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God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh. — Voltaire

Someone who makes you laugh is a comedian. Someone who makes you think and then laugh is a humorist. — George Burns

Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and their politicians as jokes. — Will Rogers

I'm a performer, comedian, entertainer, writer and director. — William Shatner

The role of a comedian is to make the audience laugh, at a minimum of once every fifteen seconds. — Lenny Bruce

The pressure to being a comedian is being funny, but I've given that up, so there is no pressure whatsoever. — Gilbert Gottfried

The trouble with most comedians who try to do satire is that they are essentially brash, noisy and indelicate people who have to use a sledge hammer to smash a butterfly. — Imogene Coca

The test of a real comedian is whether you laugh at him before he opens his mouth. — George Jean Nathan