quote by Serena Williams

You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.

— Serena Williams

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If we dare to win, we should also dare to lose

Winning sports quote My failure gave me strength, my pain was my motivation.
My failure gave me strength, my pain was my motivation.

When I was a young fellow I was knocked down plenty.

I wanted to stay down, but I couldn't. I had to collect the two dollars for winning or go hungry. I had to get up. I was one of those hungry fighters. You could have hit me on the chin with a sledgehammer for five dollars. When you haven't eaten for two days you'll understand.

Winning sports quote The only way to prove you are a good sport is to lose.
The only way to prove you are a good sport is to lose.
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Victory is in having done your best. If you've done your best, you've won.

Passion is a huge prerequisite to winning.

It makes you willing to jump through hoops, go through all the ups and downs and everything in between to reach your goal.

Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose.

Winning sports quote That's the beauty of sport. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry.
That's the beauty of sport. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry.

Winning as a team is better than anything. It's great to share success.

This is the greatest thing about sports - you play to win the game.

Hello? You don't play to just play it. When you start telling me it doesn't matter, then retire, get out, because it matters.

I look into eyes, shake their hand, pat their back, and wish them luck, but I am thinking, I am going to bury you.

Revolution is a spectators sport. The majority will sit in the stands and watch the factions fight. At the end they will choose side with the team that is winning.

There are only two types of player-those who keep their nerves under control and win championships, and those who do not.

If you want to win, do the ordinary things better than anyone else does them day in and day out.

Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.

It's not the will to win that matters-everyone has that.

It's the will to prepare to win that matters.

The team with the best athletes doesn't usually win.

It's the team with the athletes who play best together.

When building a team, I always search first for people who love to win.

If I can't find any of those, I look for people who hate to lose.

There is no mat space for malcontents or dissenters.

One must neither celebrate insanely when he wins, nor sulk when he loses. He accepts victory professionally, humbly; he hates defeat, but makes no poor display of it.

To win takes a complete commitment of mind and body.

When you can't make that commitment, they don't call you a champion anymore.

As tennis players, you are never satisfied. We are greedy as players, always want better results.

You don't win by being good. You win with hard work and sacrifice. Without that, skill is just potential.

Winners see what they want. Losers see what they don't want. Don't let the game eat you; you eat the game.

You can't win them all but you can try.

You have to know you can win. You have to think you can win. You have to feel you can win.

I wanted the world to know that my country Ethiopia has always won with determination and heroism.

I didn't lose the gold. I won the silver.

No one ever won a game by resigning.

The stats win nothing. I'm still sexy. I'm still great.

I may win and I may lose, but I will never be defeated

I hate to lose more than I like to win.

I hate to see the happiness on their faces when they beat me!

The best possible thing in baseball is winning The World Series.

The second best thing is losing The World Series.

I learn teaching from teachers. I learn golf from golfers. I learn winning from coaches.

The minute you start talking about what you're going to do if you lose, you have lost.

The ocean humbles you. You can go and win a world title, but you're never going to beat the ocean.

I don't expect to win enough games to be put on NCAA probation.

I just want to win enough to warrant an investigation.

The high point of my career was winning the Champions League.

No one will ever erase that from my memory, in the same way that no one will ever erase the fact that I did it in a Manchester United shirt.