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The more you can increase fear of drugs and crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all the people. — Noam Chomsky

Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country. — Theodore Roosevelt

Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere. — Hazel Rochman

I think Muslims have become the new Negroes in America. They are being mistreated at airports, by the Immigration - everywhere. Islam is a religion of peace. They are wrong. — Jermaine Jackson

My fellow Americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too. — Barack Obama

Without comprehension, the immigrant would forever remain shut -- a stranger in America. Until America can release the heart as well as train the hand of the immigrant, he would forever remain driven back upon himself, corroded by the very richness of the unused gifts within his soul. — Anzia Yezierska

Every one of my positions cuts - out half the country. I'm pro-choice, I'm pro-gay rights, I'm pro-immigration, I'm against guns, I believe in Darwin. — Michael Bloomberg

It was this society and culture that among other things - including economic opportunities here and repression in Europe - attracted subsequent generations of immigrants to this country. — Samuel P. Huntington

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Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 quotes - groups from American immigration policy. Largely to restrict immigration from Asia, Southern Europe, and Eastern Europe, the Immigration Act of 1924 had permanently