quote by Hildegard of Bingen

The mystery of God hugs you in its all-encompassing arms.

— Hildegard of Bingen

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Prayer is a walk with God....We can minister to the Lord as a group but I'll tell you one thing about it, you'll never have that intimacy of ministering to the Lord and worshiping Him with a group that you'll have in your own individual life.

If you want to be reminded of the love of the Lord, just watch the sunrise.

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When you come in contact with the anointing of God, it not only affects your moment, it affects your tomorrow.

A whole new generation of Christians has come up believing that it is possible to 'accept' Christ without forsaking the world.

It is now clear to me that the family is a microcosm of the world.

To understand the world, we can study the family: issues such as power, intimacy, autonomy, trust, and communication skills are vital parts underlying how we live in the world. To change the world is to change the family.

Never base your faith on your feelings. Base it on God's Word.

When your will is God's will, you will have your will.

When a man is filled with the Word of God you cannot keep him still, If a man has got the Word, he must speak or die.

Royalty is my identity. Servanthood is my assignment. Intimacy with God is my life source.

Nobody can take away from you those texts from the Bible which you have learned by heart.

Faithful servants never retire. You can retire from your career, but you will never retire from serving God.

True religion is not about possessing the truth.

No religion does that. It is rather an invitation into a journey that leads one toward the mystery of God. Idolatry is religion pretending that it has all the answers.

My friends tell me I have an intimacy problem. But they don't really know me.

To say the word Romanticism is to say modern art - that is, intimacy, spirituality, color, aspiration towards the infinite, expressed by every means available to the arts.

In every friendship hearts grow and entwine themselves together, so that the two hearts seem to make only one heart with only a common thought. That is why separation is so painful; it is not so much two hearts separating, but one being torn asunder.

Again, our marriage problems are not really marriage problems.

They are heart problems. They are God problems. Our lack of intimacy with God causes a void that we try to fill with the frailest of substitutes. Like wealth or pleasure. Like fame or respect. Like people. Like marriage.

When we come to Christ, we’re no longer the most important person in the world to us; Christ is. Instead of living only for ourselves, we have a higher goal: to live for Jesus.

God's timing is always perfect. Trust His delays. He's got you.

Cinema’s characteristic forte is its ability to capture and communicate the intimacies of the human mind.

Those who have never known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of happy mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give.

Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone - and finding that that's ok with them.

Communication is a continual balancing act, juggling the conflicting needs for intimacy and independence. To survive in the world, we have to act in concert with others, but to survive as ourselves, rather than simply as cogs in a wheel, we have to act alone.

If you're not willing to give up everything for Christ, are you willing to be made willing?

What's closest to your heart is what you talk about, and if God is close to your heart, you'll talk about Him.

Even on the cross He did not hide Himself from sight;

rather, He made all creation witness to the presence of its Maker.

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Misanthropes have some admirable if paradoxical virtues.

It is no exaggeration to say that we are among the nicest people you are likely to meet. Because good manners build sturdy walls, our distaste for intimacy makes us exceedingly cordial "ships that pass in the night." As long as you remain a stranger we will be your friend forever.

In our friendships we have to be wise that we choose godly people to be our friends. Somebody might say, well does that mean that you should never have a lost person as your friend? No, I wouldn't say that. But you can't have the same intimacy with a lost person that you can with a godly person in whom the Holy Spirit is living.

It is only by a total death to self we can be lost in God.

If your life does not worship God, your lips do not worship God either.

See your weakness as a reason to pray the more, it should not be the reason for sadness or to abandon your post.

Women want to talk first, connect first, then have sex.

For men, sex is the connection. Sex is man's language of intimacy

People cheat on each other in a hundred different ways: indifference, emotional neglect, contempt, lack of respect, years of refusal of intimacy. Cheating doesn't begin to describe the ways that people let each other down.

The reason for my painting large canvases is that I want to be intimate and human. To paint a small picture is to place yourself outside your experience, to look upon an experience as a stereopticon view or with a reducing glass. However you paint the larger picture, you are in it. It isn't something you command.

Worship does not satisfy our hunger for God; it whets our appetite.