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Don't close the barn door after the horse runs away.

American Proverbs,

It is not best that we should all think alike; it is a difference of opinion that makes horse races.

Mark Twain, author

A fly may sting a stately horse and make him wince; but one is but an insect, and the other is a horse still.

Samuel Johnson, author

I can make a General in five minutes but a good horse is hard to replace.

Abraham Lincoln, president

Let us look beyond the ears of our own horses so that we may see the good in one another's.


You don't need a pack of wild horses to learn how to make a sandwich.

Phil McGraw, psychologist

Whenever I was upset by something in the papers, Jack always told me to be more tolerant, like a horse flicking away flies in the summer.

Jackie Kennedy, first lady

In summer winter rain or sun, it's good to be on horseback.

Mike Oldfield, musician

Alimony is like buying hay for a dead horse.

Groucho Marx, comedian

Marry me and I'll never look at another horse!

Groucho Marx, comedian

Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.

W. C. Fields, comedian

But when someone is on a winning horse, and everything looks wonderful, it's very hard as an outsider to persuade them something is wrong.

James Wolfensohn, businessman

The horse I bet on was so slow, the jockey kept a diary of the trip.

Henny Youngman, comedian

I've often said there's nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.

Will Rogers, actor

There is something about jumping a horse over a fence, something that makes you feel good. Perhaps it's the risk, the gamble. In any event it's a thing I need.

William Faulkner,

The great majority of men, especially in France, both desire and possess a fashionable woman, much in the way one might own a fine horse - as a luxury befitting a young man.

Stendhal, writer

I've always ridden horses.

Katie Price, model

After the horse dance was over, it seemed that I was above the ground and did not touch it when I walked.

Black Elk, leader

If this is how you treat your friends, no wonder you have so many enemies.

Teresa of Avila,

Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and once it has done so, he/she will have to accept that his life will be radically changed.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet

Writing a book is not as tough as it is to haul thirty-five people around the country and sweat like a horse five nights a week.

Bette Midler, actress

You've got to stop whipping a dead horse sometime.

Jim Knight, politician

I'd call him a sadistic, hippophilic necrophile, but that would be beating a dead horse.

Woody Allen, director

You have to bear in mind that Mr. Autry's favorite horse was named Champion. He ain't ever had one called Runner Up.

Gene Mauch, athlete

Hell, if I didn't drink drink or smoke, I'd win twenty games every year. It's easy when you don't drink or smoke or horse around.

Whitey Ford, athlete

If a horse won't eat it, I don't want to play on it.

Richie Allen, athlete

A catcher and his body are like the outlaw and his horse. He's got to ride that nag till it drops.

Johnny Bench, athlete

The manager of a team is like a stagecoach, he can't move unless he has the horses.

Pete Rose, athlete

When a child, my dreams rode on your wishes, I was your son, high on your horse, My mind a top whipped by the lashes Of your rhetoric, windy of course.

Stephen Spender, poet

I've had quarter horses for the last 18 years.

Bruce Boxleitner, actor

Yes, I've just bought a new horse, named Jedi.

Bruce Boxleitner, actor

The word Chivalry is derived from the French cheval, a horse.

Thomas Bulfinch, writer

I wouldn't mind starting to ride some more if I had a really good horse to just work a little bit with every day.

Robert Duvall, actor

The only sport I'm not interested in is horse racing. That's because I don't know the horses personally.

Nat King Cole, musician

It's kind of ironic that the two sports with the greatest characters, boxing and horse racing, have both been on the decline. In both cases it's for the lack of a suitable hero.

Dick Schaap, journalist

I cannot harness a horse. I am afraid of a cow.

Lyman Abbott, author

The director took my face in his hands and asked me to show him my teeth, as with a horse. This happened on a Wednesday, and by the following Monday I was shooting.

Victoria Abril, actress

As a good horse is not very apt to jump over a bank, if left to guide himself, I let mine pick his own way.

Buffalo Bill, celebrity

I had the best buffalo horse that ever made a track.

Buffalo Bill, celebrity

A horse is the projection of peoples' dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.

Pam Brown, poet

It's hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.

Adlai E. Stevenson, politician

He moved like a dancer, which is not surprising; a horse is a beautiful animal, but it is perhaps most remarkable because it moves as if it always hears music.

Mark Helprin, novelist

Without knowing this, no man can dress a horse perfectly.

William Cavendish, public servant

Yes, I think that when the Bible refers to a horse or a horseman, that's exactly what it means.

Tim LaHaye, clergyman

How should a man be capable of grooming his own horse, or of furbishing his own spear and helmet, if he allows himself to become unaccustomed to tending even his own person, which is his most treasured belonging?

Alexander The Great, leader

When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars people said, 'Nah, what's wrong with a horse?' That was a huge bet he made, and it worked.

Elon Musk, entrepreneur

When a herd of cattle see a strange object, they are not satisfied till each one has sniffed it; and the horse is cured of his fright at the robe, or the meal-bag, or other object, as soon as he can be induced to smell it. There is a great deal of speculation in the eye of an animal, but very little science.

John Burroughs, author

I also love horseback riding in New Jersey.

Eva Herzigova, model

If an ass goes travelling he will not come home a horse.

Thomas Fuller, clergyman

A good horse should be seldom spurred.

Thomas Fuller, clergyman

I frequently dream of being on these horses' backs and running across a field. And the horse and I are one.

William Shatner, actor

If there's a cat, I obliterate it by putting polka dot stickers on it. I obliterate a horse by putting polka dot stickers on it. And I obliterated myself by putting the same polka dot stickers on myself.

Yayoi Kusama, artist

Nine times out of 10, extenuating circumstances aside, I believe that people are where they are by some kind of choice on their part. You need to acknowledge that, 'Hey, I'm here because I steered my horse in this direction.'

Chris Gardner, entrepreneur

There are two types of warriors: the one that rides through on his horse and tries to slay everyone, and the sniper. I try to be more like the sniper. Bang. Bang. Bang. Break them down, shot by shot.

Anthony Joshua,

It were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races.

Mark Twain, author

Horse racing is animated roulette.

Roger Kahn, writer

We've got horse property and there's other stuff to do. Like, four wheel driving, we barbeque, drink beers, sit around and play guitars and have a merry 'ol time.

Lita Ford, musician

A horse is a thing of beauty... none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor.

Xenophon, soldier

Жадният кон и мътна вода пие.

Bulgarian proverbs,

I like to visit my horse, have a walk with my dog.

Cornelia Funke, author

But I never worked with a northern horse before. They are very different from western horses.

Julie Benz, actress

During the rehearsal process I got thrown off the horse.

Julie Benz, actress

Just able barely to mount a horse and ride about a little in the spring of 1866, my life was threatened daily, and I was forced to go heavily armed. The whole country was then full of militia, robbing, plundering and killing.

Jesse James, criminal

We ought to do good to others as simply as a horse runs, or a bee makes honey, or a vine bears grapes season after season without thinking of the grapes it has borne.

Marcus Aurelius, emperor

Poverty was an ornament on a learned man like a red ribbon on a white horse.

Anzia Yezierska, novelist

Being born in a stable does not make one a horse.

Arthur Wellesley, soldier

There was a combination of not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, but also really not wanting to be stuck in Lord of the Rings for the rest of my life, and being desperate to kind of make sure that I could do something else with my life.

Sean Astin, actor

I never got hurt when I was in Morocco doing all the horse riding and my own stunts. But on the last day on the last shot I slid off my horse and landed on my bottom. I did not get hurt but it was very embarrassing.

Oded Fehr, actor

People think I'm strong, but actually I wanted to crawl away. I thought, I'm going to live in the country with my horse and I'll get a nine-to-five; I don't need this.

Stella McCartney, designer

One time they traded me for seven horses. Seven stunt horses.

James Stewart, actor

But the worst of all is, according to the old phrase, while the grass grows, the horse starves, but the man of money is the man for Nova Scotia. Those may do extremely well.

Nathaniel Smith, politician

There is much boasting among the young men about their teams as their horse and carts in Cleveland. Most of the Yorkshire men take as much delight in their ox draught as they used to do in their Horse Draught.

Nathaniel Smith, politician

They put me in a harness, like a horse, to learn the back somersault. It was weird up there when I put on that harness for the first time. The courage came with practice.

Donald O'Connor, musician

You never know how a horse will pull until you hook him to a heavy load.

Paul Bryant, coach

If a poet knows more about a horse than he does about heaven, he might better stick to the horse, and some day the horse may carry him into heaven.

Charles Ives, composer

They sit there in committees day after day, And they each put in a color and it comes out gray. And we all have heard the saying, which is true as well as witty, That a camel is a horse that was designed by a committee.

Allan Sherman, musician

A cavalryman's horse should be smarter than he is. But the horse must never be alowed to know this.

Steven Pressfield,

The horses suddenly began to neigh, protesting Against those who were drowning them in the ocean. The horses sank to the bottom, neighing, neighing. Until they had all gone down. That is all. Nevertheless, I pity them, Those bay horses, that never saw land again.

Boris Slutsky,

We used to talk about wanting to get some money, but that's when hip-hop was based on your dreams and your fantasy. The whole thing now is the dreams and fantasies were achieved, and you don't want to make it the focal point. You can't keep beating that dead horse.

Puff Daddy, musician

I made over forty Westerns. I used to lie awake nights trying to think up new ways of getting on and off a horse.

William Wyler, director

My beautiful, my beautiful! That standest meekly by, with thy proudly-arched and glossy neck, and dark and fiery eye!

Caroline Norton, novelist

It's... a hard thing for a director, to think you came up with a shot, something from your mind, and someone died while doing it. It's the worst thing you'll ever have to live with. It was very hard for me to get back on the horse again.

Michael Bay, director

I ended the war a horse ahead.

Nathan Bedford Forrest, soldier

And I ride horses, swim, do a lot of reading, writing.

Casper Van Dien, actor

I don't know if you saw the parting of the Red Sea with the chariots on the horses, I did stuff like that.

Richard Farnsworth, actor

Vampires are sexy to a woman perhaps because the fantasy is similar to that of the man on the white horse sweeping her off to paradise.

Frank Langella, actor

But we ought to consider the natural form and shape of a horse, that we may work him according to nature.

William Cavendish, public servant

You must in all Airs follow the strength, spirit, and disposition of the horse, and do nothing against nature; for art is but to set nature in order, and nothing else.

William Cavendish, public servant

But there is nothing to be done till a horse's head is settled.

William Cavendish, public servant

These are excellent lessons to break him, and make him light in hand: but nothing puts a horse so much upon his haunches, and consequently makes him so light in hand, as my new method of the pillar.

William Cavendish, public servant

The main secret for a horse that is heavy upon the hand, is for the rider to have a very light one; for when he finds nothing to bear upon with his mouth, he infallibly throws himself upon the haunches for his own security.

William Cavendish, public servant

Now being upon the haunches (as he necessarily must be in this case) is it impossible but he must be light in hand, because no horse can be rightly upon his haunches without being so.

William Cavendish, public servant

And he that said that a horse was not dressed, whose curb was not loose, said right; and it is equally true that the curb can never play, when in its right place, except the horse be upon his haunches.

William Cavendish, public servant

But my method of the pillar, as it throws the horse yet more upon the haunches, is still more effectual to this purpose, and besides always gives him the ply to the side he goes of.

William Cavendish, public servant

The horse's neck is between the two reins of the bridle, which both meet in the rider's hand.

William Cavendish, public servant

As a young girl I think I wanted to be a horse woman. I loved horses.

Karen Hughes, politician

It's kind of beating a dead horse if you're talking about going out and saying wrestling's fake, or this or that. People don't want to hear that. They want to hear, they wanted to find an inside story.

Owen Hart, entertainer

You remember that my great vision came to me when I was only nine years old, and you have seen that I was not much good for anything until after I had performed the horse dance near the mouth of the Tongue River during my eighteenth summer.

Black Elk, leader

It was never physically dangerous except when I nearly fell off a horse, but it was physically arduous - especially when you were working late at night.

Derek Jacobi, actor

I'd like to play a horse, many people think I already have. Either end of the horse would be fine.

Dawn French, comedian

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