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My hobbies are cooking and gardening, especially growing orchids. I love soccer, my husband and I support a British team called Chelsea, and I also enjoy tennis. We have 3 cats.

— Juliet Mills

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When you start supporting a football club, you don't support it because of the trophies, or a player, or history, you support it because you found yourself somewhere there; found a place where you belong.

Soccer team quote Leadership is earned. You want your team to feel like they work with you, not fo
Leadership is earned. You want your team to feel like they work with you, not for you.

A football team is a like a beautiful woman, when you do not tell her, she forgets she is beautiful

Soccer team quote If your heart is bigger than the big-gest guy on the team, then you're the bigge
If your heart is bigger than the big-gest guy on the team, then you're the biggest guy on the team.
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In my time at Anfield we always said we had the best two teams on Merseyside - Liverpool and Liverpool reserves.

When I first met him [James Galanis], he just said, "Look, if you want to be a professional soccer player, if you want to make the national team, you have to do everything possible to work hard. You’ve got to put it number one."

Only true champions come out and show their worth after defeat- and I expect us to do that.

Soccer team quote Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammat
Ask not what your teammates can do for you. Ask what you can do for your teammates.

Play for the name on the front of the shirt, and they will remember the name on the back

How could you have a soccer team if all were goalkeepers? How would it be an orchestra if all were French horns?

In football everything is complicated by the presence of the opposite team.

Soccer team quote Of course, my father was a soccer player. He used to play very good. Then I was
Of course, my father was a soccer player. He used to play very good. Then I was young, eight or nine years, ten years old, I just want to be like my father.

Being an England supporter is like being the over-optimistic parents of the fat kid on sports day.

In his life, a man can change wives, political parties or religions but he cannot change his favourite soccer team.

College coaches measure success in championships.

High School coaches measure success to titles. Youth coaches measure success in smiles.

You have to play this game like somebody just hit your mother with a two-by-four.

The most direct path to achievement whether you're an entrepreneur, a company executive, or a pro soccer player is to be a great performer and a great team member. This is also the secret to a meaningful career and self-fulfillment.

I don't know if we are the best team in the world.

I am lucky to be playing alongside some of the best players around. It's a dream.

To be the ultimate team, you must use your body and your mind.

Draw up on the resources of your teammates. Choose your steps wisely and you will win. Remember, only teams succeed.

The team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.

I was a soccer cheerleader. It doesn't get nerdier than that. I was fired from the soccer cheerleading squad after one year, which I believe to this day is unprecedented. You have to understand, no one went to the soccer games. In fact, I believe part of my duties as a cheerleader was to bake brownies for the team.

I think we have a good team, but soccer fans will know that we're in a really tough group. The three teams in our group are really strong. The Czech Republic is a very good team, Italy is traditionally a powerhouse, and Ghana is one of the best teams in Africa.

The adidas +Challenge is a really cool opportunity for kids here in Los Angeles and across the country to get excited for the FIFA World Cup this summer. As a big fan of soccer, Im looking forward to seeing the 32 youth teams compete for the title of Team USA and represent our country at the global finals in Berlin.

With a body like he has, I want him to be a bully.

But he is too nice - he is perfect son-in-law material, but I don't want a team of son-in-laws.

I have a few tricks and dribbles which I use a lot and when I am playing well, it is natural that they become easier. But the tricks I use are the ones that will hopefully benefit the team. What I do as an individual player is only important if it helps the team to win. That is the most important thing.

Playing against 10 is harder than playing against 11 players.

You know why? The team with 11 will think "ok, we can take it easy now", while the team with 10 will think "We really have to work hard now."

I want kids. I want a soccer team, and I want a husband.

In Latin America the border between soccer and politics is vague.

There is a long list of governments that have fallen or been overthrown after the defeat of the national team.

It was as if we had beaten a country, more than just a football team.

You can't say my team aren't winners.

They've proved that by finishing fourth, third and second in the last three years.

I played on the boy's teams until I was 12.

I just loved it and had a passion for it. You couldn't get a soccer ball away from my foot.

I go about the world, hand outstretched, and in the stadiums I plead: 'A pretty move, for the love of God.' And when good soccer happens, I give thanks for the miracle and I don't give a damn which team or country performs it.

When football stars disappear, so do the teams, and that is a very curious phenomenon. It is like in the theatre, in a play, where there is a great star. If the star is not well, the whole cast suffers.

How on earth Traore gets into this team is beyond me.

And he's a Champions League winner? Gimme a break.

I'm very happy to have moved to West Ham, because I can play for a better team than Sheffield Wednesday.

They have weaknesses, the same ones which every attack-minded team has.

I'm sure that they will concede more than one at El Madrigal

When I was in elementary school, the coach of our school (soccer) team personally unearthed my talents.

I played in Europe and it was a great experience, not just because of my team-mates and the coaches we had, but from the fans and the city itself - I played in Gothenburg and I played in Lyon and soccer was everywhere.