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To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you're truly wireless. — Ted Turner

All the drug dealers and gang members with whom I dealt had [a cell phone] long before any police officer I knew did. — Marc Goodman

On street corners everywhere, people are looking at their cell phones, and it's easy to dismiss this as some sort of bad trend in human culture. But the truth is life is being lived there. — Ze Frank

All these computers, all these handhelds, all these cell phones, all these laptops, all these servers - what we're getting out of all these connections is we're getting one machine. ... We're constructing a single, global machine. — Kevin Kelly

There is a newly coined word in the English language for the moment when the person we're with whips out their BlackBerry or answers that cell phone, and all of a sudden we don't exist. The word is 'pizzled': it's a combination of puzzled and pissed off. — Daniel Goleman

It's not good enough for us to have generations of kids that ... look forward to a better version of a cell phone with a video in it. They need to look forward to exploration. — Burt Rutan

Would I buy a cell phone for my 12-year-old?... No. I should have closer control over my child than that. He really shouldn't be in places where he needs to contact me by cell. — Stephen Baker

The mobile market is exploding and it makes perfect sense for a media company like ours to create a real content destination for the billions of cell-phone users around the world. — Peter Chernin