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Brain research tells us that only twenty percent of human beings have a sense of irony, which means that eighty percent of the world takes everything at face value.

Doug Coupland, author

If we knew what we were doing it wouldn't be research.

Albert Einstein, physicist

To write it, it took three months; to conceive it --three minutes; to collect the data in it --all my life.


Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.

Wernher Von Braun, scientist

Dream research is a wonderful field. All you do is sleep for a living.

Stephen LaBerge, psychologist

Scientific research is one of the most exciting and rewarding of occupations.

Frederick Sanger, scientist

Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.

Zora Neale Hurston, dramatist

Research has been called good business, a necessity, a gamble, a game. It is none of these - it's a state of mind.

Martin H. Fischer,

Scientific research consists in seeing what everyone else has seen, but thinking what no one else has thought.


Selling drug secrets violates a trust that is fundamental to the integrity of both scientific research and our financial markets.

Charles Grassley, politician

Now, ignorance is one thing, ignorance can be cured. But many of the Republican leaders opposing this research know better.

Ron Reagan, journalist

It was Neuberger who first taught me how to do research, both technically and as a way of life, and I owe much to him.

Frederick Sanger, scientist

By seeking and blundering we learn.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, writer

Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.

David Ogilvy, businessman

I did as much research as I could and I took ownership of this illness, because if you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?

Karen Duffy, actress

After all, the ultimate goal of all research is not objectivity, but truth.

Helene Deutsch, psychologist

Lost in a gloom of uninspired research.

William Wordsworth, poet

But as my brother was doing his research for a book about my father, it became his opinion that the most influential anti-semitism my father encountered when he was growing up was from Jews, because his relatives were German Jews, and doctors.

Tobias Wolff, writer

There is no such thing as a good or bad ad in isolation. What is good at one moment is bad at another. Research can trap you into the past.

William Bernbach, businessman

When I came up, it was all about originality and collective research. There is an awful lot of imitation going on now.

Steve Lacy, musician

But the newest research is showing that many properties of the brain are genetically organized, and don't depend on information coming in from the senses.

Steven Pinker, scientist

If you steal from one author it's plagiarism; if you steal from many it's research.

Wilson Mizner, dramatist

Though I had success in my research both when I was mad and when I was not, eventually I felt that my work would be better respected if I thought and acted like a 'normal' person.

John Forbes Nash, mathematician

Fools make researches and wise men exploit them.

H. G. [Herbert George] Wells,

People ask me how I do research for my science fiction. The answer is, I never do any research.

Frederik Pohl, writer

Enough research will tend to support your conclusions.

Arthur Bloch,

Research has shown that even small amounts of processed food alter the chemical balance in our brain and cause negative mood swings along with noticeable dips ill energy.

Marilu Henner, actress

To date, embryonic stem cell research has not produced a single medical treatment, where ethical, adult stem cell research has produced some 67 medical miracles.

Mike Pence, politician

Never should an unfamiliar word be passed over without elucidation, for, with a little conscientious research, we may each day add to our conquests in the realm of philology and become more and more ready for graceful independent expression.

H. P. Lovecraft, novelist

I got to spend all of my time every day at work reading and editing papers about cutting-edge technical research and getting paid for it. Then I'd go home at night and turn what I learned into science fiction stories.

Kevin J. Anderson, writer

Government isn't that good at rapid advancement of technology. It tends to be better at funding basic research. To have things take off, you've got to have commercial companies do it.

Elon Musk, entrepreneur

Yes, in all my research, the greatest leaders looked inward and were able to tell a good story with authenticity and passion.

Deepak Chopra, public speaker

In 2013, after a challenging two years of long-term IV antibiotics and six weeks at a clinic in florida, I received the 'Star Light' award from the Lyme Research Alliance for my advocacy and strength to light the way of Lyme disease awareness.

Yolanda Hadid, model

I don't believe in writing anything that I don't know about or haven't researched about personally. I like to transport the reader to places, and in order to do that I have to do the research.

Jackie Collins, author

When you steal from one author, it's plagiarism. When you steal from many, it's research.

Wilson Mizner, dramatist

I don't use composers. I research music the way I research the photographs or the facts in my scripts.

Ken Burns, director

My thought was I should try to stick with names that people may recognize like Robert Johnson, Son House, and Hoagy Carmichael, so if somebody cared to research, they would find a wealth of material.

John Mellencamp, musician

In my research, I've interviewed a lot of people who never fit in, who are what you might call 'different': scientists, artists, thinkers. And if you drop down deep into their work and who they are, there is a tremendous amount of self-acceptance.

Brene Brown, researcher

One of the things I did when I discovered this huge importance of being vulnerable is very happily moved away from the shame research, because that's such a downer, and people hate that topic. It's not that vulnerability is the upside, but it's better than shame, I guess.

Brene Brown, researcher

Through my research, I found that vulnerability is the glue that holds relationships together. It's the magic sauce.

Brene Brown, researcher

I typically go overboard when I research new projects.

Will Wright, scientist

I don't research anything.

Derek Bailey, musician

Small science, which includes most research in the life sciences all over the world, is science directed usually by an individual senior scientist and a small team of junior associates, perhaps three, ten, fifteen, something in that order.

Daniel Nathans, scientist

Whereas fiction is a continual discovery of what one wants to say, what one feels, what one means, and is, in that sense, a performance art, biography requires different skills - research and organization.

Edmund White, novelist

Stem cell research is the key to developing cures for degenerative conditions like Parkinson's and motor neuron disease from which I and many others suffer. The fact that the cells may come from embryos is not an objection, because the embryos are going to die anyway.

Stephen Hawking, scientist

The quality of research in the U.S. is absolutely the best.

Bill Gates, business magnate

My father was a research scientist in tropical medicine, so I always assumed I would be a scientist, too. I felt that medicine was too vague and inexact, so I chose physics.

Stephen Hawking, scientist

I can't say that my disability has helped my work, but it has allowed me to concentrate on research without having to lecture or sit on boring committees.

Stephen Hawking, scientist

I grew up thinking that a research scientist was a natural thing to be.

Stephen Hawking, scientist

In Britain, like most of the developed world, stem-cell research is regarded as a great opportunity. America will be left behind if it doesn't change policy.

Stephen Hawking, scientist

No one undertakes research in physics with the intention of winning a prize. It is the joy of discovering something no one knew before.

Stephen Hawking, scientist

Few professors would dare to publish research or teach a course debunking the claims made in various ethnic, gender, or other 'studies' courses.

Thomas Sowell, economist

Research shows that the climate of an organization influences an individual's contribution far more than the individual himself.

W. Edwards Deming, scientist

Chemically speaking or biologically, we research things, but we don't know half of them. We only know our half of it - symbolically - and we don't know ourselves more than half.

Yoko Ono, artist

Most of my ideas are based on the latest research on productivity, performance and mental mastery - that's why so many iconic companies bring me in to help them grow and win.

Robin S. Sharma, author

I initially moved to San Francisco to become a research associate for one of the top young heart surgeons in the country. Everything that I learned in that position is that skills, talent, and expertise are transferable.

Chris Gardner, entrepreneur

I've developed a huge regard for Toyota for its environmental awareness, for its immense commitment to research and development in this field, and for its leadership in developing hybrids which others are now following.

Maurice Strong, businessman

I did several interesting jobs, working in restaurants, I worked at a lab rat farm, feeding and watering all these rats. Then I got a full-time job as a technical writer for a large scientific research laboratory.

Kevin J. Anderson, writer

In energy, you have to plan and do research way in advance, sometimes decades in advance to get a new system that's safer, doesn't require us to go around the world to get all our oil.

Bill Gates, business magnate

Sure, President Bush can say that the U.S. government won't fund stem cell research, but believe me, Japan is applauding. Because they will just do it first and get all the patents.

Kevin J. Anderson, writer

It's more interesting because you get to research the history of the period, and all the different aesthetic elements that make a film, particularly this film, so stunning.

Stanley Tucci, actor

How much research I have to do depends on the nature of the story. For fantasy, none at all.

Alan Dean Foster, author

Stem cell research can revolutionize medicine, more than anything since antibiotics.

Ron Reagan, journalist

I don't do research. I never have.

Ray Bradbury, writer

Ideas for my first experiments in human aggression came from discussions we had in a research seminar about William Golding's 'Lord of the Flies.'

Philip Zimbardo, psychologist

I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts.

Bill Gates, business magnate

Maybe climate change is a threat, and maybe climate change has been tarted up by climatologists trolling for research grant cash. It doesn't matter.

P. J. O'Rourke, comedian

As history has shown, pure science research ultimately ends up applying to something. We just don't know it at the time.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist

Governments will always play a huge part in solving big problems. They set public policy and are uniquely able to provide the resources to make sure solutions reach everyone who needs them. They also fund basic research, which is a crucial component of the innovation that improves life for everyone.

Bill Gates, business magnate

Research is usually a policeman stopping a novel from progressing.

Brian Moore, novelist

We should be increasing research and development into our fossil fuel program.

Tim Holden, politician

If a scientist is not befuddled by what they're looking at, then they're not a research scientist.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist

I've got research, I have my own life experience I can apply, and I have my imagination.

Chris Cooper, actor

Money won't buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a large research staff to study the problem.

Bill Vaughan, journalist

During the course of my research, I had had occasion to examine not only simple compounds, salts and oxides, but also a great number of minerals.

Marie Curie, scientist

The Internet didn't get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet. The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.

Barack Obama, president

It is my hope that the number of stem cell lines available for federally-funded research will be expanded so that the government can continue to participate in this vital research and provide hope to the millions of Americans with diseases that might be cured.

Dianne Feinstein, politician

If your neighbor has a completely different view on abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, all of those things, you still are both Americans. Neither one of you is necessarily more patriotic than the other. Neither loves their country any more than the other one does.

Phil McGraw, psychologist

No. Better research needed. Fire your research person. No fishnet stockings. Never. Not in this band.

Gene Simmons, musician

There has always been a certain proportion of people who leave the Church on issues of authority and sex. That hasn't changed since we started doing research on it back in the early 1960s.

Andrew Greeley, clergyman

I think sometimes I'm more fond of doing the research for the character because you learn so much. Sometimes shooting is really difficult because you wake up early and you're always hurrying. And sometimes I don't know what I'm doing. I'm here and there.

Bai Ling, actress

This invisibility, however, means that the opportunities for creative research are infinite.

Barbara Smith, activist

You cannot be against embryonic stem cell research and be intellectually and therefore morally consistent, if you're not also against in vitro fertilization.

Ron Reagan, journalist

I am not an enormous believer in research being the be-all and end-all. I get suspicious when I read about actors spending six months in a clinic, say, in order to play someone who is sick.

John Hurt, actor

Medical research in the twentieth century mostly takes place in the lab; in the Renaissance, though, researchers went first and foremost to the library to see what the ancients had said.

Peter Lewis Allen,

An investigator starts research in a new field with faith, a foggy idea, and a few wild experiments. Eventually the interplay of negative and positive results guides the work. By the time the research is completed, he or she knows how it should have been started and conducted.

Donald Cram, scientist

To retain my fascination with chemistry, I have had to change my research fields about every 10 years.

Donald Cram, scientist

The federal government has sponsored research that has produced a tomato that is perfect in every respect, except that you can't eat it. We should make every effort to make sure this disease, often referred to as 'progress', doesn't spread.

Andy Rooney, journalist

If you steal from one author, it's plagiarism. If you steal from two, it's research.

John Burke, lawyer

Under normal conditions the research scientist is not an innovator but a solver of puzzles, and the puzzles upon which he concentrates are just those which he believes can be both stated and solved within the existing scientific tradition.

Thomas Kuhn, writer

New drugs and surgical techniques offer promise in the fight against cancer, Alzheimer's, tuberculosis, AIDS, and a host of other life-threatening diseases. Animal research has been, and continues to be, fundamental to advancements in medicine.

Daniel Akaka, politician

In 1947 I defended my thesis on nuclear physics, and in 1948 I was included in a group of research scientists whose task was to develop nuclear weapons.

Andrei Sakharov, physicist

This required the development of a view which allowed one to integrate research with belief, thing with person, fact with aesthetics, knowledge with application of knowledge.

Kenneth L. Pike, sociologist

Research shows that parents are the single biggest influence on children - if you are worried about your teen and drugs, talk to them.

John Walters, musician

Australia is already a world leader in dementia research, treatment and care.

Julie Bishop, politician

Advances in science and medical research and public health policies have meant that life expectancy for Australians is one of the highest in the world.

Julie Bishop, politician

I have certainly amassed many historical research gathering skills.

Iris Chang, historian

The first legislation that I produced relating to the Internet was a bill to overturn a restriction inside of the law that prohibited the Internet backbone from being used for anything other than research and scientific and educational communication.

Rick Boucher, politician

I'm not the kind of actor who goes into exhaustive research for each role.

Clive Owen, actor

What is research but a blind date with knowledge?

Will Harvey, businessman

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