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Ultimately, the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or friendship, is conversation. - Oscar Wilde

Ultimately, the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or friendship, is conversation. ⏤ Oscar Wilde

We simply can't abandon ship every time we encounter a storm in our marriage. Real love is about weathering the storms of life together. -

We simply can't abandon ship every time we encounter a storm in our marriage. Real love is about weathering the storms of life together.

Before you marry a person you should  first make them use a computer with slow internet to see tho they truly are.  -

Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see tho they truly are.

Marriage is precious gift... -

Marriage is precious gift...

A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you can control it. - John Steinbeck

A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you can control it. ⏤ John Steinbeck

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Best marriage quotes

There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.

Martin Luther, monk

It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

The difficulty with marriage is that we fall in love with a personality, but must live with a character.

Peter De Vries, novelist

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Mignon McLaughlin, journalist

When you make the sacrifice in marriage, you're sacrificing not to each other but to unity in a relationship.

Joseph Campbell, author

By all means marry. If you get a good wife you will become happy, and if you get a bad one you will become a philosopher.

Socrates, philosopher

Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.

Martin Luther, monk

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, and half-shut afterwards.

Benjamin Franklin, politician

If I was your wife Sir, I'd poison you! Madam, if you were my wife, I'd let you!

Winston Churchill, politician

If there is such a thing as a good marriage, it is because it resembles friendship rather than love.

Michel de Montaigne, philosopher

Choose your wife as you wish your children to be.


A good wife and health is a mans best wealth.


Men marry because they are tired; women, because they are curious; both are disappointed.

Oscar Wilde, dramatist

The man who says his wife can't take a joke forgets that she took him.


Do not choose your wife at a dance, but in the field among the harvesters.


Who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor with the Lord.


The best friend is likely to acquire the best wife, because a good marriage is based on the talent for friendship.

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

Both marriage and death ought to be welcome: The one promises happiness, doubtless the other assures it.

Mark Twain, author

Marriage is like a besieged castle; those who are on the outside wish to get in; and those who are on the inside wish to get out.

Arabic Proverbs,

A man would prefer to come home to an unmade bed and a happy woman than to a neatly made bed and an angry woman.

Marlene Dietrich, actress

I've been married three times -- and each time I married the right person.

Margaret Mead, scientist

The calmest husbands make the stormiest wives.

English Proverbs,

If you want to sacrifice the admiration of many men for the criticism of one, go ahead, get married.

Katharine Hepburn, actress

I have great hopes that we shall love each other all our lives as much as if we had never married at all.

Lord Byron, poet

To marry is to halve your rights and double your duties.

Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher

To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you're wrong, admit it; whenever you're right, shut up.

Ogden Nash, poet

Love is moral even without legal marriage, but marriage is immoral without love.

Ellen Key, writer

It takes two to make a marriage a success and only one to make it a failure.

Herbert Samuel, statesman

Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes in the hope of pulling out an eel.

Leonardo da Vinci, artist

Well married a person has wings, poorly married shackles.

Henry Ward Beecher, clergyman

Rituals are important. Nowadays it's hip not to be married. I'm not interested in being hip.

John Lennon, musician

It doesn't much signify whom one marries, for one is sure to find out the next morning that it was someone else.

Will Rogers, actor

Always get married in the morning. That way if it doesn't work out, you haven't wasted the whole day.

Mickey Rooney, actor

The world must be peopled. When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not think I should live till I were married.

William Shakespeare, dramatist

He who marries for money earns it.

Yiddish Proverbs,

In marriage do thou be wise; prefer the person before money; virtue before beauty; the mind before the body.

William Penn, leader

Be to their virtue very kind; be to their faults a little blind.

Matthew Prior, poet

The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.

Henny Youngman, comedian

If I get married, I want to be very married.

Audrey Hepburn, actress

The lion and the calf will lay down together, but the calf won't get much sleep..

Woody Allen, director

A woman must be a genius to create a good husband.

Honore de Balzac, novelist

It is better to be unfaithful than faithful without wanting to be.

Brigitte Bardot, actress

A sweetheart is a bottle of wine, a wife is a wine bottle.

Charles Baudelaire, poet

Never marry a man who hates his mother, because he'll end up hating you.

Jill Bennett, actress

Faithfulness and sincerity are the highest things.

Confucius, philosopher

Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb. It isn't something you get. It's something you do. It's the way you love your partner every day.

Barbara De Angelis, writer

Any intelligent woman who reads the marriage contract and then goes into it, deserves all the consequences.

Isadora Duncan, dancer

One good husband is worth two good wives, for the scarcer things are, the more they are valued.

Benjamin Franklin, politician

Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.


When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory.

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

I prepare myself for rehearsals like I would for marriage.

Maria Callas, musician

Never marry for money. Ye'll borrow it cheaper.

Scottish Proverbs,

Whatever you may look like, marry a man your own age -- as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight.

Phyllis Diller, comedian

Marriage is socialism among two people.

Barbara Ehrenreich, writer

Husbands are like fires. They go out when unattended.

Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress

I first learned the concepts of non-violence in my marriage.

Mahatma Gandhi, leader

Even in the common affairs of life, in love, friendship, and marriage, how little security have we when we trust our happiness in the hands of others!

William Hazlitt, critic

Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage.

Ambrose Bierce, journalist

Marriage is the death of hope.

Woody Allen, director

The true index of a man's character is the health of his wife.

Cyril Connolly, intellectual

There would be no society if living together depended upon understanding each other.

Eric Hoffer, writer

A marriage without conflicts is almost as inconceivable as a nation without crises.

Andre Maurois, writer

I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry.

Rita Rudner, comedian

Why does a woman work ten years to change a man's habits and then complain that he's not the man she married?

Barbra Streisand, actress

Marriage isn't a word... it's a sentence.


Any young man who is unmarried at the age of twenty one is a menace to the community.

Brigham Young, leader

Take care of him. And make him feel important. And if you can do that, you'll have a happy and wonderful marriage. Like two out of every ten couples.

Neil Simon, playwright

It's a sad house where the hen crows louder than the cock.

Scottish Proverbs,

I will remember always that marriage, like life, is a journey - not a destination - and that its treasures are found not just at the end but all along the way.


Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal.

Louis K. Anspacher,

I married beneath me; all women do.

Nancy Astor, politician

It is always incomprehensible to a man that a woman should ever refuse an offer of marriage.

Jane Austen, writer

Marriage is not just spiritual communion, it is also remembering to take out the trash.

Joyce Brothers, psychologist

Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable than fidelity. Faithfulness and truth are the most sacred excellences and endowments of the human mind.

Marcus Tullius Cicero, statesman

The dread of loneliness is greater than the fear of bondage, so we get married.

Cyril Connolly, intellectual

The argument between wives and whores is an old one; each one thinking that whatever she is, at least she is not the other.

Andrea Dworkin, critic

If you would have a good wife, marry one who has been a good daughter.

Thomas Fuller, clergyman

Choose a wife by your ear than your eye.

Thomas Fuller, clergyman

When a wife has a good husband it is easily seen in her face.

Johann von Goethe, writer

Matrimony is the high sea for which no compass has yet to be invented.

Heinrich Heine, poet

Marriage is neither heaven nor hell, it is simply purgatory.

Abraham Lincoln, president

Only as far as a man is happily married to himself is he fit for married life and family life in general.

Novalis, poet

When you see what some girls marry, you realize how they must hate to work for a living.

Helen Rowland, writer

All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner.

Red Skelton, comedian

Marriage is like a violin. After the music is over, you still have the strings.


If it weren't for marriage, men and women would have to fight with total strangers.


Marriage is the only adventure open to the cowardly.

Voltaire, writer

The value of marriage is not that adults produce children but that children produce adults.

Peter De Vries, novelist

Marry a mountain girl and you marry the whole mountain.


It is easier to be a lover than a husband for the simple reason that it is more difficult to be witty every day than to say pretty things from time to time.

Honore de Balzac, novelist

Fidelity. A virtue peculiar to those who are about to be betrayed.

Ambrose Bierce, journalist

One was never married, and that's his hell; another is, and that's his plague.

Robert Burton, writer

An archaeologist is the best husband any woman can have: the older she gets, the more interested he is in her.

Agatha Christie, writer

I'm certain that most couples expect to find intimacy in marriage, but it somehow eludes them.

Dr. James Dobson,

When a man opens the car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife.

Prince Philip Edinburgh,

Marriage, for a woman at least, hampers the two things that made life to me glorious -- friendship and learning.

Jane Harrison, writer

Wives are people who feel they don't dance enough.

Groucho Marx, comedian

Husbands never become good; they merely become proficient.

H. L. Mencken, writer

A little incompatibility is the spice of life, as long as he has income and she is pattable.

Ogden Nash, poet

Plant and your spouse plants with you; weed and you weed alone.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, philosopher

Marriage is one long conversation, checkered by disputes.

Robert Louis Stevenson, writer

An ideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband.

Booth Tarkington, novelist

This would be a much better world if more married couples were as deeply in love as they are in debt.

Earl Wilson, athlete

Three things drive a man outdoors; smoke, a leaking roof and a scolding wife.


Wives are young men's mistresses; companions for middle age, and old men's nurses.

Francis Bacon, philosopher

To catch a husband is an art; to hold him is a job.

Simone de Beauvoir, writer

A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong.

Milton Berle, comedian

The world has suffered more from the ravages of ill-advised marriages than from virginity.

Ambrose Bierce, journalist

Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.

G. K. Chesterton, writer

The most happy marriage I can imagine to myselfwould be the union of a deaf man to a blind woman.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet

Courtship to marriage, as a very witty prologue to a very dull play.

William Congreve, poet

One fool at least in every married couple.

Henry Fielding, novelist

Never take a wife till thou hast a house (and a fire) to put her in.

Benjamin Franklin, politician

I never hate a man enough to give him his diamonds back.

Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress

Wedding is destiny, and hanging likewise.

John Heywood, dramatist

Heaven will be no heaven to me if I do not meet my wife there.

Andrew Jackson, president

Quarrels are the dowry which married folk bring one another.

Ovid, poet

If you wish to marry suitably, marry your equal.

Ovid, poet

Wedding: the point at which a man stops toasting a woman and begins roasting her.

Helen Rowland, writer

Try praising your wife, even if it does frighten her at first.

Billy Sunday, clergyman

Marriage is an institution, but who wants to live in an institution?


Marital Freedom: The liberty that allows a husband to do exactly that which his wife pleases.


No man was ever shot by his wife while doing the dishes.


A perfect wife is one who helps her husband with the dishes.


What is marriage but prostitution to one man instead of many?

Angela Carter, novelist

What is marriage, is marriage protection or religion, is marriage renunciation or abundance, is marriage a stepping-stone or an end. What is marriage.

Gertrude Stein, author

In marriage do thou be wise: prefer the person before money, virtue before beauty, the mind before the body; then thou hast a wife, a friend, a companion, a second self.

William Penn, leader

If you made a list of reasons why any couple got married, and another list of the reasons for their divorce, you'd have a hell of a lot of overlapping.

Mignon McLaughlin, journalist

Weeping bride, laughing wife, laughing bride, weeping wife.


Those that marry for money sell their liberty.


A woman seldom asks advice before she has bought her wedding clothes.

Joseph Addison, writer

When a match has equal partners then I fear not.

Aeschylus, poet

If ever two were one, then surely we. If ever man were loved by wife, then thee.

Anne Dudley Bradstreet,

I've never yet met a man who could look after me. I don't need a husband. What I need is a wife.

Joan Collins, actress

The road to success is filled with women pushing their husbands along.

Lord Thomas Dewar,

So that ends my first experience of matrimony, which I always thought a highly over-rated performance.

Isadora Duncan, dancer

That's what a man wants in a wife, mostly; he wants to make sure one fool tells him he's wise.

George Eliot, author

A man's wife has more power over him than the state has.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet

A man in love is incomplete until he has married -- then he's finished.

Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress

Polygamy is an endeavor to get more out of life than there is in it.

Elbert Hubbard, writer

It is not from reason and prudence that people marry, but from inclination.

Samuel Johnson, author

Not observation of a duty but liberty itself is the pledge that assures fidelity.

Ellen Key, writer

Many a man in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl.

Stephen Leacock, economist

Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth.

John Lyly, writer

The sum and substance of female education in America, as in England, is training women to consider marriage as the sole object in life, and to pretend that they do not think so.

Harriet Martineau, writer

Eighty percent of married men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe.

Jackie Mason, comedian

A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.

Andre Maurois, writer

Love is often the fruit of marriage.


Marriage is popular because it combines the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

It is a woman's business to get married as soon as possible, and a man's to keep unmarried as long as he can.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

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