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Picture quote by Friedrich Nietzsche about purpose

They muddy the water, to make it seem deep. ⏤ Friedrich Nietzsche

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The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.

Leonardo da Vinci, artist

Not that you lied to me but that I no longer believe you - that is what has distressed me.

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, writer

Deceive the rich and powerful if you will, but don't insult them.

Japanese Proverbs,

Pain forces even the innocent to lie.

Publilius Syrus, writer

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest.

Benjamin Franklin, president

A lie can run around the world six times while the truth is still trying to put on its pants.

Mark Twain, author

A truth that's told with bad intent Beats all the lies you can invent.

William Blake, poet

We lie loudest when we lie to ourselves.

Eric Hoffer, writer

All war is deception.

Sun Tzu, philosopher

The most common lie is that which one lies to himself; lying to others is relatively an exception.

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

I have a higher and grander standard of principle than George Washington. He could not lie; I can, but I won t.

Mark Twain, author

He entered the territory of lies without a passport for return.

Graham Greene, playwright

He who has made it a practice to lie and deceive his father, will be the most daring in deceiving others.

Horace, poet

With lies you may go ahead in the world, but you can never go back.


There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.

Winston Churchill, politician

Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.

Mark Twain, author

I detest the man who hides one thing in the depth of his heart and speaks forth another.

Homer, poet

No man is happy without a delusion of some kind. Delusions are as necessary to our happiness as realities.

Christian Nevell Bovee,

Lying and stealing are next door neighbors.

Arabic Proverbs,

Cheat me in the price, but not in the goods.

English Proverbs,

Liars are the cause of all the sins and crimes in the world.

Epictetus, philosopher

He who is not very strong in memory should not meddle with lying.

Michel de Montaigne, philosopher

The truth that survives is simply the lie that is pleasantest to believe.

H. L. Mencken, writer

People come to music to seek oblivion: is that not also a form of deception?

Claude Debussy, composer

I do myself a greater injury in lying that I do him of whom I tell a lie.

Michel de Montaigne, philosopher

The best liar is he who makes the smallest amount of lying go the longest way.

Samuel Butler, poet

Nobody speaks the truth when there's something they must have.

Elizabeth Bowen, novelist

A fellow who says he has never told a lie has just told one.


The sure way to be cheated is to think one's self more cunning than others.

Francois de la Rochefoucauld, writer

The art of pleasing is the art of deception.

Marquis De Vauvenargues,

Who had deceived thee so often as thyself?

Benjamin Franklin, president

Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty.

Tacitus, historian

Great talker, great liar.


False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.

Socrates, philosopher

Lying is a terrible vice, it testifies that one despises God, but fears men.

Michel de Montaigne, philosopher

Never forget that a half truth is a whole lie.


Man's mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth.

Desiderius Erasmus, philosopher

Someone who always has to lie discovers that every one of his lies is true.

Elias Canetti, author

One may sometimes tell a lie, but the grimace that accompanies it tells the truth.

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

I am a lie who always speaks the truth.

Jean Cocteau, director

If you want to be thought a liar, always tell the truth.

Logan Pearsall Smith, critic

This is the punishment of a liar: he is not believed, even when he speaks the truth.

The Talmud,

Life is the art of being well deceived.

William Hazlitt, critic

The people of the world having once been deceived, suspect deceit in truth itself.


People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war or before an election.

Otto von Bismarck, leader

The easiest person to deceive is one's own self.

Edward George BulwerLytton,

So near is falsehood to truth that a wise man would do well not to trust himself on the narrow edge.

Marcus Tullius Cicero, statesman

He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time till at length it becomes habitual.

Thomas Jefferson, president

A lie is just the truth masquerading as bullshit.

Michael Wakcher,

Liars need to have good memories.

Algernon Sidney, politician

Every cloud has a silver lining.


It is Homer who has chiefly taught other poets the art of telling lies skillfully.

Aristotle, philosopher

A lie with a purpose is one of the worst kind, and the most profitable.

Finley Peter Dunne, journalist

When you rationalize, you do just that. You make rational lies.


Time passes, and little by little everything that we have spoken in falsehood becomes true.

Marcel Proust, author

I can't say I haven't lied but I can say that I lied to tell the truth.

James Dye,

You don't tell deliberate lies, but sometimes you have to be evasive.

Margaret Thatcher, leader

It takes a wise man to handle a lie, a fool had better remain honest.

Norman Douglas, writer

That's not a lie, it's a terminological inexactitude. Also, a tactical misrepresentation.

Alexander Haig, public servant

In human relationships, kindness and lies are worth a thousand truths.

Graham Greene, playwright

Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.

Oliver Cromwell, soldier

I should like to lie at your feet and die in your arms.

Voltaire, writer

Men are able to trust one another, knowing the exact degree of dishonesty they are entitled to expect.

Stephen Leacock, economist

A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.

William Shenstone, poet

When being dishonest, people can still tell the truth. Be mindful of the treacherous that do not lie.

Eric Parslow,

No man lies so boldly as the man who is indignant.

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

By a lie, a man...annihilates his dignity as a man.

Immanuel Kant, philosopher

Cunning is the art of concealing our own defects, and discovering the weaknesses of others.

William Hazlitt, critic

A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true.

Demosthenes, statesman

It is twice the pleasure to deceive the deceiver.

Jean De La Fontaine, poet

If all mankind were suddenly to practice honesty, many thousands of people would be sure to starve.

G. C. (Georg Christoph) Lichtenberg, scientist

Unlike grown ups, children have little need to deceive themselves.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, writer

Falsehood is invariably the child of fear in one form or another.

Aleister Crowley, critic

Hope of ill gain is the beginning of loss.

Democritus, philosopher

One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives.

Mark Twain, author

By the time you swear you're his, Shivering and sighing, And he vows his passion is Infinite, undying - Lady, make a note of this: One of you is lying.

Dorothy Parker, poet

Someone who knows too much finds it hard not to lie.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher

Profit is sweet, even if it comes from deception.

Sophocles, poet

The essence of lying is in deception, not in words.

John Ruskin, writer

If one is to be called a liar, one may as well make an effort to deserve the name.

A. A. Milne, author

Who does not in some sort live to others, does not live much to himself.

Michel de Montaigne, philosopher

When lying, be emphatic and indignant, thus behaving like your children.

William Feather, author

Without lies humanity would perish of despair and boredom.

Anatole France, novelist

Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.

Homer, poet

Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some sense to know how to lie well.

Samuel Butler, poet

Clever liars give details, but the cleverest don't.


Mendacity is a system that we live in. Liquor is one way out an death's the other.

Tennessee (Thomas Lanier) Williams,

While all deception requires secrecy, all secrecy is not meant to deceive.

Sissela Bok, philosopher

We like to be deceived.

Blaise Pascal, mathematician

Those in possession of absolute power can not only prophesy and make their prophecies come true, but they can also lie and make their lies come true.

Eric Hoffer, writer

Lying rides upon debt's back.

Benjamin Franklin, president

Every violation of truth is not only a sort of suicide in the liar, but is a stab at the health of human society.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet

And after all, what is a lie?

Lord Byron, poet

Liars are always ready to take oaths.

Vittorio Alfieri, dramatist

Never to lie is to have no lock to your door, you are never wholly alone.

Elizabeth Bowen, novelist

The difference between a saint and a hypocrite is that one lies for his religion, the other by it.

Minna Antrim, writer

Seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised, or a little mistaken.

Jane Austen, writer

When a person cannot deceive himself the chances are against his being able to deceive other people.

Mark Twain, author

A wise man does not waste so good a commodity as lying for naught.

Mark Twain, author

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