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Writers, you know, are the beggars of Western society. — Octavio Paz

What most people didn't realize in the Western countries is that here its not a question of having supporters, its a question of getting these votes to the polling stations. — Imran Khan

All your Western theologies, the whole mythology of them, are based on the concept of God as a senile delinquent. — Tennessee (Thomas Lanier) Williams

Christianity is the very root and foundation of Western civilization. — Dinesh D'Souza

What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea. — Mahatma Gandhi

Any time the Western way of war can be unleashed on an enemy stupid enough to enter its arena, victory is assured. — Victor Davis Hanson

We do not support the man. We do not support the individual. We support the idea of independent revolution in the Western Hemisphere, free from American intervention. — Lee Harvey Oswald

Every western I did and will do; I will do it for the never ending young kid inside of me. — Franco Nero

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