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In the end, the Labour party could cease to represent labour. Stranger historic ironies have happened than that.

— Enoch Powell

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The irony is that while God doesn’t need us but still wants us, we desperately need God but don’t really want Him most of the time.

Irony quote Imagine if trees gave off wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees and w
Imagine if trees gave off wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we'd probably save the planet too. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.

With every mistake, we must surely be learning.

Irony quote A government which robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Pa
A government which robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul.
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Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself.

Life's cruelest irony.

Irony is a clear consciousness of an eternal agility, of the infinitely abundant chaos.

At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed.

Irony quote In my country we go to prison first and then become President.~ Nelson Mandela
In my country we go to prison first and then become President.~ Nelson Mandela

A tragic irony of life is that we so often achieve success or financial independence after the chief reason for which we sought it has passed away.

I have never regretted my silence. As for my speech, I have regretted it over and over again.

One of the outstanding ironies of history is the utter disregard of ranks and titles in the final judgments men pass on each other. The final estimate of men shows that history cares not an iota for the rank or title a man has borne, or the office he has held, but only the quality of his deeds and the character of his mind and heart.

There is only one heaven, one earth and one queen (me) Queen Elizabeth is an impostor.

The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive.

All in all, I think that out of all musical genres, the world of metal is the most escapist one. Metal is also music for people who think for themselves. I think metalheads are smart people who possess a healthy dose of self-irony and a good sense of humor, and that appeals to me. I felt a strong affinity with the scene from the first moment on.

Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person.

The irony of loneliness is that everybody shares it from time to time.

There are no nudists in cold areas.

In golf your strengths and weaknesses will always be there.

If you could improve your weaknesses, you would improve your game. The irony is that people prefer to practice their strengths.

The best antidote I know for worry is work.

The best cure for weariness is the challenge of helping someone who is even more tired. One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.

Last September 16th, I was walking in downtown Seattle when this pick-up truck pulls up in front of me. Guy leans out the window and yells, "Go back to your own country," and I was laughing so hard because it wasn't so much a hate crime as a crime of irony.

If you want to please the critics, don't play too loud, too soft, too fast, too slow.

When I was young, I would sit in the bath and ideas would come to me.

But I'm not young any more, so now I just sit in the bath.

With fame I become more and more stupid, which of course is a very common phenomenon.

Large increases in cost with questionable increases in performance can be tolerated only in race horses and fancy women.

There is nothing absolute and final. If everything were ironclad, all the rules absolute and everything structured so no paradox or irony existed, you couldn't move. One could say that man sneaks through the crack where paradox exists.

He's turned his life around. He used to be depressed and miserable. Now he's miserable and depressed.

In a sense, a cyborg has no origin story in the Western sense – a ‘final’ irony since the cyborg is also the awful apocalyptic telos of the ‘West’s’ escalating dominations of abstract individuation, an ultimate self untied at last from all dependency, a man in space.

I'd rather be partly great than entirely useless.

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Socratic method - use of the Socratic method in law school classes Socrates Cafe Socratic irony Jarratt, Susan C. Rereading the Sophists: Classical Rhetoric Refigured.

The keynote of American civilization is a sort of warm-hearted vulgarity.

The Americans have none of the irony of the English, none of their cool poise, none of their manner. But they do have friendliness. Where an Englishman would give you his card, an American would very likely give you his shirt.

The irony of the Supreme Court hearing on these cases last week and of the outright hostility that the Court has displayed against religion in recent years is that above the head of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is a concrete display of the Ten Commandments.

This commitment to truth is something one senses more and more Americans yearning for, just as they are becoming more and more sophisticated at knowing when the truth is being obscured - an irony that seems to elude most of todays elected officials.

It is one of history's ironies that Communism, advertised as a classless society, tended to breed a privileged class of feudal proportions.

Laughter and irony are at heart reminders that we are not prisoners in this world, but voyagers through it.

I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body.

Then I realized who was telling me this.

Life is that perfect fine line between ironies.

The irony of New Testament lordship is that only in slavery to Christ can a man discover authentic freedom.

Irony is the hardest addiction of all.

Forget heroin. Just try giving up irony, the deep-down need to mean two things at once, to be in two places at once, not to be there for the catastrophe of a fixed meaning.