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All desirable things... are desirable either for the pleasure inherent in themselves, or as a means to the promotion of pleasure and the prevention of pain.

John Stuart Mill, philosopher

Liberty is the prevention of control by others.

John Acton, historian

Greater public recognition will also be critical in encouraging prevention and early intervention, and more generally in building public support to meet the challenges of dementia.

Julie Bishop, politician

Prevention is one of the few known ways to reduce demand for health and aged care services.

Julie Bishop, politician

Seen that way, the wholesale transformation of production technologies that is mandated by pollution prevention creates a new surge of economic development.

Barry Commoner, scientist

The ABA works tirelessly in its efforts involving the first line of defense: the prevention of burn injuries.

Richard Neal, politician

The Iraq war took priority over domestic disaster prevention.

Charles Rangel, politician

Over 120 Aboriginal communities run their own health services - some have been doing so for 30 years. They struggle with difficult medical problems. They also try to deal with counselling, stolen generations issues, family relationships, violence, suicide prevention.

Malcolm Fraser, politician

Abstinence, being faithful and correct and consistent condom use are the only ways to successfully reach everyone when discussing HIV prevention. I believe that the abstinence message alone does not solve the AIDS epidemic.

Ashley Judd, actress

We recognized in 1996 that, with progress in the field of genetics accelerating at a breathtaking pace, we need to ensure that advances in treatment and prevention of disease do not constitute a new basis for discrimination.

Olympia Snowe, politician

Not only is yoga excellent for flexibility, but it is also a great tool for longevity and injury prevention, as it allows for internal body awareness.

Kyle Shewfelt, athlete

In recognising the global problem posed by osteoporosis, WHO sees the need for a global strategy for prevention and control of osteoporosis, focusing on three major functions: prevention, management and surveillance.

Gro Harlem Brundtland, politician

Intervention for the prevention and control of osteoporosis should comprise a combination of legislative action, educational measures, health service activities, media coverage, and individual counselling to initiate changes in behaviour.

Gro Harlem Brundtland, politician

Since the reduction of risk factors is the scientific basis for primary prevention, the World Health Organization promotes the development of an integrated strategy for prevention of several diseases, rather than focusing on individual ones.

Gro Harlem Brundtland, politician

The launch of the report coincides with the initiation by WHO of the global strategy for the prevention and control of osteoporosis, and I think a good partnership could be established in our common efforts to prevent osteoporosis.

Gro Harlem Brundtland, politician

America's health care system is in crisis precisely because we systematically neglect wellness and prevention.

Tom Harkin, politician

The FBI. is a massive culture. It's been a culture that served America well, and it's been focused on prosecution. But what we need in terms of terrorism is prevention.

John Ashcroft, public servant

There is no priority higher than the prevention of terrorism.

John Ashcroft, public servant

Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable.

Bill Gates, business magnate

Issues like obesity do, as you well know, have a knock-on effect to diabetes. So we all are better off if we invest early in prevention.

Jacinda Ardern, politician

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, it became clear that the FBI's number one priority must be the prevention of another terrorist attack.

Robert Mueller, public servant

Medical science has proven time and again that when the resources are provided, great progress in the treatment, cure, and prevention of disease can occur.

Michael J. Fox, actor

Safe storage and child access prevention laws are critical steps as we seek to reduce the occurrence of accidental shootings and suicides involving guns.

Carl Levin, politician

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