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A man once asked me, what's punk? I kicked over a trash can and said that's punk. He kicked over a trash can and then asked me again, Is that punk? I replied no. That's just trendy. — Billie Joe Armstrong

The path of civilization is paved with tin cans. — Elbert Hubbard

If the garbage man calls, tell him we don't want any. — Groucho Marx

To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people's trash. — Bill Nye

I already am eating from the trash can all the time. The name of this trash can is ideology. The material force of ideology makes me not see what I am effectively eating. — Slavoj Žižek

My mom will make me walk the dogs or take out the trash when I go home. — Queen Latifah

In California, they don't throw their garbage away - they make it into TV shows. — Woody Allen

Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans. — Jacques Yves Cousteau

In painting, you have unlimited power. You have the ability to move mountains. You can bend rivers. But when i get home the only thing i have power over is the garbage. — Bob Ross

The current system punishes communities which make the investment in creating landfills, only to have them filled by states which refuse to adequately address their waste issues. — Paul Gillmor

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  • You can't spell Citrus without UT — Steve Spurrier
  • I guess if your heart's in the right place, the trash can go anywhere. — Greg Gutfeld
  • I find the single most valuable tool in my darkroom is my trash can — John Sexton
  • Fang can't stand to see trash & garbage lying around the house. He can't stand the competition. — Phyllis Diller
  • We can’t have landfills forever and we can’t ask others to accept our trash. — Jaime Lerner
  • Sometimes it's more fun to compete with your friends, because you can talk a little trash with them. — Derrek Lee
  • When you're through with your cat, you can't throw it in the trash. — Jim Davis
  • why will friends publish all the trash they can scrape together of celebrated people? — Maria Edgeworth
  • You can take the woman outta the trash, but you can't take the trash out a the woman. — Charles de Lint
  • I don't care if people boo me or talk trash to me. I can't understand what they're saying anyways. — Jose Aldo
Trash cans quote Success comes in canS, not in cannotS.
Success comes in canS, not in cannotS.

Trash Cans Quotes

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Everything that touches YOUR life, must be an instrument of YOUR liberation or tossed into the trash cans of HISTORY — John Henrik Clarke

I remember being in India one time where I saw people who were struggling to find food at the bottom of a trash can, and then I walked into my hotel and saw people arguing over how the quality of food at the buffet wasn't good enough. — Jay Shetty

I always believe that to be the best, you have to smell like the best, dress like the best, act like the best. When you throw your trash in the garbage can, it has to be better than anybody else who ever threw trash in the garbage can. — Lewis Carroll

Trash cans quote She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans.
She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans.

I remember, once, my sister used to tell me that they found me in the trash-can when I was younger, so one time I pushed my sister into a trash-can - I put it over her head and pushed her down the street. And then after that, we been close ever since. — Vince Staples

Put this in your CD-ROM: www dot Canibus dot com. You can find me on the Internet, talkin' to chicks That was sweatin' me off the 'Music Makes Me High' remix. I be talkin' mad trash, tryin to get 'em to laugh. See, if I click and drag long enough I'll get the ass. — Canibus

When are the world's political parties going to get appropriate symbols: snake, louse, jackal, ... trash can, clown face, ... dollar bill with bat wings on it? — P. J. O'Rourke

Trash cans quote She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans.
She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans.

You write some material, go up on stage and try it out; go back home and throw it in the trash can. And the next day do it again. — Felipe Esparza

Taboo was kind of celebrating trash, the kind of records you secretly loved, like Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, by Baccara [laughs] - things that you probably shouldn't like. — Boy George

Trash can!” Pritkin cursed and grabbed one, just about the time everything I’d eaten that night paid a repeat visit. Whiskey, pizza, milk shake, beer-and a lone, half-dissolved gummy bear, which was a surprise, since I couldn’t actually recall having eaten any. Fun times. — Karen Chance

I like the idea of being sort of withdrawn and mysterious, and what can be more mysterious that someone wearing a trash bag, like a dark trash bag, with eye holes that say "nihilism?" You'd be curious. What's underneath that? Is it perfect? Or is it broken? — Eugene Mirman

Garbage In Garbage Out Quotes

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It was at the beginning of all this tabloid frenzy. Our garbage was being gone through, and we were involved in all these chases getting home, and people camping out on our property to get pictures. — Lauren Holly

I have a really great family, and when Im not filming, I go home and walk the dogs, take out the garbage, clean my room, all that stuff. My family and my friends keep me in line, and make sure I dont get crazy. — Abigail Breslin

In the big city, if the man next door happens to be a slum landlord, a Mafia bag man, or a long distance runner, what does it matter, as long as he puts his garbage out on Tuesdays? — Hal Higdon

I am saying pornography hurts anyone who reads it -- garbage in, garbage out. — Jerry Falwell

The best way to prepare [to be a programmer] is to write programs, and to study great programs that other people have written. In my case, I went to the garbage cans at the Computer Science Center and I fished out listings of their operating systems. — Bill Gates

The EU report speaks for itself. The statement in my view shows that the mission has turned out to be something worse than a farce, ... We shall in the coming days and weeks see what we can do to expose the pack of lies and innuendoes that characterise the garbage in this report. — Meles Zenawi

The Pavlik fight was the first time I heard the masses put the word knockout attached to my opponent. I'm real keen on what people say. Ninety percent of it might be garbage, but something in there might be the plan. That woke me up and I knew I wanted to destroy. — Bernard Hopkins

Is that your final answer? Here in New York garbage men, bus drivers, taxi cab drivers, bus drivers, whoever, you know, people just yell it out to me. So that was a lot of fun. — Regis Philbin

Gift to the creative artist: positive images in, positive images out. On the other hand, garbage in, garbage out. — Don Watson

It's gotten to the point where if I throw a cookie in the garbage, I have to douse it in Cascade. Otherwise, why wouldn't I take it out and eat it? — Hoda Kotb

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The fiction of Ayn Rand is as low as you can get re fiction. I hope you picked it up off the floor of the subway and threw it in the nearest garbage pail. She makes Mickey Spillane look like Dostoevsky. — Flannery O'Connor

I did kung fu up until two weeks before Benjamin was born, and yoga three days a week. I think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. I was mindful about what I ate, and I gained only 30 pounds. — Gisele Bundchen

If there's one thing I can't bear, it's when hundreds of old men come creeping in through the window in the middle of the night and throw all manner of garbage over me. I can't bear that. — Peter Cook

Everything evens up, you just wait, Even a garbage can gets a steak, You ain't even a garbage can, you have faith! — Jay-Z

One of us had loved the other more perfectly, had watched the other more closely, and one of us listened and the other hadn’t, and one of us held on to the ambition of the one idea far longer than was reasonable, whereas the other, passing a garbage can one night, had casually thrown it away. — Nicole Krauss

I can't say that only the citizens litter. I must say that I have also been wrong in doing this. We need to ban plastics and be a little careful with garbage. — Shahrukh Khan

We can no longer afford to consider air and water common property, free to be abused by anyone without regard to the consequences. Instead, we should begin now to treat them as scarce resources, which we are no more free to contaminate than we are free to throw garbage into our neighbor's yard. — Richard M. Nixon

The most important piece in the house is the garbage can. — Karl Lagerfeld

Thousands of years ago only Christ could walk on the water. Today anybody can do it; you just step on the garbage. — Steve Allen

Some people claim that it is okay to read trashy novels because sometimes you can find something valuable in them. You can also find a crust of bread in a garbage can, if you search long enough, but there is a better way. — Jim Rohn

Garbage Trucks Quotes

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Quit sharing bad news and gossip you aren't a garbage truck. — Grant Cardone

She ran after the garbage truck, yelling, "Am I too late for the garbage?" "No, jump in!" — Henny Youngman

A real New Yorker likes the sound of a garbage truck in the morning. — R. L. Stine

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who do not. — Christy Chung

Like a garbage truck, we need a 'lie-truck' which will collect lies from everyone's houses every morning, even every hour! — Mehmet Murat Ildan

I love my life, but I don't think I'm any happier than my younger brother Andre, who drives a garbage truck. — Chris Rock

Time magazine put Chris Christie on the cover with the caption, 'The Elephant in the Room.' And People magazine named him 'Sexiest Garbage Truck in a Suit.' — Bill Maher

It's important to bring things back from the Space Station because, unlike somebody living at the house where the garbage truck comes by twice a week, they don't have that in space. — Mark Kelly

The things I wanted to be when I was a kid were an archeologist, because of dinosaur bones; a garbage man, because they got to ride on the side of the trucks; and a writer. — Nick Tosches

Thats what her cars do," Lula said. "They explode. But I gotta tell you this was the best. This here's the first time she exploded a garbage truck. One time her truck got hit with an antitank missile. That wasn't bad either, but it couldn't compare to this. — Janet Evanovich

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We never had a bathtub. Mom would bathe me in the wooden or tin washtub in the kitchen, or in a big lard can. — Ethel Waters

You can be young without money but you can't be old without it. — Tennessee Williams

Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you're not good at them. — Kevin Costner

To have news value is to have a tin can tied to one's tail. — Thomas E. Lawrence

Why does a salmon rise? Why does a small boy cross the street just to kick a tin can? — Lee Wulff

My grandma used to plant tomato seedlings in tin cans from tomato sauce & puree & crushed tomatoes she got from the Italian restaurant by her house, but she always soaked the labels off first. I don't want them to be anxious about the future, she said. It's not healthy. — Brian Andreas

I'd rather hop freights around the country and cook my food out of tin cans over wood fires, than be rich and have a home or work. — Jack Kerouac

Scientology, how about that? You hold on to the tin cans and then this guy asks you a bunch of questions, and if you pay enough money you get to join the master race. How's that for a religion ? — Frank Zappa

For here Am I sitting in a tin can, Far above the world. Planet Earth is blue, And there's nothing I can do. — David Bowie

The human animal is a beast that eventually has to die. If he's got money, he buys and he buys and he buys. The reason he buys everything he can is because of some crazy hope that one of the things he buys will be life everlasting. — Burl Ives

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Making prostitution legalized gives our society a message that sex is not sacred/private between two adults - that sex can be bought and sold just like any object. But prostitutes are people, not objects to be consumed, used and discarded like trash when they are no longer doing what each client/trafficker wants. — Annie Lobert

The British are coming, the British are coming! Mr. President! We need the National Guard! We need as many men as you can spare because we are killing the Patriots! So call the dogs off! Send the National Guard, please! They need emergency help! Please! Help! — Shannon Sharpe

[Let's talk about] Donald Trump. What does he represent in the American mind and in the European mind? He represents American white trash, [which Hillary Clinton called] 'deplorable and irredeemable'. It means from an establishment or educated cosmopolitan, urbane perspective, these people are like the red necks, and you can never deal with them. — Julian Assange

The camera can be a machine gun, a warm kiss, a sketchbook. Shooting a camera is like saying, Yes, yes, yes. There is no maybe. All the maybes should go in the trash. — Henri Cartier-Bresson

A photographer needs to be a good editor of negatives and prints! In fact, most of the prints I make are for my eyes only, and they are no good. I find the single most valuable tool in the darkroom is my trash can - that's where most of my prints end up. — John Sexton

Open discussion of many major public questions has for some time now been taboo. We can't open our mouths without being denounced as racists, misogynists, supremacists, imperialists or fascists. As for the media, they stand ready to trash anyone so designated. — Saul Bellow

That is why the ideal literary diet consists of trash and classics; all that has survived, and all that has no reason to survive - books you can read without thinking, and books you have to read if you want to think at all. — Anthony Lane

YouTube is full of pieces of trash. If you want to look on YouTube and find something that insults you, you can probably find it. — Salman Rushdie

I was just taking out my trash and I had, like, 300 cans of Diet Coke. It was just like, 'How did that happen?' I don't even remember buying them. I also like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. My addictions are pretty much the only things I consume. — Robert Pattinson

Before I forget, here's your homework. Where do you want me to put it?" She pointed at the trash can. "Right there would be fine. — Becca Fitzpatrick

Louis Armstrong, who learned to be in exquisite dress, came from the bottom, and he's not a trash can. — Stanley Crouch

Cast away care, he that loves sorrow Lengthens not a day, nor can buy tomorrow; Money is trash, and he that will spend it, Let him drink merrily, fortune will send it. — Thomas Dekker

When I was about to be famous, I feared it on a few levels. I feared it because I didn't want people to lump me in with those people who'd do anything to be famous. I didn't like the word 'celebrity.' I feared intrusion, you know? Make me famous, and suddenly you can go through my trash bins. — Ricky Gervais

Even though I don't have any larger spiritual or ideological system, there is some logic in concert with a huge number of beautiful, disconcerting, screwed-up variables that results in a certain visual pleasure in violent things. Like a broken egg yolk can be the most violent thing I've seen all day, if I'm in the right mood. But also tons of trash in the woods or a burned-up trailer park can also come across as especially violent. — Elizabeth Neel

To purchase Heaven has gold the power? Can gold remove the mortal hour? In life can love be bought with gold? Are friendship's pleasures to be sold? No--all that's worth a wish--a thought, Fair virtue gives unbribed, unbought. Cease then on trash thy hopes to bind, Let nobler views engage thy mind. — Samuel Johnson

Why are you afraid? This is where you get it out of your system: bankruptcy, unfulfilled potential, trashing your reputation, losing it all. And then (because we just can't stop there), you're going to apply some simple analysis to it.You may have nothing to fear after all. — Danielle LaPorte

Damnit.' Isabelle, standing in the mouth of the alley, her wet black hair like a cloak around her shoulders, kicked a trash can out of her way and glowered. 'Oh, for goodness's sake,' she said. 'I can't believe you two. Why? What's wrong with bedrooms? And pivacy? — Cassandra Clare

I really want to do something in Europe. With a small movie, it can be an interesting challenge. But I have to get the right project. I don't think it's so important to go to Hollywood. All that trash that comes out of there! I don't want to do that. — Ziyi Zhang

King Arthur was one of my heroes - I played with a trash can lid for a knightly shield and my uncle's cane for the sword Excalibur. — Lloyd Alexander

Our president seems determined to do anything he can with the Russians and the Russians hate - but a report and hates us. He is malevolent and he is as close to pure evil as I can find. He's also brilliant. I don't understand what any American would want an alliance with Russia. We should be strengthening our alliance with democracies instead of trashing nato we should be building it up much more strongly. — Ralph Peters

If you're spending a lot of time in the writers' room and then you're also acting, you have your foot in both of those doors. I'd always say to the writers, "You can say whatever you want about your boss in front of me. I'm not going to think about it as my girlfriend." You've got to be able to trash your boss, in any job. — Tom Arnold

Some days, who can stare at swathes of sky, leafage and bad-complected whale-gray streets, tailpipes and smokestacks orating sepia exhaust, or the smaller enthusiasms of pistil and mailbox key, and not weep for the world's darks on lights, lights on darks, how its half-tones stay unchanged in their changings, or how turning wheels and wind-trash and revolving doors weave us into wakefulness or dump us into distraction? — W. S. Di Piero

I love when people will say, "Oh, my songs are my children." I understand that, but I'm also not afraid to kill my kids. I know when the time has come to throw it in the trash can. With a child you've got to go to therapy and put it in daycare and buy it birthday presents. With a song, you can shove it in a dark closet and tell it you'll be there when you're ready. — Adam Granduciel

Ordinary Americans can't pollute for free. You can't dump your trash on the sidewalk or throw all your refuse into your neighbor's yard. I don't understand why corporate polluters should be allowed to dump megatons of carbon, the most dangerous pollution in the history of the world, into our thin shell of an atmosphere, and not pay a penny to do it. — Van Jones

If you wear clothing, and put out trash you are using up resources that others also need BUT I can pay attention and I can do better. That I know for sure about me, my soul needs to try or I can't lay my head down on my pillow at night and even hope to sleep. — Kristin Bauer van Straten

When the riots happened in L.A., they didn't go to Beverly Hills to trash Rodeo Drive. They trashed their own neighborhoods. It's one of those tragedies that we always see in riot situations, where the only thing that they can lash out against is the stuff that's right there in their own communities. They destroy the very things that help them survive in their own community. There is a level of futility in that. — Samuel L. Jackson

I was a typical kid. I dug holes in the yard, threw rocks, had plum battles with the neighbours and used trash can lids as shields. I was always outside getting dirty. — Arj Barker

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