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You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion. — Hillary Clinton

For most women, including women who want to have children, contraception is not an option; it is a basic health care necessity. — Louise Slaughter

A fast word about oral contraception. I asked a girl to go to bed with me, she said 'no'. — Woody Allen

I'm pro responsible choice. You know, there is choice to abstain, choice to do contraception. There are all kinds of good choices. — Sharron Angle

Media mystifications should not obfuscate a simple, perceivable fact; Black teenage girls do not create poverty by having babies. Quite the contrary, they have babies at such a young age precisely because they are poor --because they do not have the opportunity to acquire an education, because meaningful, well-paying jobs and creative forms of recreation are not accessible to them... because safe, effective forms of contraception are not available to them. — Angela Y. Davis

Contraceptives should be used on all conceivable occasions. — Spike Milligan

The freedom that women were supposed to have found in the Sixties largely boiled down to easy contraception and abortion; things to make life easier for men, in fact. — Julie Burchill

If [women in Nairobi] can talk about [contraception] openly, and have this discussion out amongst themselves in public, we can too. And we need to start now. — Melinda Gates