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I don't think Obama's a socialist or evil, I just think he's wrong and I disagree with him, he's a leftist, that's what they are in France and in Great Britain and in Canada. — Jonathan Krohn

If the United States of America or Britain is having elections, they don't ask for observers from Africa or from Asia. But when we have elections, they want observers. — Nelson Mandela

We really need to stop the imperialist tendencies of countries like the United States and Great Britain. — Cindy Sheehan

Britain's most useful role is somewhere between bee and dinosaur. — Harold MacMillan

Yesterday, the president met with a group he calls the coalition of the willing. Or, as the rest of the world calls them, Britain and Spain. — Jon Stewart

There is tension all over the country. The party in Bengal has done substantial work. They have eliminated a few officers. The Englishmen are terrified. As a result, they have started sending their families to Britain. After some time, they will realise that they cannot exercise authority over India. — Bhagat Singh

I was a big admirer of F.D.R. He saved Britain. — Kenneth Branagh

The late M. Venizelos observed that in all her wars Englandhe should have said Britain, of coursealways wins one battlethe last. — Winston Churchill

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