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Do not compromise yourself. You are all you have got.

Missouri Compromise quotes - The Missouri Compromise was United States federal legislation that admitted Maine to the United States as a free state, simultaneously with Missouri as

Compromise of 1850 quotes - The Compromise of 1850 was a package of five separate bills passed by the United States Congress in September 1850 that defused a political confrontation

Atlanta compromise quotes - The Atlanta compromise was an agreement struck in 1895 between Booker T. Washington, president of the Tuskegee Institute, other African-American leaders

Three-Fifths Compromise quotes - The Three-Fifths Compromise was a compromise reached among state delegates during the 1787 United States Constitutional Convention. Whether and, if so

Connecticut Compromise quotes - The Connecticut Compromise (also known as the Great Compromise of 1787 or Sherman Compromise) was an agreement that large and small states reached during

Compromise of 1877 quotes - The Compromise of 1877 was an unwritten deal, informally arranged among U.S. Congressmen, that settled the intensely disputed 1876 presidential election

Crittenden Compromise quotes - The Crittenden Compromise was an unsuccessful proposal to permanently enshrine slavery in the United States Constitution, and thereby make it unconstitutional

Compromise of 1790 quotes - The Compromise of 1790 was a compromise between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson with James Madison wherein Hamilton won the decision for the national

The Great Compromise quotes - Great Compromise may refer to: The Great Compromise (song) by John Prine The Great Compromise (album) by The Junior Varsity The Connecticut Compromise, provision