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Picture quote about cure

The cure for everything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.

Picture quote by Isak Dinesen about wisdom

The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears or the sea. ⏤ Isak Dinesen

Picture quote about sea

The cure for anything is saltwater, sweat, tears, or the sea

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About salt

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Best salt quotes

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Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.

Stephen King, author

Business is the salt of life.

Voltaire, writer

Wit - the salt with which the American humorist spoils his intellectual cookery by leaving it out.

Ambrose Bierce, journalist

I take Epsom salt baths.

Aaron Carter, musician

Hemingway hated me. I sold 200 million books, and he didn't. Of course most of mine sold for 25 cents, but still... you look at all this stuff with a grain of salt.

Mickey Spillane, author

But in answer to your question about the conspiracy angle, I think that any historian worth his salt, and this is where I fault Stephen Ambrose and a lot of these guys who attack me - not all of life is a result of conspiracy by any means! Accident occurs alongside conspiracy.

Oliver Stone, director

Life would pall if it were all sugar; salt is bitter if taken by itself; but when tasted as part of the dish, it savours the meat. Difficulties are the salt of life.

Robert Baden-Powell, soldier

A peasant becomes fond of his pig and is glad to salt away its pork. What is significant, and is so difficult for the urban stranger to understand, is that the two statements are connected by an and not by a but.

John Berger, artist

Many a man gets weary of clamping down on his rough impulses, which if given occasional release would encourage the living of life with salt in it, in place of dust.

Henry S. Haskins,

I reckon I tried everything on the old apple, but salt and pepper and chocolate sauce topping.

Gaylord Perry, athlete

At dinner parties I sit below the salt now. There are a lot of interesting people there.

Donald T. Regan, public servant

A Good School deserves to be call'd, the very Salt of the Town, that hath it.

Cotton Mather, theologian

Any journalist worth his or her salt wouldn't trust me.

Joey Skaggs, celebrity

Because Microsoft seems to sometimes not trust customer choice, they salt XP with all these little gizmos and trap doors to get people to try Microsoft stuff. But the reality is that we're downloading more players than we ever have on a worldwide basis.

Rob Glaser, businessman

I have a home in Salt Lake, and I have a home in Malibu, at the beach.

Roma Downey, actress

Yesterday the flame of the Olympic torch was carried through our great state on its way to Salt Lake City.

Jane D. Hull, politician

The outdoors, the beautiful environment, both in fresh and salt water. And the thing that concerns me is the amount of kids that stand on street corners, or go into pinball parlours, and call it recreation.

Rex Hunt, entertainer

I made some salt and pepper shakers a while back and waited three years for them to come.

Marc Newson, designer

With all of the holiday cheer in the air, it's easy to overlook the ingredients in the foods. Ingredients such as salt, sugar, and fat - all of which leads to diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, heart disease, and cancer.

Lee Haney, athlete

I left Montana in Spring of 1866, for Utah, arriving at Salt Lake city during the summer.

Calamity Jane, soldier

The first thing you have to do is take everything with a grain of salt. You know, you've gotta just look at the goal, focus on what you gotta do and take one step at a time as a whole, as every performance being that's it, that's one objective, and let's just move forward and work on that.

Stefano Langone, musician

I lost 90 pounds and my blood pressure went down to a normal level and the salt in my urine disappeared. And that was when I had to make the transition from fat character actor to thin character actor.

Ron Perlman, actor

With any work worth its salt, you have to trust the author enough to take its measure. And if you apply too many preconceptions, you are not taking its measure.

Art Spiegelman, artist

It is a grand thing to rise in the world. The ambition to do so is the very salt of the earth. It is the parent of all enterprise, and the cause of all improvement.

Anthony Trollope, author

I want to express my deepest apology to the athletes, the people of Salt Lake City in Utah and the millions of citizens worldwide who love and respect the games.

Juan Antonio Samaranch, celebrity

Someone knocks at the door of an apartment to borrow salt or sugar, people run into each other in the elevator, and in this way become inscribed in the spectator's memory.

Krzysztof Kieslowski, director

If Obama wanted to make radical changes to America's health long-term, all he has to do is treble the price of sugar and salt.

Jamie Oliver, chef

When Alexander of Macedon was 33, he cried salt tears because there were no more worlds to conquer. Eric Bristow is only 27.

Sid Waddell, entertainer

If people say something rude or off-color, you have to take it with a grain of salt, because they don't know you.

Chris Daughtry, musician

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.

Isak Dinesen, writer

Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.

Nelson Mandela, statesman

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