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The Most Famous Discipline Quotes (Best in 2024)

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Discipline is not a punishment. It’s a practice of self-control and self-mastery. — Andrew Tate

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. — Jim Rohn

Discipline is the foundation upon which all success is built. Lack of discipline inevitably leads to failure. — Jim Rohn

Discipline is rooted in the truth you tell yourself. — Jocko Willink

There are two pains in life. There is the pain of discipline and the pain of disappointment. If you can handle the pain of discipline, then you'll never have to deal with the pain of disappointment. — Nick Saban

Discipline enabled Heaven to be filled with light; discipline enabled the angels to be immaculate and holy. — Rumi

Too often we forget that discipline really means to teach, not to punish. A disciple is a student, not a recipient of behavioural consequences. — Daniel J. Siegel

We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons. — Jim Rohn

Discipline is the highest form of love. If you really love someone, you have to give them the level of discipline they need. — Tom Izzo

Discipline to me is sacrifice; it's willingness to give up something you want to do, so you can better yourself. — Bobby Bowden

Short Discipline Quotes

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  • Creativity follows mastery, so mastery of skills is the first priority for young talent. — Benjamin Bloom
  • There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence. — Massimo Vignelli
  • You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow. — Janis Joplin
  • We don't have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest. — Warren Buffett
  • The pain of regret is far worse than the pain of discipline. — Nathan Whitley
  • Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency. — Denzel Washington
  • Discipline strengthens the mind so that it becomes impervious to the corroding influence of fear. — Bernard Law Montgomery
  • Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period. — Lou Holtz
  • You cannot be disciplined in great things and undisciplined in small things. — George S. Patton
  • Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most. — Abraham Lincoln

Top 10 Discipline Quotes

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We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. — Jesse Owens

There are two pains in life. There is the pain of discipline and the pain of disappointment. If you can handle the pain of discipline, then you'll never have to deal with the pain of disappointment. — Nick Saban

With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve. — Muhammad Ali Jinnah

When children attend schools that place a greater value on discipline and security than on knowledge and intellectual development, they are attending prep schools for prison. — Angela Davis

It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through. — Zig Ziglar

Creativity follows mastery, so mastery of skills is the first priority for young talent. — Benjamin Bloom

Win or lose you will never regret working hard, making sacrifices, being disciplined or focusing too much. Success is measured by what we have done to prepare for competition. — John Smith

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. — Jim Rohn

A man provided with paper, pencil, and rubber, and subject to strict discipline, is in effect a universal machine. — Alan Turing

There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence. — Massimo Vignelli

Discipline quote We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an a
We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.

Conscious Discipline Quotes

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Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline. — James C. Collins

Whatever task you undertake, do it with all your heart and soul. Always be courteous, never be discouraged. Beware of him who promises something for nothing. Do not blame anybody for your mistakes and failures. Do not look for approval except the consciousness of doing your best. — Bernard Baruch

Yoga is a generic name for any discipline by which one attempts to pass out of the limits of one's ordinary mental consciousness into a greater spiritual consciousness. — Sri Aurobindo

Discipline quote Discipline your mind to see the good in every situation and look on the best sid
Discipline your mind to see the good in every situation and look on the best side of every event.

I've been amazed at how often those outside the discipline of design assume that what designers do is decoration. Good design is problem solving. — Jeffrey Veen

What can defeat greed, technological superiority, and legal lawlessness ... is discipline, consciousness, and unity. — Toni Cade Bambara

If you don't make a conscious effort to control your focus-and decide in advance which things you're going to focus on-you'll be so pulled by the demands of the world that you will soon find yourself living in reaction rather than living a life plan you've designed for yourself. — Tony Robbins

Discipline quote Discipline - doing what needs to be done even though don't want to.
Discipline - doing what needs to be done even though don't want to.

Gratitude as a discipline involves a conscious choice. I can choose to be grateful even when my emotions and feelings are still steeped in hurt and resentment. It is amazing how many occasions present themselves in which I can choose gratitude instead of a complaint. — Henri Nouwen

Economic development is something much wider and deeper than economics, let alone econometrics. Its roots lie outside the economic sphere, in education, organisation, discipline and, beyond that, in political independence and a national consciousness of self-reliance. — E. F. Schumacher

I believe that obstinacy, or the dread of control and discipline, arises not so much from self-willedness as from a conscious defect of voluntary power; as foolhardiness is not seldom the disguise of conscious timidity. — Samuel Taylor Coleridge

By steadily disciplining the animal nature, until it becomes one pointed, it is possible to establish conscious awareness of The Eternal. — Lao Tzu

Motivation And Discipline Quotes

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Discipline yourself to do the things you need to do when you need to do them, and the day will come when you will be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them! — Zig Ziglar

If you want to reach your goals and dreams, you cannot do it without discipline — Lee Kuan Yew

Something in human nature causes us to start slacking off at our moment of greatest accomplishment. As you become successful, you will need a great deal of self-discipline not to lose your sense of balance, humility and commitment. — Ross Perot

Discipline quote Motivation will die. Let discipline take its place.
Motivation will die. Let discipline take its place.

Natural talent only determines the limits of your athletic potential. It's dedication and a willingness to discipline your life that makes you great. — Billie Jean King

Discipline quote

The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center. So does a person. — Norman Vincent Peale

Rule your mind or it will rule you. — Horace

Discipline quote Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.
Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.

The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It's your mind you have to convince. — Vince Lombardi

Persistence and discipline are key traits for long-term success in any field. — Jim Simons

The more you discipline yourself to use your time well, the happier you will feel and the better will be the quality of your life in every area. — Brian Tracy

Success is actually a short race-a sprint fueled by discipline just long enough for habit to kick in and take over. — Gary W. Keller

Consistency And Discipline Quotes

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Disciplined runners consistently clear their heads and focus fully on the journey ahead.. .because their passion and zeal for the goal supersedes the strain. The goal beckons them onward. Passion doesn't negate weariness; it just resolves to press beyond it. — Priscilla Shirer

I always say you could publish rules in a newspaper and no one would follow them. The key is consistency and discipline. — Richard Dennis

Establishing achievable, small, daily goals to build self-trust and discipline forms a foundation for consistency and success. — Gary Brecka

Discipline quote Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.
Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.

Establishing a disciplined morning routine and consistent sleep schedule significantly aids in quality sleep. — Gary Brecka

Luck can come and go, but a solid strategy and disciplined execution are what lead to consistent results. — Jim Simons

Teach the Scriptures to your children daily, discipline your children consistently, and love your children unconditionally. If you do these things, you will have acted biblically. — Paul Washer

Discipline quote We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regr
We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

Successful investing professionals are disciplined and consistent and they think a great deal about what they do and how they do it. — Benjamin Graham

When the leader is morally weak and his discipline not strict, when his instructions and guidance are not enlightened, when there are no consistent rules, neighboring rulers will take advantage of this. — Sun Tzu

Freedom is not synonymous with an easy life. ... There are many difficult things about freedom: It does not give you safety, it creates moral dilemmas for you; it requires self-discipline; it imposes great responsibilities; but such is the nature of Man and in such consists his glory and salvation. — Margaret Thatcher

The signature of mediocrity is chronic inconstancy. The signature of greatness is a disciplined and consistent focus on the right things. — James C. Collins

Self-discipline Quotes

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The strongest person is not the one who is able to do something, but the one who is able not to do what he has the power to do. This self-denial is the unique way to usher in God's kingdom and to realize the kingdom life. — Witness Lee

Self-disciplined begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don't control what you think, you can't control what you do. Simply, self-discipline enables you to think first and act afterward. — Napoleon Hill

Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction. — Margaret Thatcher

Discipline quote The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the dis
The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.

I could only achieve success in my life through self-discipline, and I applied it until my wish and my will became one. — Nikola Tesla

Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power. — Clint Eastwood

That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or labourer's cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there. — George Orwell

Discipline quote

The price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret. — Nido R Qubein

Self-defence, self-confidence, discipline and self control. The values you learn are priceless. — Rickson Gracie

Power doesn't have to show off. Power is confident, self-assuring, self-starting and self-stopping, self-warming and self-justifying. When you have it, you know it. — Ralph Ellison

The best way to overcome the world is not with morality or self-discipline. Christians overcome the world by seeing the beauty and excellence of Christ. They overcome the world by seeing something more attractive than the world: Christ — Thomas Chalmers

Attitude And Discipline Quotes

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A discipline I have observed is an attitude of love and reverence to people. — Bessie Head

Your mental attitude is someting you can control outright and you must use self-discipline until you create a Positive Mental Attitude - your mental attitude attracts to you everything that makes you what you are. — Napoleon Hill

Character is the direct result of mental attitude. I believe that character is higher than the intellect. I believe that leadership is in sacrifice, in self-denial, in humility and in the perfectly disciplined will. This is the distinction between great and little men. — Vince Lombardi

Discipline quote Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.
Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

Experts in aging make a distinction between passive aging and purposeful aging. Successful, purposeful aging calls for continued involvement, relationships, discipline, and an attitude of faith. — George Sweeting

Remember that all success is based on long-term commitment, faith, discipline, attitude and a few stepping stones along the way. — Jim Rohn

The strength of my Princeton teams has always been attitude, intelligence and discipline. — Pete Carril

Discipline quote Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done even if you don't want to do
Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done even if you don't want to do it.

In order to give meaning to the world, one has to feel oneself involved in what he frames. This attitude requires concentration, a discipline of mind, sensitivity, and a sense of geometry. — Henri Cartier-Bresson

I think Samuel Johnson had it right when he observed that hope is itself a species of happiness. So if we want to be happy it only makes sense to discipline ourselves to choose our attitudes, to think positively and to be hopeful. — Michael Josephson

When one is total, life flowers - and that flowering is spirituality. Spirituality is not an attitude, it is not a discipline. It is an outcome of a life lived totally, joyfully, delightfully; of a life of no complaint; of a life lived courageously, intensely. Then this flowering happens. — Osho

There are times when players have got to feel that if they work hard and they give everything, they get the carrot, but they also need to know that there's a stick. If performance, discipline or attitude isn't good enough, there is a bit of the stick and there will be a punishment. — Warren Gatland

Success Discipline Quotes

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Successful Investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time: You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant. — Warren Buffett

Discipline quote

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day. — Jim Rohn

Success is not a matter of mastering subtle, sophisticated theory but rather of embracing common sense with uncommon levels of discipline and persistence. — Patrick Lencioni

Discipline quote People think I'm disciplined. It is not discipline. It is devotion. There is a g
People think I'm disciplined. It is not discipline. It is devotion. There is a great difference.

God may allow His servant to succeed when He has disciplined him to a point where he does not need to succeed to be happy. The man who is elated by success and is cast down by failure is still a carnal man. At best his fruit will have a worm in it. — Aiden Wilson Tozer

Discipline is the key to success. Absolutely is. If you cannot force yourself to do something that you do not want to do, how are you ever gonna put yourself through the suffering required for greatness? — Andrew Tate

Real success requires respect for and faithfulness to the highest human values-honesty, integrity, self-discipline, dignity, compassion, humility, courage, personal responsibility, courtesy, and human service. — Michael E. DeBakey

Sports can do so much. They've given me a framework: meeting new people, confidence, self-esteem, discipline, motivation. All these things I learned, whether I knew I was learning them or not, through sports. — Mia Hamm

Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all. — George Washington

The key to trading success is emotional discipline. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading. — Victor Sperandeo

The temptation to take the easy road is always there. It is as easy as staying in bed in the morning and sleeping in. But discipline is paramount to ultimate success and victory for any leader and any team. — Jocko Willink

Self Discipline Quotes

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To know how to put what knowledge in which place is wisdom (hikmah). Otherwise, knowledge without order and seeking it without discipline does lead to confusion and hence to injustice to one's self. — Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas

If he cannot stop the mind that seeks after fame and profit, he will spend his life without finding peace. — Dogen

Worship is not an experience. Worship is an act, and this takes discipline. We are to worship ''in spirit and in truth.'' Never mind about the feelings. We are to worship in spite of them. — Elisabeth Elliot

Discipline quote

Don't wait for a more convenient day to discipline your mind! — T. B. Joshua

The power to make and break habits and learning how to do that is really important. — Naval Ravikant

Don’t hope for better. Just be better. Be something better. Be more compassionate, more resilient, more humble, more disciplined. — Mark Manson

If we cannot count on ourselves to do the right thing how can we count on anyone or anything else? Self-government won't work without self-discipline. — Paul Harvey

He that cannot obey, cannot command. — Benjamin Franklin

If you’re going to pick 3 cards in the hand you’re dealt, take intelligence, drive, and most importantly, emotional self-discipline. — Naval Ravikant

Work with the language of love, because that's what everyone wants for him, love will bring accountability, society will discipline itself if he already knows how he loves himself, the environment and god. — Joko Widodo

Discipline And Self Control Quotes

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Willpower is what separates us from the animals. It's the capacity to restrain our impulses, resist temptation - do what's right and good for us in the long run, not what we want to do right now. It's central, in fact, to civilisation. — Roy Baumeister

My whole theory for the improvement of society is based on a belief in the discipline and the education of the individual to self-control and right doing, for the sake of right doing. I have never seen fundamental improvements imposed from the top by ordinances and laws. — Ida Tarbell

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. — Gautama Buddha

Real peace comes only to those who control the body and mind with self-discipline. — Vishnudevananda Saraswati

You can never conquer the mountain. You can only conquer yourself. — Jim Whittaker

God has equipped you to handle difficult things. In fact, He has already planted the seeds of discipline and self-control inside you. You just have to water those seeds with His Word to make them grow! — Joyce Meyer

I knew that, without killing the creative mood, I had to keep the balance between my emotional outburst and the merciless discipline of a super-personal control, thus submitting myself ti the self-imposed law of dance composition — Mary Wigman

By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character. — Grenville Kleiser

About the only time losing is more fun than winning is when you're fighting temptation. — Tom Wilson

Trophies should go to the winners. Self-esteem does not lead to success in life. Self-discipline and self-control do, and sports can help teach those. — Roy Baumeister

Daily Discipline Quotes

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The most essential thing in dance discipline is devotion, the steadfast and willing devotion to the labor that makes the classwork not a gymnastic hour and a half, or at the lowest level, a daily drudgery, but a devotion that allows the classroom discipline to become moments of dancing too. — Merce Cunningham

Discipline quote

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates — H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I have devoted my energies to the study of the scriptures, observing monastic discipline, and singing the daily services in church; study, teaching, and writing have always been my delight. — Venerable Bede

True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline. — Mortimer Adler

Success is created through the performance of a few small daily disciplines that stack up over time to produce achievements far beyond anything you could have ever planned for. — Robin Sharma

The discipline of daily devotion to God undergirds decisions. — Edwin Louis Cole

If we can look upon our work not for self-benefit,but as a means to benefit society,we will be practicing appreciation and patience in our daily lives. — Gautama Buddha

Compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and a sense of self-discipline are qualities that help us lead our daily lives with a calm mind — Dalai Lama

True love is a discipline in which each divines the secret self of the other and refuses to believe in the mere daily self. — William Butler Yeats

A daily routine built on good habits and disciplines separates the most successful among us from everyone else. The routine is exceptionally powerful. — Darren Hardy

Military Discipline Quotes

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With regard to military discipline, I may safely say that no such thing existed in the Continental Army. — Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben

There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline...you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim. — James Mattis

A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies. — George Washington

Their notion of training was to march the men up and down in parades and reviews: these were nice to look at and gave them the impression of military discipline and precision, but as a preparation for a modern war they had no value whatsoever. — Orlando Figes

A compliance with the minutiae of military courtesy is a mark of well-disciplined troops. — John A. Lejeune

I admire the military. I guess in a world of villains and heroes, they're my heroes. Their dedication, their commitment, their discipline, their code of ethics. — John Cena

No sane man is unafraid in battle, but discipline produces in him a form of vicarious courage. — George S. Patton

Men are seldom born brave but they acquire courage through training and discipline - a handful of men inured to war proceed to certain victory; while on the contrary numerous armies of raw and undisciplined troops are but multitudes of men dragged to the slaughter. — Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

There are many examples of women that have excelled in learning, and even in war, but this is no reason we should bring em all up to Latin and Greek or else military discipline, instead of needle-work and housewifery. — Bernard de Mandeville

Inasmuch as society cannot go on without discipline of some kind, men were constrained, in the absence of any other form of discipline, to turn to discipline of the military type. — Irving Babbitt

Child Discipline Quotes

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When a child hits a child, we call it aggression. When a child hits an adult, we call it hostility. When an adult hits an adult, we call it assault. When an adult hits a child, we call it discipline. — Haim Ginott

At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats. — P. J. O'Rourke

Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far away. — Bible Proverbs

I must have been a really tough kid to corral. I got disciplined quite frequently. I guess that would be the best way to say it. The rod, I wore out the rod. You know, Spare the rod and spoil the child? Well, I wore out the rod. — Terry Bradshaw

I think the main thing is trying to be fair, sometimes there has to be a little bit of discipline, maybe even punishment involved in trying to make your child understand, learn from bad experiences and make sure they don't happen again. — Archie Manning

I think of discipline as the continual everyday process of helping a child learn self-discipline. — Fred Rogers

The discipline learned from putting in time and effort as a child is a skill and a talent you carry with you for the rest of your life in trying to achieve goals. — Gretchen Carlson

Parents who discipline their child by discussing the consequences of their actions produce children who have better moral development , compared to children whose parents use authoritarian methods and punishment. — Simon Baron-Cohen

The first idea that the child must acquire, in order to be actively disciplined, is that of the difference between good and evil; and the task of the educator lies in seeing that the child does not confound good with immobility, and evil with activity. — Maria Montessori

There couldn't be better parents than mine, loving yet strict. They disciplined with love. A child without discipline is, in away, a lost child. You cannot have freedom without discipline. — Ricardo Montalban

Financial Discipline Quotes

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Scientists tend to resist interdisciplinary inquiries into their own territory. In many instances, such parochialism is founded on the fear that intrusion from other disciplines would compete unfairly for limited financial resources and thus diminish their own opportunity for research. — Hannes Alfven

Before you can really start setting financial goals, you need to determine where you stand financially. — David Bach

The best way to measure your investing success is not by whether you're beating the market but by whether you've put in place a financial plan and a behavioral discipline that are likely to get you where you want to go. — Benjamin Graham

By developing your discipline and courage, you can refuse to let other people's mood swings govern your financial destiny. In the end, how your investments behave is much less important than how you behave. — Benjamin Graham

Rigorous financial discipline that, together with monetary stability, ends once and for all the boom and bust that for 30 years has undermined stability — Gordon Brown

Any good business person applies financial discipline to everything they do. — Paula Wagner

People ask me, how is managing in the New Economy different from managing in the Old Economy? Actually, it's a lot the same. It's about the financial discipline of the bottom line, understanding your customers, segmenting your customers by their needs, and building a world-class management team. — Meg Whitman

For market discipline to constrain risk effectively, financial institutions must be allowed to fail. Under optimal financial regulatory and financial system infrastructures, such a failure would not threaten the overall system. — Henry Paulson

The lack of monetary discipline has become a hallmark of unfettered globalization. Central banks have failed to provide a stable underpinning to world financial markets and to an increasingly asset-dependent global economy. — Stephen S. Roach

I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us. — Dave Ramsey

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More Discipline Quotes

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Discipline quote by Jim Rohn

Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion. — Jim Rohn

Discipline quote by Jim Rohn

For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward. — Jim Rohn

Discipline quote by Clara Barton

The surest test of discipline is its absence. — Clara Barton

Discipline quote by Aristotle

Through discipline comes freedom. — Aristotle

Discipline quote by Thomas A. Edison

I didn't fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps. — Thomas A. Edison

Discipline quote by Bill Paxton

Through readiness and discipline, we are the masters of our fate. — Bill Paxton

Discipline quote by Euripides

Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings. — Euripides

Discipline quote by Jim Rohn

Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you've got. — Jim Rohn

Discipline quote by R. Lee Ermey

Without discipline, there is no Marine Corp. — R. Lee Ermey

Discipline quote by Justin Langer

The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment — Justin Langer

The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed. — Ernest Hemingway

I am not afraid that the people called Methodists should ever cease to exist either in Europe or America. But I am afraid lest they should only exist as a dead sect, having the form of religion without the power. And this undoubtedly will be the case unless they hold fast both the doctrine, spirit, and discipline with which they first set out. — John Wesley

When faith is completely replaced by creed, worship by discipline, love by habit; when the crisis of today is ignored because of the splendors of the past; when faith becomes an heirloom rather than a living fountain; when religion speaks only in the name of authority rather than with the voice of compassion, its message becomes meaningless. — Abraham Joshua Heschel

Discipline, as understood by a warrior, is creative, open, and produces freedom. It is the ability to face the unknown, transforming the feeling of knowing into reverent astonishment; of considering things that exceed the scope of our habits, and daring to face the only war that is worthwhile: The battle for awareness. — Carlos Castaneda

Good design is a matter of discipline. It starts by looking at the problem and collecting all the available information about it. If you understand the problem, you have the solution. It’s really more about logic than imagination. — Massimo Vignelli

Why is discipline important? Discipline teaches us to operate by principle rather than desire. Saying no to our impulses (even the ones that are not inherently sinful) puts us in control of our appetites rather than vice versa. It deposes our lust and permits truth, virtue, and integrity to rule our minds instead. — John F. MacArthur

We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free. — Kavita Ramdas

To approach a city, or even a city neighborhood, as if it were a larger architectural problem, capable of being given order by converting it into a disciplined work of art, is to make the mistake of attempting to substitute art for life. The results of such profound confusion between art and life are neither life nor art. They are taxidermy. — Jane Jacobs

Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. — Buddha

In Conclusion

Quotes about discipline highlight the significance of adhering to rules, being diligent, and maintaining a strong work ethic. They emphasize the need to exercise restraint, stay organized, and manage time effectively. Discipline is portrayed as the key to personal growth and self-improvement, encouraging individuals to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and strive for excellence. These quotes often stress the idea that discipline is not just limited to a specific area of life but should be practiced in every aspect, be it education, career, relationships, or personal development. They inspire individuals to develop self-discipline as a lifelong habit, enabling them to lead more fulfilling and successful lives.

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