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Men often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those whom they dislike. — Alexander Hamilton

If, then, knowledge be power, how much more power to we gain through the agency of faith, and what elevation must it give to human character. — Matthew Simpson

No agency is better than its account executives. — Morris Hite

An advertising agency is 85 percent confusion and 15 percent commission. — Fred A. Allen

Chess is as elaborate a waste of human intelligence as you can find outside an advertising agency. — Raymond Chandler

Somehow liberals have been unable to acquire from life what conservatives seem to be endowed with at birth: namely, a healthy skepticism of the powers of government agencies to do good. — Daniel Patrick Moynihan

The American people do not have the information upon which they can hold the administration and responsible agencies accountable. I call that a coverup. — Bob Graham

When a man has done all he can do, still there is a mighty, mysterious agency over which he needs influence to secure success. The one way he can reach it is by prayer. — Russel H. Conwell

Advertising agency quotes - An advertising agency, often referred to as a creative agency or an ad agency, is a business dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising

Government agency quotes - A government or state agency, sometimes an appointed commission, is a permanent or semi-permanent organization in the machinery of government that is responsible

Intelligence agency quotes - An intelligence agency is a government agency responsible for the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information in support of law enforcement

Anadolu Agency quotes - Agency (Turkish: Anadolu Ajansı, lit. 'Anatolia Agency'; abbreviated AA) is an international news agency headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. The agency is

News agency quotes - A news agency is an organization that gathers news reports and sells them to subscribing news organizations, such as newspapers, magazines and radio and

Regulatory agency quotes - regulatory agency (also functional agency, regulatory authority, regulatory body or regulator) is a public authority or government agency responsible

Agency (philosophy) quotes - Agency is the capacity of an actor to act in a given environment. The capacity to act does not at first imply a specific moral dimension to the ability

Travel agency quotes - A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of accommodation

Ogilvy (agency) quotes - advertising, marketing, and public relations agency. It was founded in 1850 by Edmund Mather as a London-based agency. In 1964, the firm became known as Ogilvy