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On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.

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Your basic person wants to talk about material culture, internet culture. I think about God, cats, nature.

Billy Corgan, musician

Just a reminder, what other people think of you is none of your business.

Ze Frank,

Doing research on the Web is like using a library assembled piecemeal by pack rats and vandalized nightly.

Roger Ebert, critic

The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.

Andrew Brown, producer

In Cyberspace, the 1st Amendment is a local ordinance.

John Perry Barlow, writer

Cyberspace: A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation.

William Gibson, writer

Just as we could have rode into the sunset, along came the Internet, and it tripled the significance of the PC.

Andy Grove, businessman

I know that the internet has helped a new world audience find me.

Wynonna Judd, musician

The story of the Internet is this incredibly strong, exciting change.

James Daly, actor

The Internet is a powerful way to make lots of money... But we are not going to buy Yahoo!

Sumner Redstone, businessman

The difference between e-mail and regular mail is that computers handle e-mail, and computers never decide to come to work one day and shoot all the other computers.

Jamais Cascio,

I think the Internet is going to open up a lot of possibilities with music, and the shake-up of power is exciting to me.

Trey Anastasio, musician

The Internet has always been, and always will be, a magic box.

Marc Andreessen, businessman

Eventually, if you had a printer that is IPP compliant, that printer will have a Web address and anyone around the world who can get on the Internet can print to that URL.

Robert Palmer, musician

All my kids were raised on computers: They were home-schooled on the Internet, so they're pretty good at that stuff. And I'm proud of them, but I don't really keep up with it.

Willie Nelson, musician

The 'Net is a waste of time, and that's exactly what's right about it.

William Gibson, writer

Old hackers never die. They just go to bitnet.


I printed a list of Irish names from the Internet and my husband, Dave, saw Finley on the list. I really liked it but didn't want to scare Dave off with my enthusiasm. So I used a little reverse psychology and let him think it was his idea.

Holly Marie Combs, actress

I see the Internet as the next big deal - I wanted to get in on it early on so I wouldn't get behind it all.

Bruce Campbell, actor

With every trade we make, comment we leave, person we flag, badge we earn, we leave a reputation trail.

Rachel Botsman,

We can't have cellphones, TV, radio or the Internet. If the president died, we'd have no idea. There's no normalcy. It's just like prison, with cameras.

Nicole Polizzi, celebrity

One of the problems the internet has introduced is that in this electronic village, all the village idiots have internet access.

Peter Nelson, actor

I don't like reading things that people say on the Internet because I know so much of it is not true. I don't want to waste my time worrying about what other people are thinking. I just want to focus on being able to do cool projects.

Lily Collins, actress

We're still in the first minutes of the first day of the Internet revolution.

Scott Cook, businessman

Sooner or later the Internet will become profitable. It's an old story played before by canals, railroads and automobiles.

Paul Samuelson, economist

We are like Hansel and Gretel, leaving bread crumbs of our personal information everywhere we travel through the digital woods.

Gary Kovacs,

[Computer viruses] switch from one country to another, from one jurisdiction to another - moving around the world, using the fact that we don't have the capability to globally police operations like this. So the Internet is as if someone [had] given free plane tickets to all the online criminals of the world.

Mikko Hypponen,

Privacy is implied. Privacy is not up for discussion.

Mikko Hypponen,

We are in a world where most American citizens over the age of 12 share things with each other online.

Clay Shirky,

The threat [of the U.S. bills SOPA and PIPA] is the inversion of the burden of proof, where we suddenly are all treated like thieves at every moment we're given the freedom to create, to produce or to share.

Clay Shirky,

Google understood that if you're just a search engine, people assume you're a very, very good search engine.

Rory Sutherland,

One Chinese tweet is equal to 3.5 English tweets. ... Because of this, the Chinese really regard this microblogging as a media, not only a headline to media.

Michael Anti,

Comedy has been crossing the country with remarkable speed way before the Internet, social media, even cable TV.

Chris Bliss,

In a world where over two days of video get uploaded every minute, only that which is truly unique and unexpected can stand out in the way that [viral videos] have.

Kevin Allocca,

What a 404 page tells you is that you fell through the cracks.

Renny Gleeson,

On YouTube no one has to green-light your idea.

Kevin Allocca,

Tastemakers, creative participating communities, complete unexpectedness - these are characteristics of a new kind of media and a new kind of culture.

Kevin Allocca,

[A 404 page] is the feeling of a broken relationship.

Renny Gleeson,

More and more Chinese intend to embrace freedom of speech and human rights as their birthright, not some imported American privilege.

Michael Anti,

When you make the claim that something on the Internet is going to be good for democracy, you often [hear], 'Are you talking about the thing with the singing cats?'

Clay Shirky,

[The Internet generation is] not fighting that battle about who gets to speak; they all get to speak.

Jennifer Pahlka,

We really need the Internet to be that thing that we all dreamed of it being. We need it to connect us all together. We need it to introduce us to new ideas and new people and different perspectives. And it's not going to do that if it leaves us all isolated in a Web of one.

Eli Pariser,

The Internet is showing us what it thinks we want to see, but not necessarily what we need to see.

Eli Pariser,

We're presumably acting in such a way that people feel morally compelled to continue our mission, not to screw it up.

Julian Assange, activist

Your filter bubble is your own personal, unique universe of information that you live in online. What's in your filter bubble depends on who you are, and it depends on what you do. But you don't decide what gets in - and more importantly, you don't see what gets edited out.

Eli Pariser,

Data is the new soil, because for me, it feels like a fertile, creative medium. Over the years, online, we've laid down a huge amount of information and data, and we irrigate it with networks and connectivity, and it's been worked and tilled by unpaid workers and governments.

David McCandless,

[According to Twitter] 24 percent of American Twitter users are African-American. That's about twice as high as African-Americans are represented in the population.

Ethan Zuckerman,

What's unique about [4chan] is that it's anonymous, and it has no memory. There's no archive, there are no barriers, there's no registration. ... That's led to this discussion that's completely raw, completely unfiltered.

Christopher moot Poole,

Social networks are these intricate things of beauty, and they're so elaborate and so complex and so ubiquitous that one has to ask what purpose they serve.

Nicholas Christakis,

I had taken my little eight-year-old's hand and taken her right into Internet porn.

Julia Sweeney, comedian

All of the great Disney works took works that were in the public domain and remixed them.

Larry Lessig,

Cheap, functional, reliable things unleash the creativity of people who then build stuff that you could not imagine. There's no way of predicting the Internet based on the first transistor.

George Whitesides,

There is no real independent self, aloof from other human beings, inspecting the world, inspecting other people. You are, in fact, connected not just via Facebook and Internet, you're actually quite literally connected by your neurons.

Vilayanur Ramachandran,

There was a clear lesson here - and that was that the Internet loves Mister Splashy Pants.

Alexis Ohanian,

[People] somehow assume that the Internet is going to be the catalyst of change that will push young people into the streets, while in fact it may actually be the new opium for the masses which will keep the same people in their rooms downloading pornography.

Evgeny Morozov,

In the past it would take you weeks, if not months, to identify how Iranian activists connect to each other. Now you know how they connect to each other by looking at their Facebook page. KGB ... used to torture in order to get this data.

Evgeny Morozov,

When we get the remote Russian village online, what will get people to the Internet is not going to be reports from Human Rights Watch. It's going to be pornography, 'Sex and the City,' or maybe funny videos of cats.

Evgeny Morozov,

Nothing really says ... interactivity - which was so exciting and captures the real, the Web Zeitgeist of 1995 - than 'Click here for a picture of my dog.'

Steven Johnson,

I said, 'Well, how much space do I have?' And they said, 'Well, you know, it's the Internet.'

Maira Kalman,

We're so constrained by browsing the Web, remembering URLs, saving favorites. As we move to search, we rely on the relevance rankings, the Web matching, the index crawling. But we want to use our brain! We want to navigate, explore, discover information.

Stephen Lawler,

The dream is a world in which anyone who has anything bad happen to them has a chance of getting their story uploaded, being seen, being watched.

Peter Gabriel, musician

The Internet lives where anyone can access it.

Vinton Cerf, inventor

The Web of ancient manuscripts of the future isn't going to be built by institutions. It's going to be built by users ... people who just want to curate their own glorious selection of beautiful things.

William Noel,

In a broadcast society, there were these gatekeepers, the editors, and they controlled the flows of information. Along came the Internet and it swept them out of the way, and it allowed all of us to connect together, and it was awesome. But that's not actually what's happening right now.

Eli Pariser,

Facebook was looking at which links I clicked on, and it was noticing that I was clicking more on my liberal friends' links than on my conservative friends' links. And without consulting me about it, it had edited them out. They disappeared.

Eli Pariser,

Information that organizations are spending economic effort into concealing, that's a really good signal that when the information gets out, there's a hope of it doing some good.

Julian Assange, activist

An interface can be a powerful narrative device. And as we collect more and more personally and socially relevant data, we have an opportunity, and maybe even an obligation, to maintain [our] humanity and tell some amazing stories.

Aaron Koblin,

Even the leader of the free world needs a little help from the sultan of Facebookistan if he wants to get reelected next year.

Rebecca MacKinnon,

We are at the 1908 Hurley washing machine stage with the Internet.

Jeff Bezos, businessman

Just as the Internet drops transaction and collaboration costs in business and government, it also drops the cost of dissent, of rebellion, and even insurrection.

Don Tapscott,

Chinese national Internet policy is very simple: Block and clone.

Michael Anti,

By the end of this year, there'll be nearly a billion people on this planet that actively use social networking sites. The one thing that all of them have in common is that they're going to die.

Adam Ostrow,

AT&T will not block access to the public Internet or degrade service, period.

Edward Whitacre, Jr., businessman

I don't know much about the Internet, I'm afraid.

James Marsters, actor

Ladies and gentlemen, a picture is not worth a thousand words. We found some pictures that are worth 500 billion words.

Erez Lieberman Aiden,

[I am] not even two bites into breakfast, and there are already nearly 25 sites that are tracking me. I have navigated to a total of four.

Gary Kovacs,

The left and the right live in parallel universes. The right listens to talk radio, the left's on the Internet and they just reinforce one another. They have no sense of reality. I have now one ambition: to retire before it becomes essential to tweet.

Barney Frank, politician

And it's interesting, when you look at the predictions made during the peak of the boom in the 1990s, about e-commerce, or internet traffic, or broadband adoption, or internet advertising, they were all right - they were just wrong in time.

Chris Anderson, businessman

But there's so much kludge, so much terrible stuff, we are at the 1908 Hurley washing machine stage with the Internet. That's where we are. We don't get our hair caught in it, but that's the level of primitiveness of where we are. We're in 1908.

Jeff Bezos, businessman

Because primarily of the power of the Internet, people of modest means can band together and amass vast sums of money that can change the world for some public good if they all agree.

William J. Clinton, president

Green technologies - going green - is bigger than the Internet. It could be the biggest economic opportunity of the 21st century.

John Doerr, businessman

Both the American people and nations that censor the internet should understand that our government is committed to helping promote internet freedom.

Hillary Clinton, politician

I am a data hound and so I usually end up working on whatever things I can find good data on. The rise of Internet commerce completely altered the amount of information you could gather on company behavior so I naturally drifted toward it.

Austan Goolsbee, public servant

Every portal coming into this country is being attacked by those who would harvest information, both national security secrets and just the common information of private individuals and private individuals. That crime is going on, every day, on a single entity known as the Internet.

Darrell Issa, politician

The hardest thing is trying not to correct everything on the Internet. It'd be night and day - wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. So you just have to say, 'All right, I'll take it, bring it on.'

George Clooney, actor

Pictures get manipulated, pictures get dropped into accounts. We've asked an internet security firm and a law firm to take a hard look at this to come up with a conclusion about what happened and to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Anthony Weiner, politician

The internet to me is kind of like a black hole, and I never really go on it.

Jennifer Lawrence, actress

I just moved into the world of Xbox Live. And I've discovered that everyone on the Internet is a lot better than me. I spent half an hour the other day designing a boxer, and I got knocked out twice in the first round.

Daniel Radcliffe, actor

Right now, with social networks and other tools on the Internet, all of these 500 million people have a way to say what they're thinking and have their voice be heard.

Mark Zuckerberg, businessman

There's a difference between being able to make long distance phone calls cheaper on the Internet and walking around Riyadh with a PDA where you can have all of Google in your pocket. It's a difference in degree that's so enormous it becomes a difference in kind.

Thomas Friedman, journalist

It's hard to tell with these Internet startups if they're really interested in building companies or if they're just interested in the money. I can tell you, though: If they don't really want to build a company, they won't luck into it. That's because it's so hard that if you don't have a passion, you'll give up.

Steve Jobs, businessman

My presence in the social media and on the Internet is much bigger than many of the other candidates, including Mitt Romney. So, when you take the social media and you take the Tea Party citizens movement, you have a combination there that, quite frankly, 10 years ago, I wouldn't have had a chance.

Herman Cain, businessman

I don't think that Yahoo or any other Internet company should try to become a television network. We will be nowhere if we have to create our own content.

Terry Semel, businessman

I don't immerse myself in the Internet chatter because it opens you up to a whole source of danger.

Zachary Quinto, actor

Radio killed variety and TV killed radio, and the internet will kill television and it will go on and on.

Victoria Wood, comedian

I think the fans of the old-school Internet shorts were a little bit older just because it was racier material.

Andy Milonakis, comedian

I spent hours on the internet looking at how glamorous actresses winked and how they would put their hand on their waist, and I was told to look at how they would walk in a room and how her body takes place of everything.

Berenice Bejo, actress

I was a huge Internet junkie.

Andy Milonakis, comedian

There are two types of companies in the world: those that know they've been hacked, and those that don't.

Misha Glenny,

The Internet is no longer the kind of thing where only six guys in the world can build it. Now, you can write a couple of checks and get one of your own.

Paul Vixie, writer

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