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Picture quote by Buddha about doctor

The six best doctors: Sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet. ⏤ Buddha

Picture quote by George Bernard Shaw about inteligence

No diet will remove all the fat from your body, becayse the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain, you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office. ⏤ George Bernard Shaw

Picture quote by Julia Child about food

The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for steak to coo. ⏤ Julia Child

Picture quote by Clint Eastwood about diet

I try to stick to a vegan diet heavy on fruit and vegetables. ⏤ Clint Eastwood

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Best diet quotes

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To ask women to become unnaturally thin is to ask them to relinquish their sexuality.

Naomi Wolf, author

Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor

Thou seest I have more flesh than another man, and therefore more frailty.

William Shakespeare, dramatist

The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook.

Julia Child, chef

The first law of dietetics seems to be if it tastes good, it’s bad for you.

Isaac Asimov, scientist

Thin people are beautiful, but fat people are adorable.

Jackie Gleason, actor

To safeguard one's health at the cost of too strict a diet is a tiresome illness indeed.

Francois de la Rochefoucauld, writer

I don't mind that I'm fat. You still get the same money.

Marlon Brando, actor

it's a sex object if you're pretty and no love or love and no sex if you're fat

Nikki Giovanni, poet

Glutton: one who digs his grave with his teeth.


High-quality food is better for your health.

Michael Pollan, educator

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Michael Pollan, educator

You can't exercise your way out of a bad diet.

Mark Hyman,

If I like myself at this weight, then this is what I'm going to be. I don't have an eating disorder.

Courteney Cox, actress

I need my food to keep my energy up, so I can't really diet.

Sienna Miller, actress

Nothing arouses more hope than the first four hours of a diet.


'Tis a superstition to insist on a special diet. All is made at last of the same chemical atoms.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people.

Orson Welles, actor

Probably nothing in the world arouses more false hopes Than the first four hours of a diet.

Samuel Beckett, playwright

What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease.

Alexander Pope, poet

A friend doesn't go on a diet because you are fat.

Erma Bombeck, humorist

The way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not.

Mark Twain, author

The pleasures of the palate deal with us like the Egyptian thieves, who strangle those whom they embrace.

Marcus Annaeus Seneca Seneca The Elder, rhetorician

We have the opportunity to provide the first FDA reviewed and approved over-the-counter option that can help people lose weight and make changes to their lifestyle and diet.

Steve Burton, actor

Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. It puts enormous pressure on the world's resources. A vegetarian diet is better.

Nicholas Stern, economist

In general, mankind, since the improvement of cookery, eats twice as much as nature requires.

Benjamin Franklin, president

An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.

Irv Kupcinet, journalist

They whose sole bliss is eating can give but that one brutish reason why they live.

Juvenal, poet

How easy for those who do not bulge to not overindulge!

Ogden Nash, poet

You can't have a world where 50 percent of the people are dieting and 50 percent of the people are starving if you want stability.

John Shelby Spong, clergyman

When the stomach is full, it is easy to talk of fasting.

St. Jerome,

The miser and the glutton are two facetious buzzards: one hides his store, and the other stores his hide.

Josh Billings, comedian

Outside every fat man there was an even fatter man trying to close in.

Kingsley Amis, novelist

Our society's strong emphasis on dieting and self-image can sometimes lead to eating disorders. We know that more than 5 million Americans suffer from eating disorders, most of them young women.

Tipper Gore, celebrity

Imprisoned in every fat man, a thin one is wildly signaling to be let out.

Cyril Connolly, intellectual

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.

Jim Davis, cartoonist

People who shop in health food stores never look healthy.

Amy Sedaris, actress

Dieters -- People that are thick and tired of it


I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.

Mae West, actress

Nothing burns more calories than dancing in 5-inch heels... try it!

Ariana Grande, singer

My interesting diet tips are eat early and don't nosh between meals. I mean, I can pack it away.

Carol Burnett, actress

Every single diet I ever fell off of was because of potatoes and gravy of some sort.

Dolly Parton, musician

I've done everything every fat person ever has. I've tried every diet.

Dolly Parton, musician

For different roles, my condition and training and diet does alter. Depending on the role, it will really dictate the type of training I do.

Dwayne Johnson, actor

People have been fed this diet of pabulum, rights, and impulsive freedom. There's just an absolute starvation for the other side of the story.

Jordan Peterson, psychologist

The dieting wars have got to stop.

Lady Gaga, musician

I have to be on such a strict diet constantly.

Lady Gaga, musician

I'd much rather eat exactly what I want, and then burn it off, than diet.

Ricky Gervais, writer

I try to not eat as much sugar, but it's so hard in our American diet to do that... It's hard to completely avoid.

Tom Brady, american football player

I love to go to a movie, get a Diet Coke and a barrel of popcorn, and sit there with my kids and watch a film.

William Shatner, actor

Everyone is going to binge on a diet, for instance, so plan for it, schedule it, and contain the damage.

Tim Ferriss, author

As for my diet, I try to eat lean, clean and healthy - nothing too surprising. And I avoid too much meat or dairy because they slow you down.

Bear Grylls, adventurer

I always ate healthy, but it wasn't scientific. Now it's a high-protein diet and no carbohydrates. I have more consistent energy, and I don't get tired after a meal. It does take a very detailed meal plan.

Lindsey Vonn, ski racer

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not.

Mark Twain, author

I almost fainted. There was no family history. I had been eating a vegetarian diet and I exercised.

Rue McClanahan, actress

My doctor explained that exercise and diet changes might help and that I also might need a medication.

Della Reese, musician

I've never been on a fad diet.

Denise Van Outen, actress

It is not age; it is not diet. It is the will to succeed.

Jacqueline Gareau,

I highly recommend worrying. It is much more effective than dieting.

William Powell, actor

I don't believe in depriving myself of any food or being imprisoned by a diet.

Joely Fisher, actress

Health food makes me sick.

Calvin Trillin, journalist

Each of us should take personal responsibility for our diet, and our children's diet, and the government's role should be to make certain it provides the best information possible to help people stay healthy.

Jim Talent, politician

Feeding is a very important ritual for me. I don't trust people who don't like to eat.

Gina Gershon, actress

Sex keeps me in shape. I don't diet, I eat what I like. I love Mars bars and I smoke and drink. But I love running off in the middle of the day to make love. It really burns up calories.

Lisa Snowdon, model

My soul is dark with stormy riot: directly traced over to diet.

Samuel Hoffenstein, writer

It looks to me to be obvious that the whole world cannot eat an American diet.

Jerry Brown, politician

She used to diet on any kind of food she could lay her hands on.

Arthur Baer, journalist

The best physicians are Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, and Dr. Merryman.

Daniel D. Palmer, celebrity

You'd think that I'd be dieting, but I'm not.

Kelly Hu, actress

I used to be hung up on my figure, but it's a waste of time. I don't believe in diets. Have four pints one night, be healthy the next.

Sophie Ellis Bextor, musician

I certainly feel that the time is not far distant when a knowledge of the principles of diet will be an essential part of one's education. Then mankind will eat to live, be able to do better mental and physical work and disease will be less frequent.

Fannie Farmer, celebrity

And I believe that the best buy in public health today must be a combination of regular physical exercise and a healthy diet.

Julie Bishop, politician

This cream will help one's nature strengthen and grow, The diet gives support in my decline.

Du Fu, poet

I have been dairy free for several years, and I started because I felt it was going to reduce my allergies, which it did, and help me lose weight, which it did.

Fran Drescher, actress

I have been following a vegan diet now since the 1980s, and find it not only healthier, but also much more attractive than the chunks of meat that were on my plate as a child.

Neal Barnard, author

We can all put weight on or lose weight.

Keith Emerson, musician

As I mentioned previously, the tools that allow for optimum health are diet and exercise.

Bill Toomey, athlete

Do you know how many calories are in butter and cheese and ice cream? Would you get your dog up in the morning for a cup of coffee and a donut?

Jack LaLanne, athlete

I'm only drinking white wine because I'm on a diet and I don't eat.

Oliver Reed, actor

I'm lucky, I don't like sweets, not even chocolate.

Eva Herzigova, model

I did my famous cabbage soup diet, so I was able to do it.

Ellen Burstyn, actress

I was starting to become impotent through this diet and couldn't perform. How many people who are taking the little blue pill, if they started to change what they are eating most of the time, could change the way their sex life is?

Morgan Spurlock, director

I started dieting. I dieted, dieted, dieted and tried all the diets and I would lose and then I would go back to normal eating and would put it on and then some.

Suzanne Somers, actress

Their diet is basically boiled vegetables, fish and rice. No fat, no sugar. You notice when you live there that there are no fat people.

Arsene Wenger, coach

As a coach you can influence the diet of your players. You can point out what is wrong.

Arsene Wenger, coach

A systemic cleansing and detox is definitely the way to go after each holiday. It is the key to fighting high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and other health-related illnesses.

Lee Haney, athlete

The circuit training program along with a healthy clean diet is the way to excellent results.

Lee Haney, athlete

I go to the gym five days a week and I have a personal trainer. I am on a strict diet, which is kind of hard to keep up with on the road, but I stick to it as well as I can.

Lou Gramm, musician

The most violent appetites in all creatures are lust and hunger; the first is a perpetual call upon them to propagate their kind, the latter to preserve themselves.

Joseph Addison, writer

The obese is in a total delirium. For he is not only large, of a size opposed to normal morphology: he is larger than large. He no longer makes sense in some distinctive opposition, but in his excess, his redundancy.

Jean Baudrillard, sociologist

Every day the fat woman dies a series of small deaths.

Shelley Bovey,

Their kitchen is their shrine, the cook their priest, the table their altar, and their belly their god.

Charles Buck,

One meal a day is enough for a lion, and it ought to be for a man.

George Fordyce,

I have always wanted a mistress who was fat, and I have never found one. To make a fool of me, they are always pregnant.

Paul Gauguin, artist

A poor man who eats too much, as contradistinguished from a gourmand, who is a rich man who lives well.

Elbert Hubbard, writer

Who ever hears of fat men heading a riot, or herding together in turbulent mobs? No -- no, your lean, hungry men who are continually worrying society, and setting the whole community by the ears.

Washington Irving, writer

Appetite is essentially insatiable, and where it operates as a criterion of both action and enjoyment (that is, everywhere in the Western world since the sixteenth century) it will infallibly discover congenial agencies (mechanical and political) of expression.

Marshall McLuhan, philosopher

Some people are born to fatness. Others have to get there.

Les Murray,

Fat is a social disease, and fat is a feminist issue.

Susie Orbach, psychologist

Fat is a way of saying no to powerlessness and self-denial.

Susie Orbach, psychologist

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