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Bathroom bill quotes - A bathroom bill is the common name for legislation or a statute that defines access to public toilets by gender (restrooms)—or transgender individual.

Modern Bathroom quotes - Modern Bathroom is a California-based manufacturer and retailer of bathroom fixtures and furniture, specializing in modern and traditional bathroom vanities

Mirror in the Bathroom quotes - "Mirror in the Bathroom" is a single by British ska band The Beat released as a single in 1980 from their debut album I Just Can't Stop It. It reached

Bathroom sex quotes - Bathroom sex refers to engaging in sexual activities in the bathroom or toilet, either private or public. Bathroom sex occurs in many parts of the world

Bathroom cabinet quotes - A bathroom cabinet (or medicine cabinet) is a cabinet in a bathroom, most often used to store hygiene products, toiletries, and medications. They are

Bathroom Wall quotes - "Bathroom Wall" is a song taken from Faster Pussycat's first album Faster Pussycat released in 1987. Like much of the band's material from the album, it

Bathroom reading quotes - Bathroom reading is the act of reading text while in a bathroom, usually while sitting on the toilet and defecating. The practice has been common throughout

Black comedy quotes - Black comedy, also known as black humor, dark comedy, dark humor or gallows humor, is a style of comedy that makes light of subject matter that is generally

Nicole Maines quotes - regarding gender identity and bathroom use in schools. Maines, who is transgender, was barred from using the female bathroom after a complaint; however,