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Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.

To walk through the ruined cities of Germany is to feel an actual doubt about the continuity of civilization. — George Orwell

In England, I'm a horror movie director. In Germany, I'm a filmmaker. In the US, I'm a bum. — John Carpenter

If my theory of relativity is proven successful, Germany will claim me as a German and France will declare that I am a citizen of the world. Should my theory prove untrue, France will say that I am a German and Germany will declare that I am a Jew. — Albert Einstein

Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

A thousand years will pass and the guilt of Germany will not be erased. — Hans Frank

Russia, France, Germany and China. They revere their writers. America is still a frontier country that almost shudders at the idea of creative expression. — James A. Michener

In Germany I am not so famous. — Hans Berger

The worldwide, agelong struggle between fascism and democracy will not stop when the fighting ends in Germany and Japan. — Henry A. Wallace

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