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The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them.

Benjamin Jowett, theologian

Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.

Peter Drucker, consultant

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.

Peter Drucker, consultant

The private sector is motivated by profit and efficiency and the US government often is not.

Eric Anderson,

The most general law in nature is equity-the principle of balance and symmetry which guides the growth of forms along the lines of the greatest structural efficiency.

Herbert Read, poet

Back in the mid-1970s, we adopted some fairly ambitious goals to improve efficiency of our cars. What did we get? We got a tremendous boost in efficiency.

Jay Inslee, politician

The general proposition is that the resources that will be utilized are the ones that contribute most to the overall efficiency of the production system. The third parameter has to do with our commercial world, our search for profits.

Marvin Harris, scientist

Greater personal choice, individually tailored services, stronger local accountability, greater efficiency - these are all central to the new direction of travel we have set for our public services.

John Hutton, educator

Nor do we begin to have a clear appreciation of what the increase in consumption of alcoholic beverages in wartime means in increased risk, and in loss of efficiency to the fighting and working forces of the country.

William Lyon Mackenzie King, politician

It is difficult for me to believe that quantum mechanics, working very well for currently practical set-ups, will nevertheless fail badly with improvements in counter efficiency.

John S. Bell, physicist

Few would venture to deny the advantages of temperance in increasing the efficiency of a nation at war.

William Lyon Mackenzie King, politician

Among the many important provisions in the energy bill are the creation of an estimated half million new jobs, increased oil production, blackout protection, controlling fertilizer costs by stabilizing natural gas prices and enacting new efficiency benchmarks.

Paul Gillmor, politician

Time and time again I was told that I would never make the film on time and never make it on budget. That kind of criticism tends to turn me into a great big motor of efficiency.

Richard E. Grant, actor

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

Bill Gates, business magnate

Is fuel efficiency really what we need most desperately? I say that what we really need is a car that can be shot when it breaks down.

Russell Baker, journalist

I will fight in the United States Senate this year to fund a servicing mission to Hubble by 2008, a mission that would potentially increase Hubble's power and efficiency by a factor of 10 and allow us to look back almost to the beginning of the universe.

Barbara Mikulski, politician

The trouble with lying and deceiving is that their efficiency depends entirely upon a clear notion of the truth that the liar and deceiver wishes to hide.

Hannah Arendt, historian

Applications for loans would be judged on a nation's social justice record as well as its economic efficiency.

Lewis Thompson Preston, businessman

Secrecy is the enemy of efficiency, but don't let anyone know it.

Ric Ocasek, musician

By increasing the use of renewable fuels such as ethanol and bio-diesel, and providing the Department of Energy with a budget to create more energy efficiency options, agriculture can be the backbone of our energy supply as well.

John Salazar, politician

The limit is not as narrow as it might be. I do not claim for this action, as it now goes on, an ideal degree of efficiency. What I do claim is that this type of competition already reveals its nature and its ultimate power to hold seeming monopolies in check.

John Bates Clark, economist

No partnership between two independent companies, no matter how well run, can match the speed, effectiveness, responsiveness and efficiency of a solely owned company.

Edward Whitacre, Jr., businessman

What I am saying is, all health care has a problem with costs. Medicare is growing slower than the private insurance plans. Why? Because of their efficiency. They don't have to give money to shareholders. Why should be defending shareholders?

Anthony Weiner, politician

Corn ethanol can help in the short term, but it has serious limitations, and none of this is going to work if we don't dramatically improve the efficiency of our cars and trucks.

David Friedman, musician

While other state governments stiff their vendors, close parks, delay tax refunds, and ignore unacceptably poor service levels, Indiana state employees are setting national standards for efficiency.

Mitch McConnell, politician

Yeah, well I think anyone who likes fast cars will love the Tesla. And it has fantastic handling by the way. I mean this car will crush a Porsche on the track, just crush it. So if you like fast cars, you'll love this car. And then oh, by the way, it happens to be electric and it's twice the efficiency of a Prius.

Elon Musk, entrepreneur

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.

Peter Drucker, consultant

In the exercise of God's efficiency, the decree of God comes first. This manner of working is the most perfect of all and notably agrees with the divine nature.

William James, philosopher

The efficiency of God may be understood as either creation or providence.

William James, philosopher

Freud had a gene for inefficiency, and I think I have a gene for efficiency.

Albert Ellis, psychologist

Each of us has come to share the same point of view, that a global e-marketplace is absolutely essential if we are to drive new levels of efficiency for the industry.

Phil Condit, businessman

Boeing just took $20 billion and 10 years to improve the efficiency of their planes by 10 percent. That's pretty lame. I have a design in mind for a vertical liftoff supersonic jet that would be a really big improvement.

Elon Musk, entrepreneur

The idea flow from the human spirit is absolutely unlimited. All you have to do is tap into that well. I don't like to use the word efficiency. It's creativity. It's a belief that every person counts.

Jack Welch, businessman

I am for 100 per cent Americanism, 100 per cent efficiency, and 100 per cent life. I expect to live to be 100 years old.

John Burroughs, author

Profitability is coming from productivity, efficiency, management, austerity, and the way to manage the business.

Carlos Slim, businessman

You can expect to find these four priorities - education, economic vitality, efficiency in government and the protection of families - woven into my decisions as Governor. They will serve as my compass as I work with you to chart a future course for our state.

Dave Heineman, politician

If stability and efficiency required that there existed markets that extended infinitely far into the future - and these markets clearly did not exist - what assurance do we have of the stability and efficiency of the capitalist system?

Joseph Stiglitz, economist

Put on a sweater.

Jimmy Carter, president

The myth of fascist efficiency has deluded many people.

Henry A. Wallace, vice president

In this country protection has always, to some extent, existed; but at some times it has been efficient, and at others not; and our tendency toward freedom or slavery has always been in the direct ratio of its efficiency or inefficiency.

Henry Charles Carey, economist

But it is also clear that left entirely untouched by public policy, the capitalist system will produce more inequality than is socially healthy or than is necessary for maximum efficiency.

Barney Frank, politician

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