, if not harmful, 'gun control' legislation. Good news - if you're a crook. Larry Elder, journalist
  • against

As the contest proceeded, public interest increased and the entire country watched to see which company would win the big government subsidies through the mountains. John Moody, businessman
  • big

Trials are no longer about freeing the innocent, punishing the guilty, and making restitution to the injured. They have devolved into a contest over who will win. Tammy Bruce, author
  • contest

I'm not out here to win a beauty contest. Kirk Gibson, athlete
  • beauty

It was a hole in one contest and I had a three. Abe Lemons, coach
  • contest

Gore will not win a popularity contest, he will not win a personality contest, but he can win an idealogical battle, and he can win a battle of experience. Susan Estrich, journalist
  • battle

There is a contest old as Eden, which still goes on - the conflict between right and wrong, between error and truth. In this conflict every human being has a part. Matthew Simpson, clergyman
  • being

Of course watching a particularly exciting game or a wonderful contestant is always a joy. Randy West, entertainer
  • contestant

I am planning to return and contest the October elections in Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto, leader
  • contest

I am constitutionally competent to contest the elections. Benazir Bhutto, leader
  • competent

When Bob came through Cincinnati, he wanted a girl singer to be on his show. There was a local contest, and my sister and I entered, but Bob said, Gee, I wouldn't break up the team. Rosemary Clooney, musician
  • break

Peter has the biggest mouth, so it goes to be a mouth contest. Josh Silver, musician
  • contest

We won a contest at the teen fair in Vancouver and the first prize was a recording contract and we recorded at a radio station on the stairway, and we did a record and it got put out. Tommy Chong, actor
  • contest

Politics is a contest among people of diverse backgrounds and philosophies, advocating different solutions to common problems. The system only works when principled, energetic people participate. Bob Ehrlich, politician
  • advocating

He asked if I was a songwriter, and I said yeah, that I was in town because I'd won this contest. He said, okay, then he was gonna play me his hit, and started singing 'When it's time to relax, one beer stands clear... ' Arthur Godfrey, entertainer
  • asked

I believe that detente was having almost the opposite effect of what was intended. What was intended was to sort of end the contest for power and to stop Soviet expansion, especially by military means and the military build-up, the military contest. Jeane Kirkpatrick, diplomat
  • almost

In all honesty, at that time, I never saw myself as an author... I was just a Mom in a state of panic, trying to enter a short story contest to win the prize money in order to keep the lights on in my home. Leslie Banks, actor
  • author

The story grew, got way bigger than the contest rules called for, and next thing I knew I had a book. Leslie Banks, actor
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I don't care whether people like me or dislike me. I'm not on earth to win a popularity contest. I'm here to be the best human being I possibly can be. Tab Hunter, actor
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