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Accurate and famous quotes by Jean Dubuffet, Theodore Roethke, Dale Wasserman, Rita Mae Brown, that are about sanity. You can read the best of all time or enjoy Top 10 sanity images and Top 10 sanity quotes. These sanity quotes are handy to improve yourself and your knowledge.

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Picture quote by Henry Rollins about inspirational

You need a little bit of insanity to do great things. ⏤ Henry Rollins

Picture quote by Edgar Allan Poe about mind

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. ⏤ Edgar Allan Poe

Picture quote by Vincent Van Gogh about normality

Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow. ⏤ Vincent Van Gogh

Picture quote by John Piper about life

Life is short. To just "Do things" is insane. Live with a purpose. Live for a reason. ⏤ John Piper

Picture quote by Oscar Levant about mind

There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line. ⏤ Oscar Levant

Picture quote by Rose Kennedy about time

It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. Bet it is never gone. ⏤ Rose Kennedy

Picture quote by Friedrich Nietzsche about sanity

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ⏤ Friedrich Nietzsche

Picture quote by Bruce Feirstein about success

The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success. ⏤ Bruce Feirstein

Picture quote by Samuel Beckett about insanity

We are all born mad. Some remain so. ⏤ Samuel Beckett

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About sanity

What are sanity quotations about? sanity is essential part of life. You need to have knowledge and control over sanity to be successful. Save any quote to your bookmarks for futher reference.

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Best sanity quotes

What are the best sanity quotes? Best quotes about sanity of all times. Some of the top sayings that are sanity are here to read and remember. Access the best sanity quotations. Top sanity sayings on images and beautiful affirmations. Enjoy most famous quotes that are sanity and bookmark favorite ones.

I only have so much energy, so something had to go. This is why, at the end of the day, I've preserved my sanity for the children and also manage to do my best at work.

Kiri Te Kanawa, musician

Our sense of worth, of well-being, even our sanity depends upon our remembering. But, alas, our sense of worth, our well-being, our sanity also depend upon our forgetting.

Joyce Appleby,

What frightens us most in a madman is his sane conversation.

Anatole France, novelist

The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they're okay, then it's you.

Rita Mae Brown, writer

What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?

Ursula K. LeGuin,

For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity.

Jean Dubuffet, artist

Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.

Carl Jung, psychiatrist

An asylum for the sane would be empty in America.

George Bernard Shaw, dramatist

Yet mad I am not...and very surely do I not dream.

Edgar Allan Poe, writer

No man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions.

Henry Ward Beecher, clergyman

Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be.

Miguel de Cervantes, novelist

One of the definitions of sanity is the ability to tell real from unreal. Soon we'll need a new definition.

Alvin Toffler, author

A lunatic may be

Edgar Allan Poe, writer

In a mad world, only the mad are sane.

Akiro Kurosawa,

If we weren't all crazy, we would go insane.

Jimmy Buffett, musician

I hope for peace and sanity - it's the same thing.

Studs Terkel, journalist

Sanity is madness put to good use.

George Santayana, philosopher

Sanity is only that which is within the frame of reference of conventional thought.

Erich Fromm, psychologist

Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting.

John Russell, actor

Sanity is a cozy lie.

Susan Sontag, author

Those who kept their sanity and humanity intact in the face of awful adversity. Heroes named and unnamed, some known only to God.

Silvia Cartwright, statesman

Sanity is a madness put to good uses; waking life is a dream controlled.

George Santayana, philosopher

You have to keep your sanity as well as know how to distance yourself from it while still holding onto the reins tightly. That is a very difficult thing to do, but I'm learning.

Diahann Carroll, actress

I want to show that the dividing lines between sanity and mental illness have been drawn in the wrong place.

Anthony Storr, author

The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they are okay, then it's you.

Rita Mae Brown, writer

We take our bearings, daily, from others. To be sane is, to a great extent, to be sociable.

John Updike, novelist

I maintain my sanity by keeping my distance.

Luis Miguel, musician

Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be!

Dale Wasserman,

A civilized society is one which tolerates eccentricity to the point of doubtful sanity.

Robert Frost, poet

You've got to have a sense of humor to keep your sanity.

Lance Bass, musician

The fight for sanity in our gun safety laws is not by any means over. In many ways it's just beginning.

Michael D. Barnes, politician

Here lies a nuisance dedicated to sanity.

David Low, cartoonist

Running - and yoga, too - is my sanity and my saviour. It's just finding the time to do it!

Jill Hennessy, actress

If you're running for president, you've got to do a lot of things to line up a candidacy. I've not done any of those things. It's not my plan. My plan is to be a good chairman of the House Budget Committee and fight for the fiscal sanity of this nation.

Paul Ryan, politician

Silence is the secret to sanity.

Astrid Alauda,

Sanity is a handicap and liability if you're living in a mad world.

Anthony Burgess, novelist

You only require two things in life: your sanity and your wife.

Tony Blair, politician

I believe sanity and realism can be restored to the teaching of Mathematical Statistics most easily and directly by entrusting such teaching largely to men and women who have had personal experience of research in the Natural Sciences.

Ronald Fisher, mathematician

Sanity is the lot of those who are most obtuse, for lucidity destroys one's equilibrium: it is unhealthy to honestly endure the labors of the mind which incessantly contradict what they have just established.

Georges Bataille, writer

Coming out to gays is a way of affirming sanity and self-worth.

George Weinberg, psychologist

I organized Sweet Honey In The Rock in 1973. The music was sanity and balance.

Bernice Johnson Reagon, musician

I think people are going to return to sanity when they see how ridiculous many of these charges are, and how the predictions are not borne out.

Dixie Lee Ray, politician

August in sub-Saharan Los Angeles is one of the great and awful tests of one's endurance, sanity and stamina.

Henry Rollins, musician

I've kept my sanity in this business by trying out for a role and then going home and trying to forget about it.

Blythe Danner, actress

I nursed men back to sanity who were driven to despair. I solicited clothes for the ragged children, for the desperate mothers. I laid out the dead, the martyrs of the strike.

Mary Harris Jones, union organizer

The human mind, if it is to keep its sanity, must maintain the nicest balance between unity and plurality.

Irving Babbitt, critic

There's a big difference between sanity and insanity.

Megan Gallagher, actress

I want to work with great directors and try not to put too much pressure on myself and just read things for the story and recognize when I'm drawn to something for the right reasons and try to maintain some sanity.

Rachel McAdams, actress

Neither conscience nor sanity itself suggests that the United States is, should or could be the global gendarme.

Robert McNamara, public servant

The President must stop gambling with taxpayers' money and get the country back on the path of fiscal sanity.

Tom Harkin, politician

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