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Accurate and famous quotes by Tommy Lasorda, Bo Jackson, Mickey Mantle, John Thorn, Sparky Anderson, Yogi Berra, Jim Bouton, Babe Ruth, that are about baseball. You can read the best of all time or enjoy Top 10 baseball images and Top 10 baseball quotes. These baseball quotes are handy to improve yourself and your knowledge.

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Picture quote by Hank Aaron about sport

It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course. ⏤ Hank Aaron

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Best baseball quotes

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It ain't over till it's over.

Yogi Berra, athlete

Baseball is a red-blooded sport for red-blooded men. It's no pink tea, and mollycoddles had better stay out. It's a struggle for supremacy, a survival of the fittest.

Ty Cobb, athlete

Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal.

George Will, journalist

Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.

Yogi Berra, athlete

I've always been like that. I was a tomboy when I was a kid, so I was always playing baseball and basketball and football and stuff as a kid with the boys.

Catherine Bell, model

A baseball swing is a very finely tuned instrument. It is repetition, and more repetition, then a little more after that.

Reggie Jackson, athlete

Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets.

Yogi Berra, athlete

The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three run homers.

Earl Weaver, coach

Watching baseball under the lights is like observing dogs indoors, at a pedigree show. In both instances, the environment is too controlled to suit the species.

Melvin Maddocks,

Being with a woman all night never hurt no professional baseball player. It's staying up all night looking for a woman that does him in.

Casey Stengel, athlete

People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.

Rogers Hornsby, athlete

It's a weird scene. You win a few baseball games and all of a sudden you're surrounded by reporters and TV men with cameras asking you about Vietnam and race relations.

Vida Blue, athlete

Why are baseball managers the only coaches who dress up like the players?

Jay Mohr, actor

If you put a baseball and other toys in front of a baby, he'll pick up a baseball in preference to the others.

Tris Speaker, athlete

There are three types of baseball players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens.

Tommy Lasorda, coach

Baseball is a simple game. If you have good players and if you keep them in the right frame of mind then the manager is a success.

Sparky Anderson, coach

Awards mean a lot, but they don't say it all. The people in baseball mean more to me than statistics.

Ernie Banks, athlete

People who write about spring training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball.

Sandy Koufax, athlete

Baseball hasn't been the national pastime for many years now - no sport is. The national pastime, like it or not, is watching television.

Bob Greene, journalist

Tell me the truth - do you think I've lost my Southern accent? I feel it comes back to me only when I'm shouting at fights or at baseball games.

Cleo Moore, actress

Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he's losing; nobody wants you to quit when you're ahead.

Jackie Robinson, athlete

Baseball happens to be a game of cumulative tension but football, basketball and hockey are played with hand grenades and machine guns.

John Leonard, poet

Now that women are jockeys, baseball umpires, atomic scientists, and business executives, maybe someday they can master parallel parking.

Bill Vaughan, journalist

Two hours is about as long as any American can wait for the close of a baseball game, or anything else for that matter.

Al Spalding, athlete

The genius of our institutions is democratic - baseball is a democratic game.

Al Spalding, athlete

Playing baseball for a living is like having a license to steal.

Pete Rose, athlete

I'd walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball.

Pete Rose, athlete

Doctors tell me I have the body of a thirty year old. I know I have the brain of a fifteen year old. If you've got both, you can play baseball.

Pete Rose, athlete

If it wasn't for baseball, I'd be in either the penitentiary or the cemetery.

Babe Ruth, athlete

Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world.

Babe Ruth, athlete

Baseball changes through the years. It gets milder.

Babe Ruth, athlete

If you could equate the amount of time and effort put in mentally and physically into succeeding on the baseball field and measured it by the dirt on your uniform, mine would have been black.

Mike Schmidt, athlete

Luck is the great stabilizer in baseball.

Tris Speaker, athlete

People like us are afraid to leave ball. What else is there to do? When baseball has been your whole life, you can't think about a future without it, so you hang on as long as you can.

Willie Stargell, athlete

Baseball must be a great game to survive the fools who run it.

Bill Terry, athlete

I knew when my career was over. In 1965 my baseball card came out with no picture.

Bob Uecker, athlete

Baseball hasn't forgotten me. I go to a lot of old-timers games and I haven't lost a thing. I sit in the bullpen and let people throw things at me. Just like old times.

Bob Uecker, athlete

There has always been a saying in baseball that you can't make a hitter, but I think you can improve a hitter. More than you can improve a fielder. More mistakes are made hitting than in any other part of the game.

Ted Williams, athlete

Baseball's future? Bigger and bigger, better and better! No question about it, it's the greatest game there is!

Ted Williams, athlete

Baseball gives every American boy a chance to excel, not just to be as good as someone else but to be better than someone else. This is the nature of man and the name of the game.

Ted Williams, athlete

These days baseball is different. You come to spring training, you get your legs ready, you arms loose, your agents ready, your lawyer lined up.

Dave Winfield, athlete

I was lucky enough to have the talent to play baseball. That's how I treated my career. I didn't think I was anybody special, anybody different.

Carl Yastrzemski, athlete

I think about baseball when I wake up in the morning. I think about it all day and I dream about it at night. The only time I don't think about it is when I'm playing it.

Carl Yastrzemski, athlete

This is a great thing that's happening in baseball. We don't know if it will ever happen again.

Mark McGwire, athlete

I know it's tough. Everybody in baseball knows its tough. I'm just going to give it my best shot.

Mark McGwire, athlete

I think I was the best baseball player I ever saw.

Willie Mays, athlete

Baseball is a game, yes. It is also a business. But what is most truly is is disguised combat. For all its gentility, its almost leisurely pace, baseball is violence under wraps.

Willie Mays, athlete

When I began playing the game, baseball was about as gentlemanly as a kick in the crotch.

Ty Cobb, athlete

I have observed that baseball is not unlike a war, and when you come right down to it, we batters are the heavy artillery.

Ty Cobb, athlete

Baseball was one-hundred percent of my life.

Ty Cobb, athlete

A catcher must want to catch. He must make up his mind that it isn't the terrible job it is painted, and that he isn't going to say every day, 'Why, oh why with so many other positions in baseball did I take up this one.'

Bill Dickey, athlete

There is no room in baseball for discrimination. It is our national pastime and a game for all.

Lou Gehrig, athlete

If my uniform doesn't get dirty, I haven't done anything in the baseball game.

Rickey Henderson, athlete

I could have played another year, but I would have been playing for the money, and baseball deserves better than that.

George Brett, athlete

I'm human and I've played my butt off for ten years. I'm not a loafer, I'm not a jerk, I'm a baseball player.

Reggie Jackson, athlete

I am the best in baseball.

Reggie Jackson, athlete

After Jackie Robinson the most important black in baseball history is Reggie Jackson, I really mean that.

Reggie Jackson, athlete

I think one of the most difficult things for anyone who's played baseball is to accept the fact that maybe the players today are playing just as well as ever.

Ralph Kiner, athlete

The only thing I can do is play baseball. I have to play ball. It's the only thing I know.

Mickey Mantle, athlete

I'll play baseball for the Army or fight for it, whatever they want me to do.

Mickey Mantle, athlete

Every day I went to the ballpark in Yankee Stadium as well as on the road people were on my back. The last six years in the American League were mental hell for me. I was drained of all my desire to play baseball.

Roger Maris, athlete

I'm flattered that so many baseball people think I'm a Hall of Famer. But what's hard to believe is how one-hundred and fifty plus people have changed their minds about me since I became eligible, because I haven't had a base hit since then.

Richie Ashburn, athlete

The good rising fastball is the best pitch in baseball.

Tom Seaver, athlete

In baseball, my theory is to strive for consistency, not to worry about the numbers. If you dwell on statistics you get shortsighted, if you aim for consistency, the numbers will be there at the end.

Tom Seaver, athlete

My feeling is that when you're managing a baseball team, you have to pick the right people to play and then pray a lot.

Robin Roberts, athlete

The trouble with baseball is that it is not played the year round.

Gaylord Perry, athlete

Going back down to the minors is the toughest thing to handle in baseball.

Gaylord Perry, athlete

Many baseball fans look upon an umpire as a sort of necessary evil to the luxury of baseball, like the odor that follows an automobile.

Christy Mathewson, athlete

If you've ever been around a group of actors, you've noticed, no doubt, that they can talk of nothing else under the sun but acting. It's exactly the same way with baseball players. Your heart must be in your work.

Christy Mathewson, athlete

That was real baseball. We weren't playing for money. They gave us Mickey Mouse watches that ran backwards.

Bill Lee, athlete

Kids don't learn the fundamentals of baseball at the games anymore.

Bill Lee, athlete

I would change policy, bring back natural grass and nickel beer. Baseball is the belly-button of our society. Straighten out baseball, and you straighten out the rest of the world.

Bill Lee, athlete

Why is it there are so many nice guys interested in baseball? Not me, I was a real bastard when I played.

Burleigh Grimes, athlete

You kind of took it for granted around the Yankees that there was always going to be baseball in October.

Whitey Ford, athlete

Nowadays, they have more trouble packing hair dryers than baseball equipment.

Bob Feller, athlete

I don't think baseball owes colored people anything. I don't think colored people owe baseball anything, either.

Bob Feller, athlete

Let the teachers teach English and I will teach baseball. There is a lot of people in the United States who say isn't, and they ain't eating.

Dizzy Dean, athlete

You can't sit on a lead and run a few plays into the line and just kill the clock. You've got to throw the ball over the damn plate and five the other man his chance. That's why baseball is the greatest game of them all.

Earl Weaver, coach

What you have to remember is that baseball isn't a week or a month but a season - and a season is a long time.

Chuck Tanner, athlete

If you don't like the way the Atlanta Braves are playing then you don't like baseball.

Chuck Tanner, athlete

There is but one game and that game is baseball.

John McGraw,

No matter what I talk about, I always get back to baseball.

Connie Mack, businessman

Humanity is the keystone that holds nations and men together. When that collapses, the whole structure crumbles. This is as true of baseball teams as any other pursuit in life.

Connie Mack, businessman

Do what you love to do and give it your very best. Whether it's business or baseball, or the theater, or any field. If you don't love what you're doing and you can't give it your best, get out of it. Life is too short. You'll be an old man before you know it.

Al Lopez, coach

Baseball is like driving, it's the one who gets home safely that counts.

Tommy Lasorda, coach

Baseball has been good to me since I quit trying to play it.

Whitey Herzog, athlete

In this game of baseball, you live by the sword and die by it. You hit and get hit. Remember that.

Alvin Dark, athlete

Every player should be accorded the privilege of at least one season with the Chicago Cubs. That's baseball as it should be played - in God's own sunshine. And that's really living.

Alvin Dark, athlete

The great thing about baseball is when you're done, you'll only tell your grandchildren the good things. If they ask me about 1989, I'll tell them I had amnesia.

Sparky Anderson, coach

A baseball manager is a necessary evil.

Sparky Anderson, coach

Perhaps the truest axiom in baseball is that the toughest thing to do is repeat.

Walt Alston, athlete

We're the best team in baseball, but not by much.

Sparky Anderson, coach

Some say our national pastime is baseball. Not me. It's gossip.

Erma Bombeck, humorist

President Bush left for Canada today to attend a trade summit. Reportedly, the trade summit got off to an awkward start when the president pulled out his baseball cards.

Conan O'Brien, entertainer

If you're a singer you lose your voice. A baseball player loses his arm. A writer gets more knowledge, and if he's good, the older he gets, the better he writes.

Mickey Spillane, author

Baseball has the great advantage over cricket of being sooner ended.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules and realities of the game - and do it by watching first some high school or small-town teams.

Jacques Barzun, educator

Poets are like baseball pitchers. Both have their moments. The intervals are the tough things.

Robert Frost, poet

I was showing early symptoms of becoming a professional baseball man. I was lying to the press.

Roger Kahn, writer

For the parents of a Little Leaguer, a baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown into innings.

Earl Wilson, athlete

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