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A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.

— Ronald Reagan

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The Republican Party looks at massive immigration, legal and illegal, as a source of cheap labor, satisfying a very important constituency.

Legal immigration quote Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.
Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.

As Congress continues to debate ways to address illegal immigration, we must remember the many hard-working legal immigrants that contribute so much to our nation's economy and culture.

Legal immigration quote Advertising is legalized lying.
Advertising is legalized lying.

Opening our borders to a flood of illegal immigrants is deliberate .

.. It's time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment.

A good place to start is with the kids .

.. One of the great founding principles of our country was that children would not be punished for the mistakes of their parents. It is time to provide an opportunity for legal residence and citizenship for those who were brought to this country as children and who know no other home.

Illegal immigrants in considerable numbers have become productive members of our society and are a basic part of our work force. Those who have established equities in the United States should be recognized and accorded legal status. At the same time, in so doing, we must not encourage illegal immigration.

Conservatives aren't anti-immigrant - conservatives are pro-legal immigration.

On immigration policy, I believe we ought to call an immediate halt, stop illegal immigration and reduce legal immigration back to about 250,000 to 300,000, to more easily assimilate the Americans who've come here in the last 30 years.

We ought to increase legal immigration for our country's advantage.

The high-tech world we are now dominating is dependent on educated folks, but we're short...of workers. It is to our nation's advantage to encourage high-powered, smart people to come into our country.

Ronald Reagan basically legalized every illegal immigrant in this country.

I just like to bring this up because every week I like to make Republican heads explode about how they love Ronald Reagan, but would despise everything he did.

Therefore, if we are a Nation of laws and a Nation of immigrants, immigration should occur within a legal framework, not through the machinations of illegal schemes and scams that threaten our national security.

[Illegal immigration] costs the taxpayers of the United States a lot of money.

And it's unfair to Americans who are working every day to pay their own bills. It's also unfair to a lot of people who have waited in line for years and years in other countries to be legal immigrants.

Merely presenting a driver's license or other document based on a birth certificate is not enough for an accurate verification. Biometric verification of identity must be made and then a data base of those persons who have legal status must be checked.

The difference between past and present immigration experience is the existence of a defiant anti-assimilationist lobby that encourages legal and illegal aliens to resist adapting to the American way of life.

The fact of the matter is that, for years, the restaurant and service industry has been, to a great extent, built on the backs of often underpaid immigrants of often dubious legal status.

Legal immigrants play by the rules and come in under the law.

They work, raise their families, pay taxes, and serve in the Armed Forces. ... Legal immigrants do not seek to cross the border, or overstay their visas. They come here the right way. ... And, by and large, they are here as the result of reunifying families.

It would be great for everyone to grow up like I grew up, where everyone had a job. It would be nice for everybody. I'm the son of a "legal" immigrant. I think it would be nice for everyone to get back to work. Get rid of homelessness. People could work. I think if people give Donald Trump a chance, he'll do great.

I think we need a real plan, which is why I have offered a much more specific approach to securing the border, fixing the legal immigration system and addressing illegal immigration.

We should not blur the lines between legal and illegal immigrants.

Millions of people around the world have gone through the process to come here legally and they followed the rules that required them to pay a fee, learn English, and learn about American history and government.

I believe we must resolve the problem at our southern border with full regard to the problems and needs of Mexico. I have suggested legalizing the entry of Mexican labor into this country on much the same basis you proposed, although I have not put it into the sense of restoring the bracero program.

In Psalm 72, Solomon prays for power and fame but he says the purpose of influence is to speak up for others and one is the immigrant. He doesn't delineate between legal and illegal.

Special interests don't want border controls because uncontrolled immigration lowers wages, but the job of a president is to fight for higher pay for all Americans, including recent legal immigrants living here today.

There should not be a question of legal or illegal immigration.

People came and immigrated to this country from the time of the Indians. No ones illegal. They should just be able to come.

The truth is, immigrants tend to be more American than people born here.

We should be the pro-legal immigration party.

A party that has a positive platform and agenda on how we can create a legal immigration system that works for immigrants and works for America.

Moreover, from reforming the tax code to our immigration system, to commonsense legal reform, President Bush put America on notice that he will continue fighting to make the country, and the world, a better place for future generations.

Nearly every study shows that competition from cheap foreign labor undercuts the wages of American workers and legal immigrants.

Within just a few years immigration as a share of national population is set to break all historical records. The time has come for a new immigration commission to develop a new set of reforms to our legal immigration system in order to achieve the following goals.

Lost in much of the national debate about immigration reform is how Democrats ultimately stand to gain electorally with any legislation or executive action that would put the newly legalized residents on a path to voting.

Illegal immigration continues to be a major problem in the United States.

We have people waiting to come here legally. And we should not be rewarding people who have come here illegally.

While I support immigration regulated through a legal framework, I do not support rewarding those who broke the law to get here.

Consular offices make no attempt to determine whether the person obtaining the card is legally in the United States. In fact, the only people who need these cards are illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists. Consular cards also are easily forged.

Instead, California is one of only 10 states that provides in-state college and university tuition to illegal immigrants. That's grossly unfair to a legal high school student who moves out of California for a year, then returns to attend college.

We should be proud that so many want to come to America, that it is still seen as the land of opportunity. Let's make it a land of legal work, not black-market jobs. Let's make it a land of work, not welfare. Our land should be one of assimilation, not hiding in the shadows.

Granting amnesty to people who broke the law penalizes the millions of people who are waiting to come to America legally.