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The road to profits is paved with unfair advantages. — Lewis Howes

In the midst of difficulties we are always ready to seize an advantage, we may extricate ourselves from misfortune. — Sun Tzu

Opportunities multiply when you seize them. — Sun Tzu

A guy that has more knowledge has the advantage. — Georges St-Pierre

Every chance taken is another chance to win. — Unknown

Opportunities increase as they are taken. — Sun Tzu

It is important to understand that the system of advantage is perpetuated when we do not acknowledge its existence. — Beverly Daniel Tatum

Profit is the payment you get when you take advantage of change. — Joseph A. Schumpeter

Opportunities multiply as they are seized. — Sun Tzu

Just like football, business is a game of inches, where the smallest advancement or advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing. — Lewis Howes

Short Taking Advantage Quotes

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  • We try to be real nice and friendly to people, but sometimes they take advantage of that. — Layne Staley
  • Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, because it could lead to something amazing. — Joe Rogan
  • We grow a little every time we do not take advantage of somebody's weakness. — Bern Williams
  • If you fail to take advantage of your enemies' collapse, they may recover. — Miyamoto Musashi
  • Who is this Monet whose name sounds just like mine and who is taking advantage of my notoriety? — Edouard Manet
  • No one can take advantage of you without your permission. — Ann Landers
  • I'm not the kind of guy who's taking advantage of my position. — Paul Walker
  • If you take advantage of everything that America has to offer, there's nothing you can't accomplish. — Geraldine Ferraro
  • The difference between those who succeed and fail: not taking advantage of opportunities. — Eric Thomas
  • I'm just taking advantage of good pitches. I am seeing the ball well and my confidence is high. — Jose Bautista

Top 10 Taking Advantage Quotes

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If you really want something, and really work hard, and take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, you will find a way.. Follow your Dreams. — Jane Goodall

What is at a peak is certain to decline. He who shows his hand will surely be defeated. He who can prevail in battle by taking advantage of his enemy's doubts is invincible. — Cao Cao

Profit is the payment you get when you take advantage of change. — Joseph A. Schumpeter

Take advantage of little sufferings even more than of great ones. God considers not so much what we suffer as how we suffer. . . Turn everything to profit as the grocer does in his shop. — Louis de Montfort

The whole world is run on bluff. No race, no nation, no man has any divine right to take advantage of others. Why allow the other fellow to bluff you? — Marcus Garvey

I pay low wages. I can take advantage of that. We're going to be successful, but the basis is a very low-wage, low-benefit model of employment. — Sam Walton

We try to be real nice and friendly to people, but sometimes they take advantage of that. — Layne Staley

If anybody tells you it's tough to make money, they are just not taking advantage of all the tools available to them. — Patrick Bet-David

Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, because it could lead to something amazing. — Joe Rogan

And we have abundant natural energy resources in the country. We haven't been taking adequate advantage of them, and we can burn coal in a clean way; we could improve the grid. — John W. Snow

Taking advantage quote Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest ste
Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip top if you must, but take the step.

Friends Taking Advantage Quotes

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I'm not the kind of guy who has best friends. — Jack Kevorkian

Time is your friend, impulse is your enemy. Take advantage of compound interest and don't be captivated by the siren song of the market. — Warren Buffett

Hillary Clinton complains that Donald Trump took advantage of the tax code. Well, why didn't she change it? Why didn't you change it when you were a senator? The reason you didn't is that all your friends take the same advantage that I do. — Donald Trump

Taking advantage quote Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.
Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass away.

Maintain your relationships - for all kinds of reasons, friends are vital. Good friends, supportive friends, friends who won't judge you or try to take advantage of you. — Peter Kinderman

It does not pay to be friendly with officers, they take advantage of you. — William Overgard

Person Taking Advantage Quotes

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If you're giving love and not receiving it, you're not in the right relationship. If you're receiving it and not giving it than you are taking advantage of the other person. — Patti Stanger

I wanted to make sure that the man who found the genie would not take terrible advantage of her, so he needed to be a person of integrity and honor - which is why I made the male lead an astronaut. The rest, as they say, is history. — Sidney Sheldon

I've been a public person for most of my life. It has advantages and disadvantages. I can't take my kids to Disneyland. On the other hand, I can get a table at a restaurant or tickets to a play. — Charlton Heston

Taking advantage quote Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.
Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.

A lot of times, people feel that if they forgive the person who hurt them, then they will continue to take advantage of them or not take responsibility for what they did wrong. — Joyce Meyer

Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident. So far as I judge, it would seem to me advantageous for astrology to take the existence of psychology into account, above all the psychology of the personality and of the unconscious. — Carl Jung

I know so many who have married in the full expectation and confidence of some one particular advantage in the connection, or accomplishment, or good quality in the person, who have found themselves entirely deceived, and been obliged to put up with exactly the reverse. What is this but a take in? — Jane Austen

Taking advantage quote Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the old
Live your life. Take chances. Be crazy. Don't wait. Because right now is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be again.

One way of opening ourselves up to new opportunities is to make conscious efforts to look differently at our ordinary situations. Doing so allows a person to see the world as one rife with possibility and to take advantage of some of those possibilities if they seem worth pursuing. — Ken Robinson

We sometimes feel that if a person tromps over us after we've said no, then we must not have been clear. We can get caught in the trap of explaining again and again, meanwhile letting the other person take advantage of us. — Anne Katherine

I know of no person or group that is taking nearly adequate advantage of the graphical potentialities of the computer. — John Tukey

Anyone with a normal brain has the capacity to do almost anything, but when one has special gifts or talents (and everyone has) and takes advantage of and develops these talents - that person is likely to excel. — Benjamin Carson

Not Taking Advantage Quotes

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We developed microfinance to fight loan sharks - I was telling people don't go to loan sharks - not trying to take advantage and make money for myself. I would be a junior loan shark if I did ... It is not a panacea. — Muhammad Yunus

Being an outsider to some extent, someone who does not "fit in" with others or is rejected by them for whatever reason, makes life difficult, but it also places you at an advantage as far as enlightenment is concerned. It takes you out of unconsciousness almost by force. — Eckhart Tolle

I have experience and I am employing it in the service of a Chilean road for Chile's problems. We always take advantage of experience wherever it comes from, but adapting it to our reality. I am putting it to use in a Chilean way, for the problems of Chile. We are not anyone's mental colonists. — Salvador Allende

Taking advantage quote Accept both compliments and criticism. It takes both sun and rain for a flower t
Accept both compliments and criticism. It takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow.

When the leader is morally weak and his discipline not strict, when his instructions and guidance are not enlightened, when there are no consistent rules, neighboring rulers will take advantage of this. — Sun Tzu

Take advantage of this human boat; Free yourself from sorrow's mighty stream! This vessel will be later hard to find. The time that you have now, you fool, is not for sleep! — Shantideva

I was a military man for 27 years. I fought so long as there was no chance for peace. I believe that there is now a chance for peace, a great chance. We must take advantage of it for the sake of those standing here, and for those who are not here - and they are many. — Yitzhak Rabin

Taking advantage quote Ho who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
Ho who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

Don't you ever get the feeling that all your life is going by and you're not taking advantage of it? Do you realize you've lived nearly half the time you have to live already? — Ernest Hemingway

As long as a house is like yours, and as long as you work together with your brothers, not a house in the world will be able to compete with you, to cause you harm or to take advantage of you, for together you can undertake and perform more than any house in the world. — Nathan Meyer Rothschild

Our biggest goal is to continue to force ourselves to always start our creative work on a white page and not take advantage of past successes and challenging ourselves. — Guy Laliberte

A good man often appears gauche simply because he does not take advantage of the myriad mean little chances of making himself look stylish. Preferring truth to form, he is not constantly at work upon the facade of his appearance. — Alanis Morissette

Never Take Advantage Quotes

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The art of flatterers is to take advantage of the foibles of the great, to foster their errors, and never to give advice which may annoy. — Moliere

A cowboy never takes unfair advantage - even of an enemy. — Gene Autry

Make whatever decision you wish but never forget one thing: all of you are much better than you believed. Take advantage of the chance that tragedy has given you; not everyone is capable of doing so — Paulo Coelho

Taking advantage quote Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do.
Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do.

It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them. — P. G. Wodehouse

The society of dead authors has this advantage over that of the living: they never flatter us to our faces, nor slander us behind our backs, nor intrude upon our privacy, nor quit their shelves until we take them down. — Charles Caleb Colton

One is never completely satisfied. But I can say that I'm not dissatisfied. I've been very fortunate. I've been given some gifts - to take advantage of the contemporary times when I made movies. Gifts to make audiences laugh. — Frank Capra

For new bands, I think a major label is the safest place to be. Independent labels are the ones getting away with murder. A lot of them are hobbyists who rip-off young bands, taking advantage of people who would never get signed to a major. — Jack White

If I had it my way, I never would have left San Francisco, but things change and that's the nature of this business. We have to move on. We hopefully get opportunities down the road that we take advantage of. — Jeff Garcia

It is good rule in life to never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them. — P. G. [Sir Pelham Grenville] Wodehouse

His struggle for a bare living left him no time to take advantage of the public evening school. In time he learned to read, to follow a conversation or lecture; but he never learned to write correctly; and his pronunciation remains extremely foreign to this day. — Mary Antin

Taken Advantage Quotes

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No matter how full a reservoir of maxims one may possess, and no matter how good one's sentiments may be, if one has not taken advantage of every concrete opportunity to act, one's character may remain entirely unaffected for the better. — William James

For years, Islamists and other extremists have taken advantage of grievances of Muslims in Britain and have successfully identified ways to integrate them under one 'Islamic' banner. — Maajid Nawaz

Unfortunately, money in politics is an insidious thing - and a loophole in our campaign finance system was taken advantage of with money going to existing or new 527 groups with the sole purpose of influencing the election. — Olympia Snowe

Have you taken advantage of the few things you actually control? Or are you still hoping to just get lucky? — Andrew Tate

Some people are afraid of generosity. They feel they will be taken advantage of or oppressed. In cultivating generosity, we are only oppressing our greed and attachment. This allows our true nature to come out and become lighter and freer. — Ajahn Chah

You should not have taken advantage of my sensibility to steal into my affections without my consent. — Alexander Hamilton

The corporations are powerful only because we have allowed them to be. In theory, it is we, not they, who mandate the state. But we have neglected our duty of citizenship, and they have taken advantage of our neglect to seize the reins of government. — George Monbiot

The willingness to trust others even when you know you may be taken advantage of is the cornerstone of becoming civilized. — Orlando Aloysius Battista

Always remember that market quotations are there for convenience, either to be taken advantage of or to be ignored. — Benjamin Graham

There comes a point in time when you must know that everything you have already given or done is enough. This is not something anyone else can tell you. You must know. Giving without receiving doesn't prove anything except that you know how to be taken advantage of. — Iyanla Vanzant

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Do not expect that once taking advantage of Russia's weakness, you will receive dividends forever. Russian has always come for their money. And when they come - do not rely on an agreement signed by you, you are supposed to justify. They are not worth the paper it is written. Therefore, with the Russian is to play fair, or do not play. — Otto von Bismarck

Our youth must be steadfast and take advantage of the benefits of modern civilization. Do not fall prey to idleness for it shall be a curse to you and to succeeding generations. You must set yourselves us as examples of determination and hard work. Plan your time and use both your physical and mental powers purposefully and productively. — Haile Selassie

One thing I am convinced more and more is true, and that is this: The only way to be truly happy is to make others happy. When you realize that and take advantage of the fact, everything is made perfect. — William Carlos Williams

Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people. — Jim Rohn

There is no better way to quickly buoy hard-pressed homeowners than helping them take advantage of the currently record low fixed mortgage rates and significantly reduce their monthly mortgage payments. — Mark Zandi

Because it is located so far south, and the coastal plain quickly rises into highland, South Africa is one of the very few African countries that do not suffer from the curse of malaria, as mosquitoes find it difficult to breed there. This allowed European colonialists to push into its interior much farther and faster than in its malaria-riddled tropics, settle, and begin small-scale industrial activity that grew into what is now southern Africa's biggest economy. For most of southern Africa, doing business with the outside world means doing business with South Africa, which has used its wealth and location to tie its neighbors into its transport system, meaning there is a two-way rail and road conveyor belt stretching from its ports north through Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique, even a province of the DRC. A new Chinese-built railway from Katanga to the Angolan coast has been laid to challenge this dominance and might take some traffic from the DRC, but South Africa looks destined to maintain its advantages. — Tim Marshall

We live in an increasingly sophisticated world that makes it difficult to make simple comments on stuff. There are too many people on both sides of the border who are taking advantage of circumstances and the situation. — Arlo Guthrie

People need to access Skype wirelessly, no matter where they are, and what happens is that we'll be taking advantage of the rollout of Internet everywhere - WiFi and WiMax in particular. — Niklas Zennstrom

Take advantage of it now, while you are young, and suffer all you can, because these things don't last your whole life. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

All great events hang by a single thread. The clever man takes advantage of everything, neglects nothing that may give him some added opportunity; the less clever man, by neglecting one thing, sometimes misses everything. — Napoleon Bonaparte

Technology and computers are very much at the core of our economy going forward. To be prepared for the demands of the 21st century-and to take advantage of its opportunities-it is essential that more of our students today learn basic computer programming skills, no matter what field of work they want to pursue. — Todd Park

AYI needed to take advantage of our biggest competitor being offline – we needed to kick’em while they were down. — Cliff Lerner

We should know that only replacing the economics of competition and greed with the economics of equitable cooperation will guarantee a globalization that takes advantage of potential efficiency gains in ways that also promote environmental protection, international equity, economic democracy, and variety. — Robin Hahnel

Many people are shocked by the scary circumstances that have suddenly changed their lives—their business lives and personal lives. These are not normal circumstances, so you can’t go about selling in the normal way. But you can really take advantage of the present circumstances to be an extraordinary salesperson. — Dan Sullivan

Trust means "I know that you will not-deliberately or accidentally, consciously or unconsciously-take unfair advantage of me." It means "I can put my situation at the moment, my status and self-esteem in the group, our relationship, my job, my career, even my life in your hands with complete confidence." — Douglas McGregor

You have to create your own luck. You have to be aware of the opportunities around you and take advantage of them. — Bruce Lee

He who has a slight disadvantage plays more attentively, inventively and more boldly than his antagonist who either takes it easy or aspires after too much. Thus a slight disadvantage is very frequently seen to convert into a good, solid advantage. — Emanuel Lasker

We all have a responsibility, and since I've been so wonderfully blessed, I really want to share and to make life at least a little better. So every chance I get to share the gospel or uplift people, I will take full advantage of that opportunity. — Gladys Knight

People been killing each other since forever and hurting each other since forever and taking advantage of each other since forever. — Vince Staples

I don't trust Catholics," I said, "because they take advantage of you." "And Protestants?" he asked with a laugh. "I loathe the way they fumble around with their consciences." "And atheists?" He was still laughing. "They bore me because all they ever talk about is God. — Heinrich Böll

Music itself is going to become like running water or electricity. So it's like, just take advantage of these last few years because none of this is ever going to happen again. You'd better be prepared for doing a lot of touring because that's really the only unique situation that's going to be left. — David Bowie

It's a big, big advantage because understanding what changes we might make takes time and it takes time to work out settings and to understand everything about the new machine. — Valentino Rossi

Rapidity is the essence of war: take advantage of the enemy's unreadiness, make your way by unexpected routes, and attack unguarded spots. — Sun Tzu

It is easy -- terribly easy -- to shake a man's faith in himself. To take advantage of that to break a man's spirit is devil's work. — George Bernard Shaw

The most interesting biofuel efforts avoid using land that's expensive and has high opportunity costs. They do this by getting onto other types of land, or taking advantage of byproducts that aren't used in the food chain today, or by intercropping. — Bill Gates

[Terrorism] is formed of certain fundamental problems, [including] ignorance, poverty, and fear of others. Some people take advantage of the young and foolish. They are manipulated, abused, and even drugged to such an extent that they can be used as murderers on the pretext of some crazy ideals or goals. — Fethullah Gulen

To be an effective leader, you have to have a manipulative streak - you have to figure out the people working for you and give each tasks that will take advantage of his strength. — Norman Schwarzkopf

One advantage of the discovery of the Photographic Art will be, that it will enable us to introduce into our pictures a multitude of minute details which add to the truth and reality of the representation, but which no artist would take the trouble to faithfully copy from nature. — Henry Fox Talbot

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